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Prisoners of Love Hall of Fame
First Amendment Publishing - 19??

Note:  I really don't know the proper name of this set, or how it was originally distributed.
Probably it was a boxed set with a wrapper.  The theme is people from history or current
events that are known for sexual excesses, scandals, or perversions. I acquired the set
in an auction where the set was called "Famous Felons", but this doesn't really describe
the set, and hardly applies to Caligula and Vivian Leigh. I chose the title "Prisoners of
Love" because it's a catchy two-level title, and appended "Hall of Fame" because Sigmund
Freud is identified as an "Honorary Inductee."

  Title                       Subject

  Catherine the Great
  Andrei Chikatilo
  Corl and Company
  Jeffrey Dahmer
  Albert Fish
  Sigmund Freud
  Ed Gein
  Jo-Jo Giorgianni
  Gotham's Boys Next Door     Robert Chambers, Robert Golub
  Governor Cornbury
  Dale Nelson
  Papal Pervs                 Alexander VI, Sixtus IV
  Pentecostal Pervs           Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker
  Pirate Love                 Blackbeard, Calico Jack
  Rock N Roll Cradle Robbers  Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Bill Wyman, Elvis
  Marquis de Sade
  Edward I. Savitz
  Supermen!                   Wilt Chamberlain, John Holmes
  Superwomen!                 Vivian Leigh, Mae West
  Charles Swinburne
  Mike Tyson
  Glossary of Love

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