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Presidents of the United States Flash Cards
   Edu-Cards - 1975

Notes: The 3-1/2" x 5-3/4" cards were released as a boxed set. Fronts show portraits, 
while backs give facts, dates, and events. An instruction pamphlet extends over 6 
pages and gives a wide variety of games and educational opportunities. (After all, 
nobody should be forced to apologize for not recognizing Rutherford B. Hayes if 
you encountered him on the street.)

  Sequence    Name                    Party                      Served

       1st    George Washington       Federalist                 1789-1797
       2nd    John Adams              Federalist                 1979-1801
       3rd    Thomas Jefferson        (Democratic) Republican    1801-1809
       4th    James Madison           (Democratic) Republican    1809-1817
       5th    James Monroe            (Democratic) Republican    1817-1825
       6th    John Quincy Adams       (Democratic) Republican    1825-1829
       7th    Andrew Jackson          Democrat                   1829-1837
       8th    Martin Van Buren        Democrat                   1837-1841
       9th    William H. Harrison     Whig                       March 1841-April 1841
      10th    John Tyler              Whig                       1841-1845
      11th    James K. Polk           Democrat                   1845-1849
      12th    Zachary Taylor          Whig                       March 4, 1849-July 9, 1850
      13th    Millard Fillmore        Whig                       1850-1853
      14th    Franklin Pierce         Democrat                   1853-1857
      15th    James Buchanan          Democrat                   1857-1861
      16th    Abraham Lincoln         Republican                 1861-1865
      17th    Andrew Johnson          Republican                 1865-1869
      18th    Ulysses S. Grant        Republican                 1869-1877
      19th    Rutherford B. Hayes     Republican                 1877-1881
      20th    James A. Garfield       Republican                 Mar. 1881-Sept. 1881
      21st    Chester A. Arthur       Republican                 1881-1885
22nd and 24   Grover Cleveland        Democrat                   1885-1889, 1893-1897
      23rd    Benjamin Harrison       Republican                 1889-1893
      25th    William McKinley        Republican                 1897-1901
      26th    Theodore Roosevelt      Republican                 1901-1909
      27th    William H. Taft         Republican                 1909-1913
      28th    Woodrow Wilson          Democrat                   1913-1921
      29th    Warren G. Harding       Republican                 March 1921-August 2, 1923
      30th    Calvin Coolidge         Republican                 1923-1929
      31st    Herbert C. Hoover       Republican                 1929-1933
      32nd    Franklin D. Roosevelt   Democrat                   1933-1945
      33rd    Harry S. Truman         Democrat                   1945-1953
      34th    Dwight D. Eisenhower    Republican                 1953-1961
      35th    John F. Kennedy         Democrat                   1961-1963
      36th    Lyndon B. Johnson       Democrat                   1963-1969
      37th    Richard M. Nixon        Republican                 1969-1974
      38th    Gerald R. Ford          Republican                 1974-1977
      39th    Jimmy Carter            Democrat                   1977-
      40th    Ronald Wilson Reagan    Republican                 1981-

       --     Instructions (6-page paper insert)

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