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Quacky Cardz
Jiles Productions - 2004

Notes:  These cards feature full-color, well-drawn parody caricatures that 
are reminiscent of the style of parody sets like Wacky Packages and Garbage 
Pail Kids.  The "Be the Next Quacky Card!" back is a 1st Prize entry form, 
and randomly inserted card doubles' backs are 2nd Prize entry forms. All 
other card backs are black, with an identical disclaimer and link to the website. 
In my box, no contest-entry character card was  present without one of the 
"black back" cards, so I suggest that a "basic  set" is 65 character cards, one 
checklist, and one Be-the-Next-Quacky card. Thanks to Dan Abend for the 

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets (65 black backs + 2): approx. 1.25 per box if collation were perfect.

    Title                              Genre

    51 Scent                           Rap
    Acne Pusher                        TV
    Barfney                            TV
    Ben Dumped                         Movies
    Billy the "P"                      Politics
    Bite Tyson                         Sports
    Brad Spit                          Movies
    Bratty Speared                     Music
    Captain Jerk & Dr. M               TV
    Cedric The Embalmer                TV
    Colon Bowel                        Politics
    Crush Limbaugh                     Politics
    David Bladderman                   TV
    Dennis Broadman                    Sports
    Donald Plump                       TV
    Fart Sampson                       TV
    George Locopez                     TV
    George Tush                        Politics
    Grandtheft J-Lo                    Movies
    Hillbillery Duff                   Movies
    Howard Deaniac                     Politics
    I-Rock-Ee                          Sports
    In Stink                           Music
    Jacked-Up Chan                     Movies
    Jay Chin-O                         TV
    Jay-Sneeze                         Rap
    Jerky Justin                       Music
    Jerry Sprunger                     TV
    John F. Fairly                     Politics
    Junkyard James                     Music
    Kobe Indictment & Felon Tubbies    Sports
    L&M                                Music
    Li'l Foul Wow                      Rap
    Lice T                             Rap
    Mad Donna                          Music
    Master & Philanderer               Politics
    Messy Elliot                       Rap
    Mice Cube                          Rap
    Michael Gorgin'                    Sports
    Michael's Got Jack's Son           Music
    Mike Zitka                         Sports
    Must-Pay Martha                    TV
    NYP Diddy                          Rap
    Oozy Osbourne                      Music
    Pierced Brosnan                    Movies
    Pokerman                           TV
    Poop Dog                           Rap
    Poprah Winfrey                     TV
    Ray Blisterio                      Sports
    Richard Tax-You Daily              Politics
    Rubin Sandwich                     Music
    Saddam Hole-Sein                   Politics
    Sammy Susan                        Sports
    Scotty Peepin'                     Sports
    Slob The Builder                   TV
    Smack Clown!                       Sports
    Sponge Mob                         TV
    The Odds Spornes                   TV
    The Turdminator                    Movies
    Toastie Rosie                      TV
    Tom Bruised                        Movies
    Vince Hacked-Man                   Sports
    Withered Houston                   Music
    Ying Banged Twins                  Rap
    Yo-Mein                            Sports

    Series 1 - Collect 'Em All!        (Checklist)
    Be the Next Quacky Card!           See Back for Details!

    On Sale Here!                      (Sales poster, box-topper)


    Ben Dumped (Wizard World)

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©2004, 2007 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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