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Presidential Sports Cards
Presidential Sports Cards - 1992?-1994

Notes:  Card fronts show black-and-white sketches of U.S. presidents engaged 
in sports or leisure activities. (I was waiting to see Taft's "sport," and it turned 
out to be throwing out the first pitch of the baseball season.) Card backs offer 
descriptive text on the presidents and their favorite leisure activities or youthful 
endeavors. An insert pamphlet tells how to use the cards for a simple math/
trivia game called "Centennial."

My copy of the set is an update of the original, which only went through 
Bush #41. All cards through that time show a "©PSC9.2" mark. Two additonal 
cards were added, for Clinton and a revised checklist, marked "©PSC 12.2".
The update also has a recognition of Nixon's death pasted on the #37 card.

  No.     President / Card Title             Pictured "Sport"

   1      George Washington                  Fox Hunting
   2      John Adams                         Ball and Bat Game
   3      Thomas Jefferson                   Running
   4      James Madison                      Walking
   5      James Monroe                       Fishing
   6      John Quincy Adams                  Swimming
   7      Andrew Jackson                     Throwing the "Long-Bullet"
   8      Martin VanBuren                    Hoop Rolling
   9      William Henry Harrison             Walking
  10      John Tyler                         Tobogganing
  11      James K. Polk                      Camping
  12      Zachary Taylor                     Duck Hunting
  13      Millard Fillmore                   Canoeing
  14      Franklin Pierce                    Fishing
  15      James Buchanan                     Deer Hunting
  16      Abraham Lincoln                    Wrestling
  17      Andrew Johnson                     Horseback Riding
  18      Ulysses S. Grant                   Horse Jumping
  19      Rutherford B. Hayes                Croquet
  20      James A. Garfield                  Billiards
  21      Chester A. Arthur                  Bass Fishing
22 & 24   Grover Cleveland                   Campfire Cooking
  23      Benjamin Harrison                  Ice Skating
  25      William McKinley                   Golfing
  26      Theodore Roosevelt                 Mountain Climbing
  27      William Howard Taft                Baseball (First Pitch)
  28      Woodrow Wilson                     Baseball (Davidson)
  29      Warren G. Harding                  Tennis
  30      Calvin Coolidge                    Mechanical Horse Riding
  31      Herbert C. Hoover                  Hoover Ball
  32      Franklin D. Roosevelt              Yachting
  33      Harry S Truman                     Walking
  34      Dwight D. Eisenhower               Golfing
  35      John F. Kennedy                    Football
  36      Lyndon B. Johnson                  Ranching
  37      Richard M. Nixon                   Bowling
  38      Gerald R. Ford                     Downhill Skiing
  39      Jimmy Carter                       Bicycling
  40      Ronald W. Reagan                   Horseback Riding
  41      George H. W. Bush                  Horseshoes
  42      Bill Clinton                       Jogging          [PSC12.2]
  --      Team Card (through Bush)                            [PSC9.2]
  --      Team Card (through Clinton)                         [PSC12.2]
  --      National Monuments
  --      Seal of the President
  --      United States Capitol
  --      White House

  --      Centennial: a Math/Trivia Game     (Rules pamphlet)

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©2006 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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