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Pro Rodeo Cards - 1991
Rodeo America - 1991

Note:  Distributed as a boxed factory set.

No.   Performer               Specialty / Renown

 --   Howdy! [title card]
  1   Ty Murray               World Champion AA
  2   Robert Etbauer          World Champion SB
  3   Chuck Logue             World Champion BB
  4   Jim Sharp               World Champion BR
  5   Scott "Ote" Berry       World Champion SW
  6   Troy Pruitt             World Champion CR
  7   Phil Lyne               World Champion SR
  8   Allen Bach              World Champion TR
  9   Charmayne Rodman        World Champion GBR
 10   Greg Rumohr             World Champion BF
 11   Lewis Cryer
 12   Fred Whitfield          Rookie of the Year - Calf Roping
 13   Dan Mortensen           Rookie - Saddle Bronc
 14   Jack Sims               Rookie - Barback Bronc
 15   Michael Gaffney         Rookie - Bull Riding
 16   Harry Wold
 17   Lisa Poese
 18   Leo Camarillo           Legends of Rodeo
 19   Monty Henson            Legends of Rodeo
 20   Freckles Brown          Legends of Rodeo
 21   Larry Mahan             Legends of Rodeo
 22   Derek Clark             Saddle Bronc
 23   Tom Reeves              Saddle Bronc
 24   Dan Etbauer             Saddle Bronc
 25   Bud Longbrake           Saddle Bronc
 26   Duane Daines            Saddle Bronc
 27   Billy Etbauer           Saddle Bronc
 28   Cody Lambert            Saddle Bronc
 29   Butch Small             Saddle Bronc
 30   Clint Corey             Bareback Bronc
 31   Lewis Feild             Bareback Bronc
 32   Colin Murnion           Bareback Bronc
 33   Wayne Herman            Bareback Bronc
 34   Ken Lensegrav           Bareback Bronc
 35   Ty Murray               Saddle Bronc
 36   Marvin Garrett          Bareback Bronc
 37   Bruce Ford              Bareback Bronc
 38   ?
 39   Norman Curry            Bull Riding
 40   Clint Branger           Bull Riding
 41   John Payne
 42   Ervin Williams          Bull Riding
 43   Ted Nuce                Bull Riding
 44   Ty Murray               Bull Riding
 45   Cody Custer             Bull Riding
 46   Charles Sampson         Bull Riding
 47   Johnny Shea             Bull Riding
 48   Mike W. Smith           Steer Wrestling
 49   John W. Jones Jr.       Steer Wrestling
 50   Dan Courmier            Steer Wrestling
 51   Ivan Teigen             Steer Wrestling
 52   Todd Fox                Steer Wrestling
 53   Lee Laskosky            Steer Wrestling
 54   Blaine Pederson         Steer Wrestling
 55   Brad Gleason            Steer Wrestling
 56   Mark Roy                Steer Wrestling
 57   Jerry Jetton            Calf Roping
 58   Joe Lucas               Calf Roping
 59   Dee Pickett             Calf Roping
 60   Chris Lybbert           Calf Roping
 61   Mike Johnson            Calf Roping
 62   Fred Whitfield          Calf Roping
 63   Herbert Theriot         Calf Roping
 64   Cliff Williamson        Calf Roping
 65   Joe Beaver              Calf Roping
 66   Guy Allen               Steer Roping
 67   Shaun Burchett          Steer Roping
 68   Dan Fisher              Steer Roping
 69   Arnold Felts            Steer Roping
 70   Doyle Gellerman         Team Roping
 71   Dennis Watkins          Team Roping
 72   David Motes             Team Roping
 73   Tee Woolman             Team Roping
 74   Monty Joe Petska        Team Roping
 75   Bret Boatright          Team Roping
 76   Rich Skelton            Team Roping
 77   Dee Pickett             Team Roping
 78   Steve Northcott         Team Roping
 79   Liddon Cowden           Rookie - Team Roping
 80   Coty Battles            Rookie - Steer Wrestling
 81   Scott Stickley          Rookie - Steer Roping
 82   Butch Lehmkuhler        Calf Roping
 83   Donny Sparks            Bullfighting
 84   Dwayne Hargo            Bullfighting
 85   Rob Smets               Bullfighting
 86   Loyd Ketchum            Bullfighting
 87   Deborah Mohon           Barrel Racing
 88   Angie Meadors           Barrel Racing
 89   Charlotte Schmidt       Barrel Racing
 90   Rose Webb               Barrel Racing
 91   Martha Josey            Barrel Racing
 92   Marlene Eddelman        Barrel Racing
 93   Rachael Myllymaki       Barrel Racing
 94   Kelli Fletcher          Barrel Racing
 95   Janet Myers             Barrel Racing
 96   1990 NFR Highlights
 97   "NFR Favorite Cowboy"
 98   "10 Bulls, 10 Rides"
 99   "The Etbauers"

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