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P'ups: Pin-ups & Puppies Sketch Card Series
   5FINITY Productions - 2010

Notes:  Sketch numbers include all cards, including special items and artist or dealer 
exclusives. Sketch cards of breeds not listed on the breed list are considered error cards, 
such as a dalmatian by Nicole Goff and pit bulls by Jim Kyle. Kristin Allen had two 
error cards. Mandy and Skoots make up approximately 10% of the sketch cards. 
Collectors who secure one sketch card and contest sleeve for each of the 50 breeds 
from the official breed list will receive a Master Set of 50 P'ups sketch cards by 50 
different artists. Further information and scans are posted at the 5FINITY website.

1500 numbered packs.

No.   Title                      # Sketched

Rare Artist Sketch Cards (1:19 packs)

      Patrick Finch                   10
      Nicole Goff                      6
      Kevin Graham                     4
      Matt Hebb                       10
      Frank Kadar                     10
      Danny Kuang                      5
      Laurie B!                       10
      Joe Pekar                       10
      Justin Ridge                    60
      Adriana Vargas                  10
      George Webber                   10
      Jason Worthington               10

Regular Sketch Card Artists

      Irma Ahmed                      50
      Kristin Allen                   60
      Lynne Anderson                  30
      Howard Bender                   25
      Ed Bickford                     25
      Andy Black                      15
      Will Caligan                    40
      Chad Cicconi                    25
      Adam Dekraker                   20
      Danny Devine                    40
      Michael Dooney                  20
      Michael Duron                   30
      Jay Fosgitt                     25
      Fer Galicia                     50
      Penelope Gaylord                25
      Benjamin Glendenning            25
      Steven Gordon                   30
      Paul Gutierrez                  25
      Erica Hesse                     60
      Jessica Hickman                 25
      Anthony Hochrein                50
      Charles Holbert                 30
      Ludwell Hughes                  30
      Steve Jasper                    30
      John Joseco                     40
      Ryan Kincaid                    50
      Jim Kyle                        20
      Sherry Leak                     20
      Lak Lim                         50
      Jason Martin                    20
      Bill Maus                       60
      Jason Metcalf                   20
      Hanie Mohd                      30
      Remy Mokhtar                    50
      Arie Monroe                     50
      Drew Moss                       50
      David Namisato                  30
      Rhiannon Owens                  25
      Buddy Prince                    30
      Fabio Redivo                    25
      Jon Riggle                      25
      Scott Rorie                     30
      Lance Sawyer                    20
      Dan Schoening                   20
      Brian Shearer                   20
      Jeff Shultz                     20
      Cal Slayton                     20
      Luke Smarto                     20
      Amber Stone                     50
      EJ Su                           25
      Jeremy Treece                   20
      Thomas Tuomey                   15
      Bryan Turner                    20
      Melissa Uran                    50
      Frankie B Washington            50
      John Watkins-Chow               60
      Ryan Wilton                     40

Pick of the Litter Sketch Cards (50 made; 1:30 packs)

      Justin Ridge                    50

Cat Out of the Bag Sketch Cards (1:75 packs)

      Glen Fernandez                  10
      Robert R Smith                  10

Commission Request Redemption Cards (1:150 packs)

      (redemption card)               10

Mandy and Skoots Sketch Cards (1:150 packs)

      Dean Yeagle                     10

Hot Packs (50 made; 1:30 packs)

      (2-3 sketch cards)

Dealer Exclusive Cards

      Michael Dooney
      Benjamin Glendenning
      Jim Kyle
      Hanie Mohd

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©2010, 2016 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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