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   Topps - 1964

Notes: A tab moves a "shutter" that changes the view from one image to another. 
Cards 6-17-19 are prized in the sports-card market and usually have a large value 
there, making it difficult to complete a set. I am particularly intrigued by the pairing 
of "Nikita Kruschev" with "Gorilla." American Card Catalog reference is R710-10. 
Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title 1                    Title 2

  1   Kitty Hawk                 Jet Plane
  2   General Custer             Sitting Bull
  3   Winston Churchill          Franklin D. Roosevelt
  4   Uncle Sam                  George Washington
  5   Pres. Johnson (18 mos.)    Pres. Johnson (Today)
  6   Mickey Mantle              Yogi Berra
  7   Charles Lindbergh          Alexander Graham Bell
  8   Connie Francis             Bobby Darin
  9   United States Flag         Capitol Building
 10   Mohandas Gandhi            Jawaharlal Nehru
 11   Mt. Rushmore               White House
 12   The French Flag            Arch of Triumph
 13   Empire State Building      Statue of Liberty
 14   Paul Anka                  Rock Hudson
 15   Dutch Windmill             Dutch Girl
 16   Taj Mahal                  The Wall of China
 17   Lou Gehrig                 Babe Ruth
 18   Old-Time Automobile        Modern Sports Car
 19   Casey Stengel Wins         Casey Stengel Loses
 20   Steam Locomotive           Modern Diesel
 21   John F. Kennedy            Abraham Lincoln
 22   Ekimo                      African Native
 23   Nikita Kruschev            Gorilla
 24   Queen Elizabeth            Prince Philip
 25   Tower of Pisa              Eiffel Tower
 26   General MacArthur          Charles DeGaulle
 27   Mrs. Kennedy               Mrs. Roosevelt
 28   Pres. Johnson              Lady Bird Johnson
 29   Albert Einstein            Thomas Edison
 30   Whistler's Mother          Mona Lisa
 31   General Lee                General Grant
 32   Dwight Eisenhower          Harry Truman
 33   Clipper Ship               U.S. Destroyer
 34   Princess Grace             Prince Rainier
 35   Lincoln Memorial           Washington Monument
 36   Theodore Roosevelt         Mark Twain

--    Proof cards sold through Topps vault

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