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The Prisoner Autograph Series: Volume 1
   Cards, Inc. - 2002

Notes:  Thanks much to Keith Patton and Dave Foster for updates!  Further 
information and scans are found at the Cards, Inc. web archive.

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.88 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.    Title / Card Text                      Episode / Second Title

   1    The Prisoner Autograph Series Volume 1


   2    Racing Through London
   3    Bursting In
   4    The Records Room
   5    Driving Home
   6    Preparing To Leave
   7    Waking Up Dazed
   8    Exploring The Village
   9    Trying To Escape
  10    Defiance

You Are Number Six

  11    The Prisoner
  12    Dream Monitoring
  13    Will No. 6 Co-operate?
  14    Election Candidate
  15    Resisting Brainwashing
  16    Infiltration in Disguise

The New Number Two

  17    A Sincere Welcome?                     Guy Doleman - Arrival
  18    Duplicity of No. 2                     George Baker - Arrival
  19    Friendly but Formidable                Leo McKern - The Chimes of Big Ben
  20    Turning the Tables                     Colin Gordon - A. B. and C.
  21    Extracting the Truth                   Eric Portman - Free For All
  22    Playing the Part                       Rachel Herbert - Free For All
  23    Confused Identities                    Anton Rogers - The Schizoid Man
  24    A Second Chance                        Colin Gordon - The General
  25    A Charming Lady?                       Georgina Cookson - Many Happy Returns
  26    A Devious Mind                         Mary Morris - Dance of the Dead
  27    Outwitting No. 6                       Peter Wyngarde - Checkmate
  28    A Sadistic Opponent                    Hammer Into Anvil
  29    Deadly Career Ambitions                Derren Nesbitt - It's Your Funeral
  30    Targeted for Removal                   Andre Van Gyseghem - It's Your Funeral
  31    A Gentle Giant?                        John Sharpe - A Change of Mind
  32    Playing Mind Games                     Clifford Evans - Do Not Foresake Me Oh My Darling
  33    A Poor Judge                           David Bauer - Living In Harmony
  34    Bringing No. 2 to Book                 Kenneth Griffith - The Girl Who Was Death
  35    Old Adversaries                        Leo McKern - Once Upon A Time
  36    Back from the Dead                     Leo McKern - Fall Out

Episode Guides

  37    Unfamiliar Territory                   Arrival
  38    Where am I?                            Arrival
  39    Watching the New Arrival               The Chimes of Big Ben
  40    Nadia the Deceiver                     The Chimes of Big Ben
  41    A Laboratory Experiment                A. B. and C.
  42    No. 6's Dream                          A. B. and C.
  43    Voting for No. 2                       Free for All
  44    Testing The Prisoner                   Free for All
  45    No. 6's Imposter                       The Schizoid Man
  46    Mind Games with No. 6                  The Schizoid Man
  47    Manipulating the Villagers             The General
  48    Who or What is The General?            The General
  49    Escaping The Village                   Many Happy Returns
  50    Collecting the Evidence                Many Happy Returns
  51    Going on Trial                         Dance of the Dead
  52    A Body on the Beach                    Dance of the Dead
  53    Playing Human Chess                    Checkmate
  54    No. 6 and Conspirators                 Checkmate

The Village

  55    The Seat of Power                      The Green Dome
  56    Overlooking The Village                Aerial View of Village
  57    The Isolated Village                   Bell Tower View of The Village
  58    Controllers at Work                    Control Centre
  59    Everything You Need                    General Stores
  60    The People's Government                Government
  61    Willing Participants?                  Villagers
  62    Guardian Sphere                        Rover
  63    The Town Hall                          Village Rule

Behind the Scenes

  64    No. 6's Cottage
  65    Markstein
  66    Lotus Seven
  67    Lava Lamp
  68    Globe Chair
  69    Hearse
  70    1 Buckingham Place
  71    Mini-Moke

  72    Autograph Series Volume 1 Checklist


Guardians Of The Village Foil Cards (1:12 packs)

PF1     As No. 6 attempts his first escape across the
PF2     The guardian balloon is used to patrol the Vil
PF3     In the Village square a young man is killed by
PF4     No. 6's flight across the Village sands is hal
PF5     One of the strangest sights in the Village is
PF6     The formidable Village security device can be

Classic Dialogue Holo-foil Cards (1:12 packs)

PHF1    "Where am I?" "In the village." "What do you w
PHF2    "Whose side are you on?" "That would be tellin
PHF3    "Who are you?" "The new No. 2." "Who is No. 1?
PHF4    "Let's make a deal. You co-operate, tell us wh
PHF5    "I'm interested in facts. Your only chance to
PHF6    "For official purposes everyone has a number.

Autograph Cards (1:24 packs)

PA1     Patrick McGoohan as No. 6 (scarce, redemption card)
PA2     Annette Andre is Monique
PA3     Michael Billington - Woodland Man
PA4     Peter Bowles is A
PA5     Earl Cameron - Supervisor
PA6     Mark Eden is No. 100
PA7     Rachel Herbert is No. 58 (redemption card)
PA8     Alexis Kanner is No. 48
PA9     Frank Maher - Stunt Double
PA10    Leo McKern is No. 2 - 1920-2002 Special Tribute Card
PA11    Jane Merrow is No. 24
PA12    Roger Parkes - Scriptwriter
PA13    Vincent Tilsley - Scriptwriter
PA14    Wanda Ventham as No. 8 (redemption card)
PA15    Norma West is No. 240
PA16    Alan White is Roland Walter Dutton

Costume Cards (1:36 packs)

PC1     No. 6's Cape as Worn by Patrick McGoohan (orange)
PC1     No. 6's Cape as Worn by Patrick McGoohan (blue, only 150 made)
PC2     No. 6's Cape as Worn by Patrick McGoohan (dark red)
PC3     No. 6's Cape as Worn by Patrick McGoohan (red)
SDC-1   No. 6's Cape as Worn by Patrick McGoohan (blue; San Diego Comic Con 2002 Exclusive)

Card Album

  --    The Prisoner Autograph Series (Binder)

6-card Preview Set (limited to 250)

PPR1    Limited Edition Preview Set
PPR2    Limited Edition Preview Set
PPR3    Limited Edition Preview Set
PPR4    Limited Edition Preview Set
PPR5    Limited Edition Preview Set
PPR6    Limited Edition Preview Set

Limited Edition Preview Set

PP1    "Where am I?"
PP2    "In the village."
PP3    "What do you want?"
PP4    "Information."
PP5    "Who are you?"
PP6    "You are Number Six."

Six of One Fan Club Exclusive Set

SO1    A Change of Clothes
SO2    A Change of Clothes
SO3    A Change of Clothes
SO4    A Change of Clothes
SO5    A Change of Clothes
SO6    A Change of Clothes


P1      Autograph Series Volume One

Silva Screen Promos

SSP1    (Leo McKern; bicycle in blue)
SSP2    (No. 6 in jacket; bicycle in magenta)
SSP3    (Rover in your face; bicycle in grey)

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