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Preacher Season 1 TV Promo Set
   AMC - 2016

Notes: Cards were distributed in a sealed cello pack.

    No.    Title

    PR1    Jessie Custer played by Dominic Cooper
    PR2    Tulip O'Hare played by Ruth Negga
    PR3    Cassidy played by Joseph Gilgun
    PR4    Smily Woodrow played by Lucy Griffiths
    PR5    Donnie Schenck played by Derek Wilson
    PR6    Eugene "Arseface" Root played by Ian Colletti
    PR7    Sheriff Hugo Root played by W. Earl Brown
    PR8    DeBlanc played by Anatol Yusef
    PR9    Fiore played by Tom Brook

     --    The Beginning Is Nigh [title card]

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