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Powerpuff Girls Movie FilmCardz
Artbox - 2002

Notes: The character cel "C" cards and the background cel "B" cards are part
of the basic set; character cels are distributed in the same way as the numbered
cards, and the background cels (at one per pack) are somewhat more common
than the other basic cards.    Further information and scans are posted at the
Artbox website.

Box: 36 packs of 5 numbered and "C" cards + 1 "B" card.
Common sets (84): approx. 1.53 per box if collation were perfect.
  (Average for "B" cards is 2.00 per box.)

No.   Title

 01   Well, aren't you all cute and bubbly
 02   Hey, Thanks!
 03   Yes Professor, thank you
 04   This is the best gift ever...
 05   A super snack
 06   Do you wanna play?
 07   Awesome, I'm it!
 08   You can't get away from me
 09   Subway, huh?
 10   There they are
 11   That was some pothole
 12   These roads are a mess
 13   Tag! You're it!
 14   Oh my!
 15   Mayor, this is very serious
 16   Girls, no!
 17   That was fun!
 18   Don't worry Professor
 19   I think everyone's upset
 20   That's him boys, cuff him!
 21   The mad scientist
 22   See, there's a whole bunch of boxes
 23   Who's that?
 24   Please, do not look at me
 25   Jump in
 26   Oh girls, thank goodness you're o.k.
 27   Tonight we construct the superstructure
 28   Find an ancient asteroid
 29   I can assure you!
 30   That was wet
 31   One last thing
 32   You did very good
 33   A day at the zoo
 34   It is time
 35   Shock the monkeys
 36   They're innocent
 37   Wake up my brothers
 38   Seize the day!
 39   We're gonna show 'em
 40   Hellllllp!
 41   Please, no!!!
 42   Runnnnnn!!!
 43   Now we are the superior race!
 44   What happened?
 45   Raaaaahhh!!!
 46   Baboom-Bot
 47   We shall rain on your parade
 48   My name is Hacha Chacha
 49   Stop! Cease! Desist!
 50   See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil
 51   Professor! Professor! Professor!
 52   We really gotta save that baby!
 53   You will pay!
 54   Let's get Cha Ching Cha Ching
 55   You will make a good power proof vest
 56   C'mon Girls
 57   Mo' Mojo!
 58   Can't you see?
 59   And you are "It!"
 60   The Powerpuff Girls

Character Cel Cards

C1    Blossom
C2    Bubbles
C3    Buttercup
C4    Professor Utonium
C5    Mojo Jojo
C6    The Powerpuff Girls
C7    Blossom
C8    Bubbles
C9    Buttercup
C10   Professor Utonium
C11   Mojo Jojo
C12   The Powerpuff Girls

Background Cel Cards (1 per pack)

B1    Pokey Oaks Playground
B2    What would you like to eat?
B3    How about a cozy fire?
B4    Downtown Townsville
B5    A skyline in ruins
B6    A bird's eye view
B7    A stark lab environment
B8    Who's going to clean this mess?
B9    Inside the lair of Mojo Jojo's
B10   A scene of destruction
B11   High atop the volcano
B12   What a wonderful place to gather

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Rare FilmCardz

 R1   Now where's that red buttom?
 R2   Today's the day
 R3   Time to curl up with a good rock
 R4   Primates on parade
 R5   We've gotta find the Professor!
 R6   They really like us

Ultra-Rare FilmCardz (1:24 packs)

 UR1  Jojo's monkey business
 UR2  Explosive ingredients
 UR3  Hi, what's your name?

Foil Cards

Pr1   I think you missed a spot
Pr2   Takin' names, and kickin' asphalt
Pr3   Kick in the afterburners
Pr4   Let's head on home
Pr5   Tag is such a great game
Pr6   We'll make the world a better place
Pr7   We have a surprise Professor
Pr8   We have to help them!
Pr9   It must be for you Girls

FilmCardz Viewer (mail-in offer or in Retail blister pack)

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 P1   Thanks for the snack Professor (San Diego Comic Con)
 P2   What are you lookin' at? (San Diego Comic Con)
 P3   Hobo Jojo (San Diego Comic Con)
 --   (dealer sell sheet)

©2003, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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