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The Prisoner Collector Series Volume 2
   Factory Entertainment - 2010

Notes:  This set completes and improves a cancelled set that had been planned by Cards 
Inc. in 2004 (and which was preceded by two Preview sets). It is different from a factory 
set that featured the 2009 ITV mini-series, released at the 2010 San Diego Comic 
Con.  The base cards match a 50-card set on thinner stock that was produced by the 
'Six of One Prisoner Appreciation Society. Thanks much to Phil Hart for updates!

Box: 24 packs of 6 cards. 10 boxes/case, 125 cases.
Common sets (50): approx. 2.71 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.    Title                                    Type

    1    The Prisoner Collector Series Volume 2
    2    Thorpe                                   London People
    3    Fotheringay                              London People
    4    Colonel J.                               London People
    5    The Colonel                              London People
    6    Sir Charles Portland                     London People
    7    Potter                                   London People
    8    Janet Portland                           London People
    9    Camera Shop Manager                      London People
   10    Danvers                                  London People
   11    A Suspected Plot                         Episode Guides
   12    Falling To Pieces                        Hammer into Anvil
   13    Appreciation Day                         It's Your Funeral
   14    Exchanging Information                   It's Your Funeral
   15    Citizens' Fury                           A Change of Mind
   16    Supervisor Gives Orders                  A Change of Mind
   17    Romantic Reunion                         Do Not Foresake Me Oh My Darling 
   18    Same Man, New Face                       Do Not Foresake Me Oh My Darling 
   19    Thrown In Jail                           Living in Harmony
   20    Boot Hill                                Living in Harmony
   21    Her Name Is Death                        The Girl Who Was Death
   22    Pursuing The Girl                        The Girl Who Was Death
   23    Guarding No. 2's Chair                   Once Upon a Time
   24    Changing Places                          Once Upon a Time
   25    Unmasking No. 1                          Fall Out
   26    Throned At Last                          Fall Out
   27    Attacked By Rover                        'Alternative' Arrival
   28    Plotting The Stars                       'Alternative' Chimes of Big Ben
   29    Alfa Romeo                               Vehicles
   30    Cortina Lotus                            Vehicles
   31    Lotus Elan                               Vehicles
   32    Jaguar E-Type                            Vehicles
   33    Funeral Hearse                           Vehicles
   34    Lotus Seven                              Vehicles
   35    Austin Mini Moke                         Vehicles
   36    Rolls Royce                              Vehicles
   37    Fall Out Truck                           Vehicles
   38    Village Boat                             Special Vehicles
   39    Prisoner Helicopter                      Special Vehicles
   40    Gloster Meteor Jet Plane                 Special Vehicles
   41    Electropass                              Behind the Scenes
   42    Portmeirion Pottery                      Behind the Scenes
   43    Envelope                                 Behind the Scenes
   44    Seal of Office                           Behind the Scenes
   45    Camera                                   Behind the Scenes
   46    Cordless Phones                          Behind the Scenes
   47    Bicycle                                  Behind the Scenes
   48    Buggy                                    Behind the Scenes
   49    Radio                                    Behind the Scenes
   50    Collector Series Volume 2 Checklist


Calling the Tune Foil Cards (1:12 packs)

 PCT1    Hi-Fi at Home
 PCT2    Musical Subterfuge
 PCT3    Record Booth Mystery Voice
 PCT4    Romantic Musical Interlude
 PCT5    Village Band Concert
 PCT6    DJ Supervisor Plays a Request

Dirty Tricks Rainbow Foil Cards (1:12 packs)

 PDT1    Morse Code Using a Mirror
 PDT2    Hiding Papers on a Dead Body
 PDT3    Broadcasting Fake Radio Message
 PDT4    Tying a Coded Message to a Pigeon
 PDT5    Bomb Squad Investigates
 PDT6    Who's Drugging the Tea?

Show-Worn Costume Cards [Cards Inc 2004, unreleased; 1:24 packs]

PV2 C1   Number 6's Jacket as Worn by Patrick McGoohan
PV2 C2   Number 6's Jacket as Worn by Patrick McGoohan
PV2 C3   Number 6's Jacket as Worn by Patrick McGoohan
PV2 C4   Number 6's Jacket as Worn by Patrick McGoohan
PV2 C5   Number 6's Jacket as Worn by Patrick McGoohan
PV2 C6   Number 6's Jacket as Worn by Patrick McGoohan

Prisoner Mini-Series Cards (1:24 packs)

   P1    6
   P2    2

Autograph Cards (1:24 packs)

  PA1    Patrick McGoohan [real signature; 75 made, 1:480 packs]
  PA1    Patrick McGoohan is No. 6 [facsimile signature]
  PA2    Christopher Benjamin is No. 2's Assistant, the Labour Exchange
            Manager and Potter
  PA3    [no card]
  PA4    Fenella Fielding is The Village Voice
  PA5    Bernard Williams - Production Manager
  PA6    Ian Rakoff - Screen Writer
  PA7    Peter Wyngarde is No. 2 in "Checkmate"

Sketch Cards (1:38 packs)

   --    Graham Bleathman
   --    Carolyn Edwards [Prisoner Miniseries Preview]
   --    Nick "NIK" Neocleous
   --    Don Pedicini Jr

Case-Topper Sketch Cards

   --    Clayton McCormack

Prop Card Set (sold separately; San Diego Comic Con 2010)

PP01   Solar Cafe Menu
PP02   Village Map
PP03   Village T-shirt
PP04   Village Tea Towel
PP05   Escape Brochure

Promo Card Set (sold separately; San Diego Comic Con 2010)

 --    Village Map (9 cards)


 P1    6                                 [Volume 2 insert and SDCC 2010]
 P2    2                                 [Volume 2 insert and SDCC 2010]
 P3    313                               [Exclusive to SDCC Boxed Set]
 P4    More Village                      [San Diego Comic Con 2010]
 P5    Coming Soon [Michael with Rover]  [Exclusive to SDCC Boxed Set]
 P6    (Number 2 and McKellan)           [General Distribution]
 P7    (Village Bus)                     [General Distribution]

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