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The President Collection - Series 1:
George Bush Through the Persian Gulf War
    Outlook Graphics  - 1991

Note:  Many thanks to Tom Tyczkowski for the checklist!


    Young George Bush, Age 3
    George Bush, Age 10
    Bush with X-2 Flight Crew
    Bush During the Pacific War
    The Bush Family in Houston, Texas
    George Bush, Congressman, 1960s - 1970s
    Bush of the Coast of Maine, Family Vacation, 1983
    The Vice President and Mrs. Bush in Kennebunkport, Maine, 1983
    George Bush With His Grandchild, 1983
    George Bush and Dan Quayle Campaigning, 1988
    George Bush and Dan Quayle at Indiana Hometown Rally, 1988
    President Bush Pitching Horshoes On The White House Laen, 1989
    President Bush, 1990
    President Bush With A Group Of Children, 1990
    President Bush Signs Clean Air Act Amendment, 1990
    President Bush, 1990
    President Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush Returning to the White House With Their Dog, Millie, 1990
    President Bush Proclaims Persian Gulf Victory, 1991
    President Bush Proclaims Persian Gulf Victory at Joint Session, 1991
    President Bush Awards Military & Citizen Medals

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