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Powerpuff Girls (Series 1)
Artbox - 2000

Note:  The "type" column represents the header printed on card backs, while the
"title" column is taken from the checklist card.  This set is unusual because the
short titles on the checklist card are a pretty good summary of the content!

Hobby box: 24 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.29 per box if collation were perfect.
Retail box: 24 packs of 6 cards plus 1 foil card.
Common sets: approximately 2.00.

 No.    Title                    Type

  01    Sugar, spice             Powerpuff Girls
  02    Save the day             Prof. Utonium
  03    Out of bubblegum         Powerpuff Girls
  04    Flying into action       Powerpuff Girls
  05    Look, a bunny            Blossom
  06    Let's dance              Blossom
  07    Powerpuff tough          Blossom
  08    Big meany                Blossom
  09    It happened today        Bubbles
  10    Octi                     Bubbles
  11    Pick dandelions          Bubbles
  12    Scavenger hunt           Bubbles
  13    Buttercup                Buttercup
  14    Make me angry            Buttercup
  15    Good smashing            Buttercup
  16    Street Fighting          Buttercup
  17    Hurry up and go          Mayor
  18    Favorite hat             Mayor
  19    Smart guy                Prof. Utonium
  20    Keep them safe           Prof. Utonium
  21    Mojo Jojo                Mojo Jojo
  22    Get out of my moat       Mojo Jojo
  23    Ha, ah ha, ha ha ha      Mojo Jojo
  24    Ow! Ow! Ow! Ugh.         Mojo Jojo
  25    Fuzzy Lumpkins           Fuzzy Lumpkins
  26    You crazy critter        Fuzzy Lumpkins
  27    Riled up fierce          Fuzzy Lumpkins
  28    Ms. Keane                Ms. Keane
  29    Him                      (puzzle upper right)
  30    Him                      (puzzle upper left)
  31    Him                      (puzzle lower right)
  32    Him                      (puzzle lower left)
  33    Arturo                   Gangreen Gang
  34    Grubb                    Gangreen Gang
  35    Snake                    Gangreen Gang
  36    Gig Gilly                Gangreen Gang
  37    Gangreen Gang            (puzzle upper right)
  38    Gangreen Gang            (puzzle upper left)
  39    Gangreen Gang            (puzzle lower right)
  40    Gangreen Gang            (puzzle lower left)
  41    Super-villain chimp      Mojo Jojo
  42    Hobby Shop               Mojo Jojo
  43    Icky, Icky               King Roach
  44    Sedusa                   Sedusa
  45    Monsters                 (puzzle upper right)
  46    Monsters                 (puzzle upper left)
  47    Monsters                 (puzzle lower right)
  48    Monsters                 (puzzle lower left)
  49    Amoeba Gang              Amoeba Gang
  50    Princess Morbucks        Princess Morbucks
  51    Girls in space           Powerpuff Girls
  52    Day at the beach         Powerpuff Girls
  53    Look out behind you      Powerpuff Girls
  54    Relax in the garden      Powerpuff Girls
  55    Friendly place           Powerpuff Girls
  56    A city that sleeps       Blossom
  57    A bustling metropolis    Buttercup
  58    Townsville is on fire    Powerpuff Girls
  59    Messy bedroom            Bubbles
  60    Coloring in the lines    Powerpuff Girls
  61    Sweet dreams             Powerpuff Girls
  62    Mojo Jojo                Mojo Jojo
  63    Expect me to dance       Fuzzy Lumpkins
  64    Fighting crime           Powerpuff Girls
  65    Powerpuff Girls          (puzzle upper right)
  66    Powerpuff Girls          (puzzle upper left)
  67    Powerpuff Girls          (puzzle lower right)
  68    Powerpuff Girls          (puzzle lower left)
  69    Look into my eyes        Mojo Jojo
  70    Cat nap                  Buttercup
  71    Purrfect plan            Kitty
  72    Checklist                Checklist


Silver Foil Cards (Hobby Boxes)

Pr01    Undignified: Mojo Jojo
Pr02    Townsville: Announcer
Pr03    Mojo Bot: Mojo Jojo
Pr04    Sugar ... spice: Him
Pr05    Fuzzy Lumpkins: The Powerpuff Girls
Pr06    Smash Monsters: BB&B
Pr07    WHACK!: Mojo Jojo
Pr08    Refreshing
Pr09    Tetherball: Announcer
Pr10    Throw harder: BB&B
Pr11    Movie Stars: We Fight Crime, That's What We Do!
Pr12    Checklist: The Day Is Saved!

Mojo Jojo Villain (Pink Foil) Cards (Retail Boxes)

P1      Mojo Jojo
P2      Amoeba Boys
P3      Him
P4      Fuzzy Lumpkins
P5      Sedusa
P6      Gangreen Gang
P7      Rowdyruff Boys
P8      Boogie Man
P9      Abfaedaver
P10     Lenny Baxter
P11     Princess Mofbucks
P12     Check List

Special Foil Card

  --    (available only in special offer with
        two packs on blister board)

  --    (Card Album)


©2001, 2002, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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