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Psych Seasons 5-8
   Cryptozoic Entertainment - 2015

Notes: Further information and scans are posted at the Cryptozoic website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes/case.
Common sets (90): approx. 1.26 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.   Title

  --   Title Card
  01   "I actually feel stress just melting away."
  02   "Gus doesn't work solo. Tell him, Gus."
  03   "Gus, I'm going to need some help here."
  04   "I'm sensing you enjoy the company of younger men."
  05   "The job you offered me, Karen? I accept."
  06   "He surrendered when I walked in..."
  07   "Shawn, I can't hire nut jobs!"
  08   "He didn't need that."
  09   "Your dad's gonna kill you for taking his truck."
  10   "...[you] ... are just lucky."
  11   "Herb Wilkins did not kill himself."
  12   "Herb did not die on this boat."
  13   "...trying to apprehend a potential killer without a weapon."
  14   "We'll think of something."
  15   "How was that a good idea?"
  16   "You ain't my daddy."
  17   "Sometimes we need your help."
  18   "...we have reached a new low point..."
  19   "Labradoodle!"
  20   "...anything could be a clue."
  21   "Didn't we come here to be scared?"
  22   "So...did you tell Gus about us?"
  23   "I can't believe you're Henry Spencer's son."
  24   "Worst. Idea. Ever."
  25   "Can you introduce me to Harry Potter?"
  26   "Americans are so emotional."
  27   "What happened last night?"
  28   "! Not you guys again!"
  29   "Nobody steals on The Catch!"
  30   "The Catch is an impenetrable wall, Gus."
  31   "This may ... be the work of a vampire!"
  32   "I can't help being a gorgeous fiend."
  33   "I'm a magic man!"
  34   "My favorite part's coming up."
  35   "Keep your head down, Shawn"
  36   "...easy to sneak into a private golf course."
  37   "...and that's all I'm gonna do."
  38   "It's a cult."
  39   "The dead man was a cop."
  40   "Lady, I was nowhere near your store."
  41   "I'm...sensing the alarm didn't trip."
  42   "Shawn, you're embarrassing me."
  43   "If we feel like it, we do it."
  44   "This Is a trap, Shawn."
  45   "Who are those guys?"
  46   "Gus, don't hide! You have to do something!"
  47   "SBPD! Drop your weapons!"
  48   "Do you remember a missing earlobe?"
  49   "...Carlton, who ya gonna call?"
  50   "Guusssster! Come out and play!"
  51   "Jordan Beaumont did this."
  52   "Fun. I love boy talk."
  53   "I love you, man."
  54   "Look, Gus, I didn't pick her."
  55   "...Mr. Perfect is married."
  56   "Carlton! Tell me you're okay!"
  57   "People aren't always as they seem."
  58   "Chickens, son?"
  59   "It's really just a flesh wound."
  60   "This is officially a crime scene."
  61   "Shake it, baby!"
  62   "...and I'm not there to help her!"
  63   "It may not have been what you thought it was..."
  64   "...but it's still pretty effective."
  65   "We can crash with my buddy Phil."
  66   "...a necessary part of this investigation."
  67   "There's still an issue of trust here."
  68   "Gooood morninnnnng, Santa Barbara!"
  69   " know your way around a chicken leg."
  70   "You son of a...!"
  71   "...I stand by the results."
  72   "...inside that house is a very dangerous perp."
  73   "You have to stop eating the cheese, man."
  74   " assignment will come to an end."
  75   "You were never brought here to investigate anything."
  76   "Somebody completely erased him."
  77   "Why is there a picture of us, Gus?"
  78   "We need a... living person [to] put the screws to."
  79   "What's got me feeling so blue?"
  80   "Scarlett Jones drugged Archie."
  81   "[The] man [could've] died of a heart attack."
  82   "Keep stalling."
  83   "Let the Shawn Spencer era begin."
  84   "It's not always pleasant."
  85   "Shout! Shout! I'll eat your brains out!"
  86   "Trucks fail all the time."
  87   "You just saved my life."
  88   "Jules, will you marry us?"
  89   Checklist


Character Bio Cards (1:12 packs)

  C1   Shawn Spencer
  C2   Burton "Gus" Guster
  C3   Juliet O'Hara
  C4   Carlton Lassiter
  C5   Henry Spencer
  C6   Karen Vick

Undercover Cards (1:24 packs)

UC1    Vampire Clubgoers
UC2    Mental Hospital Orderly
UC3    Santa Barbara Seabirds Hitting Coach
UC4    Hippie Commune Members
UC5    "Indiana Shawn"
UC6    TV Dating Game Show Contestants
UC7    Kitchen Help In A Restaurant
UC8    Radio DJ
UC9    Jamaican Inspector Man

The Musical Cards (1:24 packs)

PM1    Shawn: There's a town on the coast - On the path o
PM2    Gus: The truth of the matter is it's all good fun
PM3    Gus: When I fought - Shawn: No you bid - Gus: No I
PM4    Shawn: Years of drafts, non-stop revisions. Laid t
PM5    Shawn: Then there's me, I was the obstacle that ma
PM6    Gus: Jamaican Inspector Man - Straight from Kingst

Autograph Cards (1:8 packs)

AA     Anthony Anderson as Thane Woodson
AM     Angus Macfadyen as Logan Paget
BZ     Billy Zane as Ian Collins
CB     Corbin Bernsen as Henry Spencer
CS     Curt Smith as himself
DA     Dana Ashbrook as Robert Barker
DB     Diedrich Bader as Eli
DH     Dulé Hill as Burton "Gus" Guster
FS     French Stewart as Whip Chatterly
GG     Greg Grunberg as Jay Gianukos
JP     Jason Priestley as Clive Noble
JR     James Roday as Shawn Spencer
JS     Jimmi Simpson as Mary Lightly
JSM    Jean Smart as Gillian Tucker
KF     Kurt Fuller as Coroner Woody Strode
KN     Kirsten Nelson as Chief Karen Vick
LW     Lesley Ann Warren as Leslie
MM     Malcolm McDowell as Ambassador Fanshaw
MP     Mekhi Phifer as Drake Clemon
MW     Michael Weston as Adam Hornstock
NC     Nestor Carbonell as Declan Rand
RM     Ralph Macchio as Nick Conforth & Logan Phelps
SB     Sage Brocklebank as Buzz McNab
VK     Val Kilmer as Detective Dobson
VL     Vanessa Lachey as Gina Walsh

   Dual Autograph Card

DA1    James Roday as Shawn Spencer / Dulé Hill as Burton "Gus" Guster

Printing Plate Cards (1:288 packs)

 --    (4 x cyan, magenta, yellow, black)

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