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Presidents (Bazooka)
   Topps - 1960

Notes: Cards could be cut from panels of 3, printed on 25-count Bazooka Gum 
double-pack boxes. American Card Catalog reference is R711-28. Scans are 
posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title                    Sequence

  1   George Washington         1st President
  2   John Adams                2nd President
  3   Thomas Jefferson          3rd President
  4   James Madison             4th President
  5   James Monroe              5th President
  6   John  Quincy Adams        6th President
  7   Andrew Jackson            7th President
  8   Martin Van Buren          8th President
  9   Wm. Henry Harrison        9th President
 10   John Tyler               10th President
 11   James K. Polk            11th President
 12   Zachary Taylor           12th President
 13   Millard Fillmore         13th President
 14   Franklin Pierce          14th President
 15   James Buchanan           15th President
 16   Abraham Lincoln          16th President
 17   Andrew Johnson           17th President
 18   Ulysses S. Grant         18th President
 19   Rutherford B. Hayes      19th President
 20   James A. Garfield        20th President
 21   Chester Arthur           21st President
 22   Grover Cleveland         22nd & 24th President
 23   Benjamin Harrison        23rd President
 24   William McKinley         25th President
 25   Theodore Roosevelt       26th President
 26   William H. Taft          27th President
 27   Woodrow Wilson           28th President
 28   Warren G. Harding        29th President
 29   Calvin Coolidge          30th President
 30   Herbert Hoover           31st President
 31   Franklin D. Roosevelt    32nd President
 32   Harry S. Truman          33rd President
 33   Dwight D. Eisenhower     34th President

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