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Princess Diana: Queen of Hearts
Trading Cards International - 1997

Note:  Cards were issued as a 50-card boxed factory set.

No.   Title

  1   Princess Diana - Queen of Hearts
  2   The Family Portrait
  3   Saint Diana
  4   Will You Marry Me?
  5   The human touch
  6   Diana and her boys
  7   Winter Fun
  8   John Travolta and Princess Diana
  9   The Royal Wedding
 10   England's Rose
 11   The Future King and His Mum
 12   World Wide Humanitarian
 13   The Kiss
 14   Princess Diana and Prince William
 15   Passion for Fashion
 16   Mother Teresa and Princess Diana
 17   Queen of The People
 18   Darling Diana
 19   Prince William
 20   Ambassador of Goodwill
 21   Diana Frances Spencer
 22   The Smile
 23   Princess Diana and Prince Harry
 24   Princess Diana and Luciano Pavarotti
 25   Ambassador of Kindness
 26   Family Picnic
 27   Dazzling Diana
 28   Pope John Paul II and Princess Diana
 29   Family Fun
 30   The Wedding Dress
 31   Hillary Clinton and Princess Diana
 32   Princess Diana and Prince Harry
 33   Her Royal Highness
 34   Princess of Wales
 35   Princess diana and Princess Grace
 36   "I love you mum"
 37   Forever In our Hearts
 38   The Prince and Princess of Wales
 39   Young Diana
 40   Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II
 41   The New Diana
 42   Princess Diana and Prince William
 43   Britain's Best Ambassador
 44   Heirs To The Throne
 45   Picture Perfect
 46   God Bless You Diana
 47   Elton John
 48   Farewell Diana
 49   September 6, 1997
 50   Flowers for The Princess

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