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Prehistoric Animals by Ely Kish - Series One
(a.k.a. "Dinosaurs" Art Cards)
   First Glance Productions - 1993

Notes: The set title is not readily evident, and may collectors have assigned the 
"Dinosaurs" title. I think that the official title is "Canadian Museum of Nature 
Series # 1 - Prehistoric Animals by Ely Kish." It was meant to be the first of 
three skip-numbered series, and details of the other two are shown on the 
checklist card, but the other two sets were never produced. (Series #2 was to have 
had 32 cards and Series #3 44 cards.) Card 70 on the checklist ("Hypacrosaurus") 
was not issued. Artwork is by Ely Kish. Thanks much to Sean Wright for the list 
and updates!

No.   Title

  2   Tyrannosaurus & Edmontosaurus
  3   Triceratops
  5   Fabrosaur
  8   Corythosaurus - Chasmosaurus - Trodon - Aspideretes
 10   Diplodocus
 12   Edmontosaurus
 14   Maiasaura
 16   Pleurocoelus
 17   Carcass of Chasmosaurus Scavenger Dromaeosaurus
 19   Sauropelta
 24   Massospondylus
 26   Platecarpus & Protosphyraena
 31   Dromiceiomimus
 33   Apatosaurus
 43   Pachycephalosaurus
 44   Saurolophus
 55   Microvenator & Tenontosaurus
 62   Dryptosaurus
 81   Ankylosaurus
 82   Daspletosaurus & Champsosaurus
 90   Hesperornis
 96   Hypacrosaurus
 97   Stygimoloch
100  The  Extinction

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