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The Powerpuff Girls Series 3
Artbox - 2002

Note:  The "titles" are not shown on the individual cards, but are drawn from
the printed checklist card.

Box: 24 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.88 per box if collation were perfect.

    No.    Checklist Title              Card Text

Major Competition

     01    A new hero on the scene      "The City of Townsville - is on Fire!" But it's no
     02    Ga-ga over MM                The citizens of Townsville go ga-ga over MM, much
     03    Breaking up is hard to do    Major Man is everywhere saving the day. The Mayor
     04    Slip of the tongue           The Professor calls the Girls to the TV to watch a
     05    Kicking a dog                The Girls are on to Major Man, so they decide to f
     06    A friend in Fred             Major Man is unable to save Townsville, and it's u

Mr. Mojo's Rising

     07    A clue                       Professor Utonium is missing and the Girls are loo
     08    My own father                Mojo Jojo uses the Professor to lure the Girls to
     09    Big brain                    Mojo Jojo reveals that he was once the Professor's
     10    Pet monkey                   Professor Utonium feels guilty about his treatment
     11    Getting down to business     Professor Utonium and Mojo Jojo get down to busine
     12    New powers                   The super-power copy process is a success, and it
     13    Bad Mojo                     After being knocked unconscious, the Professor com

Paste Makes Waste

     14    Elmer Sglue                  Elmer Sglue is that kid in every class that just h
     15    Paste ball                   Things get carried away when Buttercup hurls a sup
     16    Fly in the ointment          A toxic spill occurs at the local industrial plant
     17    Pretty sticky                The results of eating mutant flies can be pretty s
     18    Blood is thicker than glue   As Elmer destroys Townsville, the Girls fly to the
     19    I'm sorry                    It's up to Buttercup to save the day, but not by n

Ice Sore

     20    Man is it hot                "The city of Townsville - and man is it hot!" Ever
     21    Ice breath                   Blossom takes Buttercup up on her suggestion and d
     22    Winter wonderland            Blossom surfs to school on a wave of ice, and as t
     23    Got away                     Thugs aren't deterred by the extreme heat in their
     24    Great ball of fire           After letting the crooks get away Blossom swears o
     25    Giant ice ball               Cool logic finally prevails and Blossom realizes w


     26    Training day                 The Girls train for missions in a virtual reality
     27    It's not fair                Bubbles pleads with the Professor to turn the dial
     28    Level 11                     Bubbles is tired of everyone dismissing her as pla
     29    I'm hardcore now             Bubbles has a new attitude after her victory in th
     30    One-girl mission             Bubbles is on a one-girl mission to rid Townsville
     31    I'm not gonna cry            Mojo Jojo thinks he can use Bubbles to lure her si
     32    Crank it up                  When Bubbles doesn't cry out according to Mojo Joj

The Bare Facts

     33    The Mayor's point of view    This is a day in the life of the Mayor from his po
     34    Retelling the tale           The Girls save the Mayor and we get the visual sco
     35    A strategic operation        Blossom's version of the story is is a well-orches
     36    Action-packed adventure      Buttercup's version is an action-packed adventure
     37    Illustrated in crayon        Bubbles' version is a yarn illustrated in crayon.

Cat Man Do

     38    Catastrophe could strike     The City of Townsville - a place where catastrophe
     39    Can we keep him?             The Girls take the kitty home in the hopes they ca
     40    Kitty's evil spell           The next morning the Professor agrees to keep Kitt
     41    Cat burglars                 The Professor and Kitty break into the local museu
     42    Obey their feline friends    The Girls get the call the Cat's Eye Jewell has be
     43    Slap him upside the head     The Girls have to battle their father figure, who'

Impeach Fuzz

     44    Shut up                      "The City of Townsville - a city of growth and pro
     45    Fuzzy wins                   The next thing you know, it's ole' Fuzzy's turn in
     46    The old gray Mayor           Fuzzy displays his unique flair for interior desig
     47    Fuzzy's kin                  The Mayor wants his job and his hat back, and he's
     48    I pick you Professor         In a rare show of sportsmanship Fuzzy offers to le
     49    It's whoopin' time           The Mayor takes a hillbilly beating, and even with
     50    Fuzzy's out                  The Mayor shows Fuzzy a couple of moves of his own

Just Another Manic Mojo

     51    Get out of my moat           It seems that Mojo Jojo has woken up on the wrong
     52    A diabolical plan            After returning from the grocery store Mojo Jojo s
     53    Can we have our ball back?   Things start to look up for Mojo Jojo when the Pow
     54    Sit still                    Mojo Jojo quickly decides that the best way to des
     55    There shall be no laughing   Mojo Jojo could get his plan to work, if only he c
     56    Don't touch it               The Girls just want their ball back and decide to

Mime for a Change

     57    It's your birthday           Rainbow the Clown is the entertainer at Jim's birt
     58    Mr. Mime                     Mr. Mime finds he has the ability to leave everyon
     59    A world without color        Bubbles points out the danger of a world without c
     60    A dastardly touch            Buttercup and Blossom discover a trail of black-an
     61    Girl band                    Bubbles finally finds a way to bring color back to
     62    Back to normal               Bubble's song brings everyone in town back to norm

The Rowdyruff Boys

     63    Under attack                 "The City of Townsville - is under attack by Mojo
     64    Voila                        Mojo Jojo goes ape over being foiled again by the
     65    Recipe for disaster          With the moon in proper alignment, and his cell se
     66    We're the Rowdyruff Boys     Mojo Jojo leads his Boys to the Girls where they p
     67    An all-out brawl             An all-out brawl ensues throughout the city destro
     68    Take it out of town          When the Rowdyruff Boys show complete, and utter d
     69    Beyond help                  When the action moves high above Townsville, the B
     70    A bit of feminine wisdom     The people of Townsville are in shock over the dem
     71    Kiss of death                Taking Miss Bellum up on her suggestion to be nice

     72    Checklist

Advertising Inserts (1:2 packs)

     --    The Powerpuff Girls: Cool Cartoon Network Collectibles Inside!


Prism Cards (1:4 packs)

   PR01    Blossom
   PR02    Bubbles
   PR03    Buttercup
   PR04    Professor Utonium
   PR05    Mojo Jojo
   PR06    Sara Bellum
   PR07    The Mayor
   PR08    Fuzzy Lumpkins
   PR09    Major Man
   PR10    Mr. Mime
   PR11    Rowdyruff Boys
   PR12    Checklist

Sneak Preview FilmCardz (1:6 packs)

    SP1    Bubbles
    SP2    Buttercup
    SP3    Blossom
    SP4    Professor Utonium
    SP5    Mojo Jojo
    SP6    Let's Go Girls


PPGS3 #1
PPGS3 #2
PPGS3 #3

©2002, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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