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Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders
Upper Deck - 1996

Notes:  Distribution of cards in packs varied by subset, so the definitions of "regular"
versus "insert" cards is misleading. Cards 1-30 were very common, while the Stick-Ums,
Discover Avalon, and "insert" Secrets cards were one-per-packs and the Jewel Readers
were one-per-three-packs. Thus the Stick-Ums and Secrets subsets, which had 15 cards
each, are the toughest to complete; the Jewel Reader subset had only 3 cards, and is thus
much easier to complete than some of the other subsets. Below I show the distribution
of each subset in packs and the number of full subsets one could expect from a complete
box. The "regular set" is usually tagged to be cards 1 through 55, but if you complete
the Stick-Ums portion of the set you might as well include the "insert" cards.

No.    Title

  1    Step into the Friendship Ring
  2    Every Heart has a Song
  3    Go for it!
  4    Life is a Great Adventure
  5    Magic isn't for Everyone
  6    Have heart, Have hope
  7    Generations of Magic
  8    Lead with a Gentle Heart
  9    The Magic of Friendship
 10    The Strength of Friendship
 11    Magical Friendships
 12    Friends Together!
 13    Make a Friend for Life
 14    Smiles Make Friends
 15    Growing Friendships
 16    Making Magic
 17    Be Prepared for Anything
 18    Magical Mischief
 19    Magical Mobile
 20    Righteous Road Warriors
 21    Badland Bandits
 22    Riddled with Magic
 23    Wisps of Laughter
 24    The Power of the Sun Stone
 25    The Power of the Moon Stone
 26    The Power of the Heart Stone
 27    The Power of the Forest Stone
 28    Dark Magic
 29    The Heart of Avalon
 30    Jewel Power!

Stick-Ums (1 per pack, 2.4 sets per box)

 31    Gwenevere
 32    Fallon
 33    Tamara
 34    Drake
 35    Merlin
 36    Lady Kale
 37    Archie
 38    Cleo, Spike, and Sugar
 39    Rufus
 40    Crystal Palace
 41    Princess
 42    Fallon
 43    Tamara
 44    Merlin's Jewel Box
 45    Music Power

Discover Avalon Cards (1 per pack, 3.6 sets per box)

 46    Avalon
 47    Lands End
 48    Great Forests
 49    Crystal Cliffs
 50    Burning Deserts
 51    New Camelot
 52    Misty Moors
 53    Great Plains
 54    Riverdells
 55    Jungle

Princess Gwenevere's Secrets (1 per pack, 2.4 sets per box)

PS1    Merlin
PS2    Travel
PS3    Kit
PS4    Jewel Keep
PS5    Rainbow
PS6    Dark Stone
PS7    Friendship Ring
PS8    Wizard's Peak
PS9    Crown Jewels
PS10   Wizard Jewel
PS11   Morgana
PS12   Heartland Farm
PS13   Jewel Armor
PS14   Avalon
PS15   Crystal Palace

Jewel Reader Cards (1:3 packs, 4 sets per box)

JR1    Sun Stone
JR2    Moon Stone
JR3    Heart Stone

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