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Powerpuff Girls Series 2
Artbox - 2001

Notes:  The "type" column represents the header printed on card backs, while the
"title" column is taken from the checklist card.  The lenticular cards are slightly
more common than regular cards in Hobby packs, and are usually included as part 
of the basic set. Similarly, the foil Villain cards are "common" in Retail packs This 
set is unusual because the short titles on the checklist card are a pretty good 
summary of the content!

Hobby Box: 24 packs of 5 cards + 1 motion card.
Common sets (72): approx. 1.56 per box if collation were perfect
Motion sets (12): approximately 2.00 per Hobby box.
Retail Box: 24 packs of 5 cards + 1 villains card.
Villains sets (12): approximately 2.00 per Retail box.

    No.    Description / Title     Subset

     01    Squish it!              Insect Inside
     02    Insect inside           Insect Inside
     03    Cadet Skippy            Insect Inside
     04    Roaches                 Insect Inside
     05    Cleaning up             Insect Inside
     06    Yucky inside            Insect Inside
     07    Porcelain Poodle        Powerpuff Bluff
     08    You've done it again    Powerpuff Bluff
     09    This ain't no fair      Powerpuff Bluff
     10    Let us out              Powerpuff Bluff
     11    Money please?           Powerpuff Bluff
     12    Not so fast             Powerpuff Bluff
     13    Magic curse             Monkey See, Doggy Do
     14    Culprit in this caper   Monkey See, Doggy Do
     15    Doggone                 Monkey See, Doggy Do
     16    I am your master        Monkey See, Doggy Do
     17    Powerpups               Monkey See, Doggy Do
     18    Stay away you mutts     Monkey See, Doggy Do
     19    Miss Goodelady          Mommy Fearest
     20    Helping out             Mommy Fearest
     21    Not today               Mommy Fearest
     22    You're Grounded         Mommy Fearest
     23    We'll catch Sedusa      Mommy Fearest
     24    What's in the bag?      Mommy Fearest
     25    Sorry about that        Octi Evil
     26    I don't like arguing    Octi Evil
     27    Don't follow Blossom    Octi Evil
     28    Go have a time out!     Octi Evil
     29    They wouldn't last      Octi Evil
     30    More important          Octi Evil
     31    Crime of the century    Gesundfight
     32    I don't feel so good    Gesundfight
     33    Ah choo                 Gesundfight
     34    Only a hunch            Gesundfight
     35    Take you back           Gesundfight
     36    Here's the antidote     Gesundfight
     37    Belligerent bullies     Buttercrush
     38    Let the underwear go    Buttercrush
     39    Looking for love        Buttercrush
     40    I've got a plan         Buttercrush
     41    Is this the end?        Buttercrush
     42    Listen Buttercup        Buttercrush
     43    ornery varmint          Fuzzy Logic
     44    Stop it!                Fuzzy Logic
     45    Move out!               Fuzzy Logic
     46    Git offa my property    Fuzzy Logic
     47    I'll give it to you     Fuzzy Logic
     48    Listen up               Fuzzy Logic
     49    Blame the Boogie        Boogie Frights
     50    Nightmares              Boogie Frights
     51    Got a good beat         Boogie Frights
     52    Night forever           Boogie Frights
     53    Follow me in            Boogie Frights
     54    Al Lusion               Abracadaver
     55    Silenced forever        Abracadaver
     56    Revenge!                Abracadaver
     57    Under attack!           Abracadaver
     58    Evil zombie magic       Abracadaver
     59    Grand finale            Abracadaver
     60    Why I oughtta           Abracadaver
     61    Please hold             Telephonies
     62    Cut the ribbon          Telephonies
     63    Let's go                Telephonies
     64    Outrage!                Telephonies
     65    Crank calls             Telephonies
     66    Mr. Quackers            Tough Love
     67    Twirl of my claw        Tough Love
     68    We must destroy         Tough Love
     69    Destroy them!           Tough Love
     70    That does it!           Tough Love
     71    I'll be ba-a-a-ck       Tough Love
     72    Checklist

     --    Cool Collectibles (paper advertising insert, 1: Hobby pack)

Motion (Lenticular) Cards (1 per Hobby pack)

    M1     Blossom
    M2     Bubbles
    M3     Buttercup
    M4     Powerpuff Girls [Winter Wonderland]
    M5     Powerpuff Girls [Split Up]
    M6     Fuzzy Lumpkins
    M7     Mojo Jojo
    M8     Him
    M9     The Mayor
    M10    Having a Ball
    M11    Early to Bed
    M12    Check List

Foil-Enhanced Villains Cards (1:4 Hobby packs; 1:1 Retail packs)

    V1     Mojo Jojo
    V2     Amoeba Boys
    V3     Him
    V4     Fuzzy Lumpkins
    V5     Sedusa
    V6     Gangreen Gang
    V7     Rowdyruff Boys
    V8     Boogie Man
    V9     Abracadaver
    V10    Lenny Baxter
    V11    Princess Morbucks
    V12    Check List


Dexter's Laboratory Pre-Release Pack (Box-Topper)
   The pack contains six of the following cards.

   PR01    Time Machine
   PR02    Dee Dee's Trip to the Past
   PR03    Dexter's Disbelief
   PR04    Dee Dee's Present Self
   PR05    Dexter does Ballet
   PR06    Dexter's inter-dimensional doorway
   PR07    Dexter's Mom is Sick
   PR08    Dexter Cleans
   PR09    Dexter gets an idea
   PR10    Dexter's creation
   PR11    Momdroid
   PR12    Momdroid destroys the house

Card Album

     --    (Binder)
     --    (Uncut sheet)
     --    (Card Pack)


PPGS2 #1   Promo (Lenticular; dealers and Non-Sport Update)
PPGS2 #2   Promo (Dealers)
PPGS2 #3   Promo (Dealers)
PPGS2 #4   Promo (Dealers)

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