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Prince Valiant
   Comic Images - 1995

Notes:  Thanks much to Todd Jordan, Jim Goodwin, and Phil Hart for updates!  Can 
anybodyconfirm whether or not there was a promotional mini-press sneet issued?

No.   Title                            Date

  1   King Aguar                       20-Feb-37
  2   The Next Lancelot                15-May-37
  3   Experience Pays Off              15-May-37
  4   Val to the Rescue                 5-Jun-37
  5   City of Marvel                   19-Jun-37
  6   Befitting a Warrior              24-Jul-37
  7   Turnabout is Fair Play           31-Jul-37
  8   Freefall                          9-Oct-37
  9   An Unlikely Hideout              16-Oct-37
 10   Leap of Faith                    16-Oct-37
 11   A New Quest                      13-Nov-37
 12   The Red Knight                   13-Nov-37
 13   Battle Tactics                   27-Nov-37
 14   The Kidnapper                    11-Dec-37
 15   Mask of Terror                   25-Dec-37
 16   Clever Trick                     22-Jan-38
 17   Coat of Many Uses                29-Jan-38
 18   Free at Last                     12-Feb-38
 19   Evil Sorceress                    5-Mar-38
 20   Nightmarish Outcome              19-Mar-38
 21   Merlin                            2-Apr-38
 22   Preventive Measures              23-Apr-38
 23   Lovesick                         15-May-38
 24   Settled with Swords              29-May-38
 25   Viking Raiders                    5-Jun-38
 26   The Singing Sword                12-Jun-38
 27   Magic Battle                     19-Jun-38
 28   Captured!                        17-Jul-38
 29   Music to Their Ears              24-Jul-38
 30   Protect and Defend                7-Aug-38
 31   Escape to the Sea                 7-Aug-38
 32   The Golden Spurs                  9-Oct-38
 33   Fire in the Sky                  22-Jan-39
 34   Excalibur                        29-Jan-39
 35   Like Father, Like Son            12-Feb-39
 36   A Deal or a Dare?                19-Feb-39
 37   Nobility is Restored             26-Feb-39
 38   When in Rome ...              August, 1939
 39   A New Approach                   14-Jan-40
 40   Surveying the Damage             25-Feb-40
 41   On Their Honor                   18-Aug-40
 42   Back to Rome                     15-Sep-40
 43   Assassination Plot               15-Sep-40
 44   The Octopus Pit                  27-Apr-41
 45   Seeking the Vision               26-Oct-41
 46   Queen Aleta                      30-Nov-41
 47   Challenged!                      17-Nov-46
 48   Arn is Born                      31-Aug-47
 49   Odd Couple                       25-Dec-49
 50   1950s Logo
 51   Young Prince
 52   The Mace
 53   Long Live the King
 54   A Magician and a Scientist
 55   The Hunt
 56   Survival Skills
 57   Prisoner of Love
 58   Twice as Nice
 59   A Prince Among Fathers
 60   Horsing Around
 61   Lonesome Prince
 62   Prodigal Son
 63   Looking for Trouble
 64   Hearty Heritage
 65   Traveling Man
 66   Darkness and Light
 67   Shattered!
 68   Mortal Combat
 69   Final Wish
 70   The Queen's Excalibur
 71   Battle Scars
 72   Farewell to a Friend
 73   Words of Wisdom
 74   Starting Anew
 75   Battles Rage On
 76   Fallout
 77   A Deadly Ultimatum
 78   Sealing the Drawbridge
 79   Tempting Favors
 80   Toad Monster
 81   Dueling Swords
 82   On to Victory
 83   Disappearing Act
 84   The Battle Clash
 85   Rory Makes His Move
 86   Fighting the Elements
 87   War of Words and Swords
 88   Final Battle
 89   The Sword in the Stone
 90   Prince Valiant Checklist


Chromium Cards (1:16 packs)

 C1   Hal Foster believed that all the illustration instincts...
 C2   After years of illustrating Tarzan, Hal Foster began...
 C3   One of Hal Foster's favorite aspects of the Prince Valiant concept...
 C4   While Hal Foster received many accolades for ...
 C5   Hal Foster is one of the few American artists ...
 C6   Hal Foster was inducted into the Museum of ...

Hal Foster Cards (1:48 packs)

 1 Of 3  Hal Foster began drawing and sketching ...
 2 Of 3  After succession of creatively unsatisfying
 3 Of 3  After accomplishing all he felt he could in

24-k Gold Signature Card (500 made)

  --     Hal Foster
  --     (Redemption Card)

Case Insert

  --     (6-up panel of card images; back is descriptive text for series)

Medallion Card (4:case)


---   For nearly 50 years, Hal Foster's Prince Valiant ... (unnumbered)
   (also found in packs of Jack Kirby: The Unpublished Archives)

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