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Prohibition Pretties
   Island Dreams Artcards - 2015

Notes: This set primarily attracts fans of sketch art. Some sketches were made 
as 2-up or 3-up panels. Further information and scans are posted at the Island 
Dreams website.

Pack: 5 base cards + 1 sketch + 1 promo or chase or second sketch.
300 packs total.

     Artist                      Variations

Base Cards (limited to 150 each)

     Bill Maus
     George Webber
     Helga Wojik
     Huy Truong
     Jonathan Myers
     Jose Carlos Sanchez
     Mick & Matt Glebe
     Samantha Johnson
     Stephanie Rosales
     Yuriko Shirou

Redemption Card

     (George Webber artwork from card back)

Sketch Card Artists

     Anastasia Budarina
     Anastasia Catris
     Bien Flores
     Bill Maus
  x  Chad Parent
     Chris Papantoniou
     Christina Baker             double
     Christina Ranburger
     Clinton Yeager
     Francois Chartier
  x  Gary Kezele
     George Webber
     Helga Wojik
  x  Humberto Fuentes
     Huy Truong
     Israel Arteaga              double
     J Fer Galicia
     J.D. Seeber
     James "Bukshot" Bukauskas
     Jeff Sornig
     Jenni Gregory
     Jenny Creech                double
     Joe Miller
     Jon Riggle                  double
     Jonathan Myers
     Jose Carlos Sanchez
     Kevin Munroe
     Louis Small Jr              double
     Luro Hersal
     Mark Martino
     Michelle Lewis              double
     Mick & Matt Glebe
     Norvien Basio
     Pierre Beauchemin
     Rusty Gilligan
  x  Ryond Thom
     Samantha Johnson
  x  Scott Rorie
     Shane McCormack
     Solly Mohamed
     Stephanie Rosales
  x  William Kunkle
     William Withers
     Yuriko Shirou

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