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Rage: The Wyrm Expansion
White Wolf - 1995

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Notes:  The Uncle Freddy card with the Sept back could properly be called an error card.
The two versions of this card, taken together, are distributed to make the card "common."
In booster packs, cards are distributed as follows, following the two game-update card
sheets: Rares or Foils, #1; Uncommons, #2-6; Commons, #7-15. Some packs have an
incorrect number of cards.  The "Ass Whuppin' Lynch Mob" card was printed identically
on both Common and Rare sheets, and thus there are only 59 Rare cards.

Title                              Type            Rarity           Artist

A Bus Full of People               Victim          Common           Scott Fischer
Air of Authority                   Gift            Uncommon         John Matson
Airt Gateway                       Gift            Common           Denis Calero
Airt Mastery                       Gift            Uncommon         Scott Fischer
Allies Below                       Gift            Uncommon         Brian LeBlanc
Allonzo Montoya                    Pack            Rare             Jeff Miracola
Amelia                             Pack            Rare             Brian LeBlanc
Angus, the White Howler            Victim          Rare             Scott Fischer
Ass Whuppin' Lynch Mob             Combat Event    Common           Brian LeBlanc
Avenging Wraith                    Victim          Rare             John Matson
Balefire                           Gift            Uncommon         Mark Jackson
Bane Moonbridge                    Gift            Uncommon         Robert MacNeil
Bane Sword                         Equipment       Rare             Richard Thomas
Battle Quest                       Quest           Uncommon         Brian LeBlanc
Beast-of-War                       Event           Uncommon         Ron Spencer
Beat Cop                           Victim          Common           Brian LeBlanc
Beat Unmerciful                    Combat Action   Uncommon         Brian LeBlanc
Bitch Slap                         Combat Action   Common           Richard Kane Ferguson
Blood Dagger                       Equipment       Common           Ash Arnett
Blossom                            Pack            Common           LAW
Bob Goldstein, Ace Reporter        Victim          Rare             Scott Fischer
Breath of the Defiled              Gift            Rare             SCAR
Bully's Quest                      Quest           Common           Jim Daly
Business Merger                    Board Meeting   Uncommon         William O'Connor
Caern of Rytthiku [G=3]            Caern           Rare             Richard Kane Ferguson
Caern of the Blood God  [G=5]      Caern           Rare             Richard Thomas
Caern of the Unwashed Child [G=4]  Caern           Rare             John Matson
Cannibal Slug                      Ally            Common           Mike Chaney, Matt Milberger
Cellular Phone                     Equipment       Uncommon         John Park
Chainsaw                           Equipment       Rare             Matt Milberger
Chirox the Unfeeling               Pack            Uncommon         Jeff Miracola
Churjuroc's Tusk                   Equipment       Very-Rare-Foil   Richard Kane Ferguson
Congressional Hearing              Event           Rare             Richard Thomas
Consumption of Gaia                Gift            Common           Jeff Miracola
Corinna                            Pack            Common           Ron Spencer
Corporate Acquisition              Board Meeting   Uncommon         Brian LeBlanc
Corporate Credit Card              Equipment       Rare             Scott Fischer
Corporate Security                 Ally            Common           Jim Daly
Corporate Take-over                Event           Rare             Scott Fischer
Corrupting Presence                Gift            Common           Mark Jackson
Count Vladimir Rustovitch          Pack            Very-Rare-Foil
Cult Leader                        Victim          Rare             Jim Daly
Cultist                            Victim          Common           Ken Meyer, Jr.
Curb Stomp                         Combat Action   Common           Ron Spencer
Defiler                            Event           Uncommon         Brian LeBlanc
Dis-Arm                            Combat Action   Rare             Ron Spencer
Dr. Mordecai's Home Chemistry Set  Equipment       Rare             Shaggy Dixon
Dr. Spencer                        Pack            Common           Ron Spencer
Ear Lober                          Combat Action   Common           Ron Spencer
Eater-of-Souls                     Event           Uncommon         Ash Arnett
Enticer                            Ally            Rare             Michael Scott Cohens
Enviornmental Action               Event           Uncommon         Mark Jackson
Every Day is Halloween             Gift            Uncommon         Richard Kane Ferguson
Experimental Fomori                Ally            Uncommon         Richard Thomas
Family of Five                     Victim          Common           Jim Daly
Family Pet                         Victim          Common           Scott Fischer
Fangthane Bloodjaw                 Pack            Common           Ron Spencer
FBI Agent                          Victim          Uncommon         Scott Fischer
FBI Investigation                  Event           Rare             Mark Jackson
Fetal Position                     Combat Action   Uncommon         John Matson
Fomori Dock Worker                 Ally            Common           Sto
Fool's Quest                       Quest           Rare             Richard Kane Ferguson
Fooled You!                        Action          Uncommon         Brian LeBlanc
Friends in High Places             Event           Uncommon         Scott Fischer
G'louogh, "Dance of Corruption"    Event           Rare             Ron Spencer
Gang Beating                       Combat Event    Uncommon         William O'Connor
Garou Kinfolk                      Victim          Uncommon         Scott Fischer
Gates of Malfeas                   Event           Rare             Brian LeBlanc
Glade Child                        Victim          Uncommon         Brian LeBlanc
Gooshy Gooze                       Equipment       Uncommon         Ron Spencer
Greenpeace Assault Team            Victim          Rare             John Matson
Grudge Match                       Quest           Uncommon         Mark Jackson
Hamstringed                        Combat Action   Common           Brian LeBlanc
Happy Tourists                     Victim          Rare             Ken Meyer, Jr.
Heart Breaker                      Combat Action   Rare             Richard Kane Ferguson
High School Athlete                Victim          Common           Mike Chaney, Matt Milberger
Honest Senator                     Victim          Uncommon         Brian LeBlanc
Horns of the Impaler               Gift            Uncommon         Ron Spencer
Hunts-At-Night                     Pack            Uncommon         Ash Arnett
Incarna Avatar                     Victim          Rare             Shelly Prahler
Infectious Touch                   Gift            Uncommon         Ron Spencer
Jack-O-Lantern                     Ally            Uncommon         Lawrence Snelly
Jane Thurber                       Pack            Common           LAW
Johnathan Roark                    Pack            Common           Brian LeBlanc
Johnson P. Donnovan                Pack            Common           John Matson
Kills-the-Weak                     Pack            Uncommon         Denis Calero
Kirijama, "The Hidden Foe"         Event           Rare             John Matson
Kiss of the Wyrm                   Gift            Rare             Brian LeBlanc
Kitalid the Deceiver               Pack            Common           Jim Daly
Lander's Nylon Stocking            Equipment       Rare             Denis Calero
Latonia the Temptress              Pack            Uncommon         Brian LeBlanc
Lion's Pelt                        Equipment       Uncommon         Mark Jackson
Little Petey                       Pack            Common           Brian LeBlanc
Longtooth SoulKiller               Pack            Rare             Ash Arnett
Lord of the Realm                  Gift            Rare             James Daly
Lorenz Winkler                     Pack            Uncommon         Mark Jackson
Lost Cub                           Victim          Uncommon         Aileen Miles
Lotus                              Pack            Common           Jeff Miracola
Mad Scientist                      Ally            Uncommon         Erin Dixon
Mage of the Celestial Chorus       Victim          Rare             Kathy Ryan
Mage's Talisman                    Equipment       Rare             SCAR
Mail Man                           Victim          Common           Jeff Miracola
Malfeas                            Realm           Very-Rare-Foil   Ted Narfeh
Man in Black                       Ally            Rare             Matt Milberger
Martyr's Quest                     Quest           Rare             Barbara Armata
Mass Pollution                     Event           Common           Chris McDonough
Maxmillian                         Pack            Common           Brian LeBlanc
Meat Puppet                        Ally            Uncommon         Ron Spencer
Miles Kent                         Pack            Common           LAW
MockMaw                            Past Life       Very-Rare-Foil   Derrick Gross
Mockmaw's Battle Axe               Equipment       Rare             James Daly
Morgan                             Pack            Rare             Barbara Armata
Movie Star                         Victim          Rare             Larry Snelly
Mr. Iguana                         Pack            Uncommon         Richard Thomas
Neighborhood Watch Group           Victim          Common           Ash Arnett
Newspaper Vendor                   Victim          Common           Richard Kane Ferguson
Oil of Corruption                  Equipment       Uncommon         Richard Kane Ferguson
Old One-Eye                        Pack            Common           Scott Fischer
Pentex Executive and Limousine     Ally            Rare             Scott Fischer
Pipe Bomb                          Equipment       Rare             Scott Fischer
Playground Full of Kids            Victim          Common           Ron Spencer
Priest                             Victim          Uncommon         Ash Arnett
Psychotic Hallucinations           Gift            Rare             Richard Kane Ferguson
Psychotic Stalker                  Ally            Rare             Lawrence Snelly
Punitive Damages                   Board Meeting   Common           Ron Spencer
Ragnor the Terror                  Pack            Common           Ron Spencer
Reckless Stunt                     Action          Rare             Jim Daly
Reckless Swing                     Combat Action   Common           Jeff Holt
Red Alert                          Event           Uncommon         Mike Chaney, John Park
Red Hot Baby Powder                Equipment       Uncommon         Denis Calero
Red-headed Stepchild               Ally            Rare             Richard Kane Ferguson
Reinvesting Profits                Board Meeting   Rare             Brian LeBlanc
Renegade Werewolf Hunter           Victim          Uncommon         Brian LeBlanc
Rent Asunder                       Combat Action   Rare             Brian LeBlanc
Rite of Summoning                  Rite            Common           Richard Kane Ferguson
Rite of the Black Spiral           Rite            Uncommon         Brian LeBlanc
Rite of the Pentarch               Rite            Rare             Richard Kane Ferguson
Roar of the Wyrm                   Gift            Uncommon         Richard Kane Ferguson
Ronin Garou                        Victim          Rare             Brian LeBlanc
Savage Fury                        Gift            Common           James Daly
Septum Crushed                     Combat Action   Common           Ron Spencer
Serpent's Quest                    Quest           Common           Jeff Holt
Shoragg                            Pack            Common           Jeff Miracola
Sidhe Knight                       Victim          Rare             Scott Fischer
Skin of the Hellbound              Equipment       Uncommon         Chris McDonough
Snickers                           Pack            Uncommon         Richard Kane Ferguson
Spiritual Revelation               Event           Rare             Shelly Prahler
Splinter the Weakened Mind         Gift            Uncommon         James Daly
Stench of Death                    Gift            Common           William O'Connor
Street Bum                         Victim          Common           Robert MacNeil
Subjugation of Gaia                Gift            Uncommon         Scott Fischer
Submachine Gun                     Equipment       Rare             James Daly
Suffering Bastard                  Gift            Uncommon         Jeff Miracola
Survival Nut                       Victim          Uncommon         Ken Meyer, Jr.
Survival of the Fittest            Board Meeting   Common           Jeff Miracola
Swat Officer                       Victim          Uncommon         Jim Daly
Sybil                              Pack            Uncommon         Ron Spencer
T. F. MacNeil                      Pack            Rare             Ron Spencer
Taste of Pain                      Gift            Common           SCAR
Tear Gas Cannister                 Equipment       Uncommon         Mark Jackson
Technician #7                      Pack            Common           Jeff Miracola
Telemarketing Campaign             Event           Uncommon         John Matson
The Bat                            Event           Rare             John Matson
The General                        Pack            Rare             Brian LeBlanc
There You Are!!!                   Action          Common           Scott Fischer
Toga of Dionysius                  Equipment       Uncommon         Jeff Miracola
Toga Party                         Event           Common           Richard Kane Ferguson
Totem Form                         Gift            Rare             Richard Kane Ferguson
Touch of the Eel                   Gift            Uncommon         John Matson
Trinity Hive Caern [G=3]           Caern           Very-Rare-Foil   Mike Mignola
Tsannik                            Pack            Rare             Jeff Miracola
Typhoon the Unpure                 Pack            Common           SCAR
Uncle Freddy                       Pack            Common           Ron Spencer
Uncle Freddy (Sept back)           Pack            Common           Ron Spencer
Unlucky Lune                       Victim          Common           Brian LeBlanc
Urban Renewal                      Event           Common           Ash Arnett
Vampire Blood                      Equipment       Rare             Barbara Armata
Vigilante                          Victim          Uncommon-R       Scott Fischer
Voice of Reason                    Gift            Uncommon         Jeff Holt
Voragg the Unbound                 Pack            Common           Jim Daly
Wailer                             Pack            Common           William O'Connor
Wandering Gaffling                 Victim          Common           Brian LeBlanc
War Knife of Benning Simon         Equipment       Rare
Whip of the Wicked                 Equipment       Rare             Jeff Miracola
Wyrm Hide                          Gift            Common           Scott Fischer
Zhyzhak                            Pack            Very-Rare-Foil   Brian LeBlanc

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Title                              Rarity            Rage  Gnosis Health Renown

Pack (Character) Cards

Allonzo Montoya                    Rare                6      6    7/10     9
Amelia                             Rare                6      6     4/5     6
Blossom                            Common             4/6    4/6    2/3     4
Chirox the Unfeeling               Uncommon            4      4     3/8     5
Corinna                            Common              3      3     2/4     4
Count Vladimir Rustovitch          Very-Rare-Foil      7      7    6/10    10
Dr. Spencer                        Common              3      3      2      2
Fangthane Bloodjaw                 Common              2      2     2/4     2
Hunts-At-Night                     Uncommon            7      7     4/6     7
Jane Thurber                       Common              5      5      3      4
Johnathan Roark                    Common              3      3     2/4     3
Johnson P. Donnovan                Common             1/3    1/3    2/3     2
Kills-the-Weak                     Uncommon            4      4      7      5
Kitalid the Deceiver               Common              3      3     1/2     2
Latonia the Temptress              Uncommon           8/6    8/6    4/8     8
Little Petey                       Common              3      3     2/4     3
Longtooth SoulKiller               Rare                7      7      8      8
Lorenz Winkler                     Uncommon            7      7      3      6
Lotus                              Common              1      1      3      2
Maxmillian                         Common              2      2      5      4
Miles Kent                         Common              3      3      3      3
Morgan                             Rare                3      3     5/9     7
Mr. Iguana                         Uncommon            4      4     3/7     6
Old One-Eye                        Common              5      5     3/4     4
Ragnor the Terror                  Common             2/3    2/3    2/3     3
Shoragg                            Common             1/3    1/3    3/4     3
Snickers                           Uncommon            8      8      6      6
Sybil                              Uncommon            2      2     3/7     5
T. F. MacNeil                      Rare                2      2      5      8
Technician #7                      Common              1      1      3      2
The General                        Rare                8      8      5      9
Tsannik                            Rare                8      8    5/10    10
Typhoon the Unpure                 Common              3      3     2/4     3
Uncle Freddy                       Common              2      2      3      3
Uncle Freddy (Sept back)           Common              2      2      3      3
Voragg the Unbound                 Common             5/2    5/2    5/3     4
Wailer                             Common             3/5    3/5    2/4     4
Zhyzhak                            Very-Rare-Foil      7      7     4/9     9


Combat Action Cards

Beat Unmerciful                    Uncommon            4            D3
Bitch Slap                         Common              1            D2
Curb Stomp                         Common              4            D3
Dis-Arm                            Rare                6            D3
Ear Lober                          Common              2            D1
Fetal Position                     Uncommon            2
Hamstringed                        Common              3            D1
Heart Breaker                      Rare               12            D9
Reckless Swing                     Common              2            D3
Rent Asunder                       Rare               13            D10
Septum Crushed                     Common              5            D4

Combat Event Cards

Ass Whuppin' Lynch Mob             Common
Gang Beating                       Uncommon


Action Cards

Fooled You!                        Uncommon
Reckless Stunt                     Rare
There You Are!!!                   Common

Ally Cards

Cannibal Slug                      Common              2      2      7      5
Corporate Security                 Common              1      1      4      3
Enticer                            Rare                6      6      3      4
Experimental Fomori                Uncommon            1      1      5      5
Fomori Dock Worker                 Common              1      1      3      4
Jack-O-Lantern                     Uncommon            4      4      3      3
Mad Scientist                      Uncommon            6      6      2      8
Man in Black                       Rare                6      6      6      7
Meat Puppet                        Uncommon            3      3      1      3
Pentex Executive and Limousine     Rare                2      2      7      8
Psychotic Stalker                  Rare                1      1      5      6
Red-headed Stepchild               Rare                1      1      1      2

Board Meeting Cards

Business Merger                    Uncommon                                 5
Corporate Acquisition              Uncommon                                 6
Punitive Damages                   Common                                   2
Reinvesting Profits                Rare                                     4
Survival of the Fittest            Common                                   3

Caern Cards

Caern of Rytthiku [G=3]            Rare
Caern of the Blood God  [G=5]      Rare
Caern of the Unwashed Child [G=4]  Rare
Trinity Hive Caern [G=3]           Very-Rare-Foil

Equipment Cards

Bane Sword                         Rare                4      4
Blood Dagger                       Common              3      3
Cellular Phone                     Uncommon
Chainsaw                           Rare
Churjuroc's Tusk                   Very-Rare-Foil      8      8
Corporate Credit Card              Rare
Dr. Mordecai's Home Chemistry Set  Rare                2      2
Gooshy Gooze                       Uncommon            2      2
Lander's Nylon Stocking            Rare                5      5
Lion's Pelt                        Uncommon            4      4
Mage's Talisman                    Rare                7      7
Mockmaw's Battle Axe               Rare                4      4
Oil of Corruption                  Uncommon            1      1
Pipe Bomb                          Rare
Red Hot Baby Powder                Uncommon            2      2
Skin of the Hellbound              Uncommon            4      4
Submachine Gun                     Rare
Tear Gas Cannister                 Uncommon
Toga of Dionysius                  Uncommon            5      5
Vampire Blood                      Rare                2      2
War Knife of Benning Simon         Rare                4      4
Whip of the Wicked                 Rare                5      5

Event Cards

Beast-of-War                       Uncommon
Congressional Hearing              Rare
Corporate Take-over                Rare
Defiler                            Uncommon
Eater-of-Souls                     Uncommon
Enviornmental Action               Uncommon
FBI Investigation                  Rare
Friends in High Places             Uncommon
G'louogh, "Dance of Corruption"    Rare
Gates of Malfeas                   Rare
Kirijama, "The Hidden Foe"         Rare
Mass Pollution                     Common
Red Alert                          Uncommon
Spiritual Revelation               Rare
Telemarketing Campaign             Uncommon
The Bat                            Rare
Toga Party                         Common
Urban Renewal                      Common

Gift Cards

Air of Authority                   Uncommon            4      4
Airt Gateway                       Common              2      2
Airt Mastery                       Uncommon            4      4
Allies Below                       Uncommon            4      4
Balefire                           Uncommon            3      3
Bane Moonbridge                    Uncommon            5      5
Breath of the Defiled              Rare                5      5
Consumption of Gaia                Common              4      4
Corrupting Presence                Common              5      5
Every Day is Halloween             Uncommon            5      5
Horns of the Impaler               Uncommon            3      3
Infectious Touch                   Uncommon            3      3
Kiss of the Wyrm                   Rare                6      6
Lord of the Realm                  Rare                7      7
Psychotic Hallucinations           Rare                5      5
Roar of the Wyrm                   Uncommon            4      4
Savage Fury                        Common              2      2
Splinter the Weakened Mind         Uncommon            4      4
Stench of Death                    Common              2      2
Subjugation of Gaia                Uncommon            7      7
Suffering Bastard                  Uncommon            5      5
Taste of Pain                      Common              3      3
Totem Form                         Rare                8      8
Touch of the Eel                   Uncommon            5      5
Voice of Reason                    Uncommon            5      5
Wyrm Hide                          Common              3      3

Past Life Card

MockMaw                            Very-Rare-Foil

Quest Cards

Battle Quest                       Uncommon
Bully's Quest                      Common
Fool's Quest                       Rare
Grudge Match                       Uncommon
Martyr's Quest                     Rare
Serpent's Quest                    Common

Realm Card

Malfeas                            Very-Rare-Foil

Rite Cards

Rite of Summoning                  Common                                   5
Rite of the Black Spiral           Uncommon                                 7
Rite of the Pentarch               Rare                                     5

Victim Cards

A Bus Full of People               Common              0      0     10      6
Angus, the White Howler            Rare                8      8     10     12
Avenging Wraith                    Rare                8      8      5      6
Beat Cop                           Common              0      0      2      3
Bob Goldstein, Ace Reporter        Rare                1      1      3      5
Cult Leader                        Rare                7      7      4      5
Cultist                            Common              5      5      3      2
Family of Five                     Common              1      1      3      4
Family Pet                         Common              1      1      2      2
FBI Agent                          Uncommon            1      1      4      6
Garou Kinfolk                      Uncommon            2      2      4      4
Glade Child                        Uncommon            7      7      6      7
Greenpeace Assault Team            Rare                2      2     10      9
Happy Tourists                     Rare                0      0      5      3
High School Athlete                Common              0      0      3      3
Honest Senator                     Uncommon            2      2      3      6
Incarna Avatar                     Rare               10     10     15     15
Lost Cub                           Uncommon            3      3      4      4
Mage of the Celestial Chorus       Rare               10     10      7      8
Mail Man                           Common              0      0      2      2
Movie Star                         Rare                1      1      3      6
Neighborhood Watch Group           Common              1      1      6      3
Newspaper Vendor                   Common              1      1      2      3
Playground Full of Kids            Common              1      1      8      4
Priest                             Uncommon            6      6      2      6
Renegade Werewolf Hunter           Uncommon            1      1      4      8
Ronin Garou                        Rare                4      4      5      5
Sidhe Knight                       Rare                7      7      7      9
Street Bum                         Common              0      0      3      3
Survival Nut                       Uncommon            1      1      4      5
Swat Officer                       Uncommon            0      0      4      6
Unlucky Lune                       Common              6      6      4      6
Vigilante                          Uncommon-R          1      1      5      5
Wandering Gaffling                 Common              4      4      2      3

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Title                              Type

Common Cards (60 + 1 variation)

A Bus Full of People               Victim
Airt Gateway                       Gift
Ass Whuppin' Lynch Mob             Combat Event
Beat Cop                           Victim
Bitch Slap                         Combat Action
Blood Dagger                       Equipment
Blossom                            Pack
Bully's Quest                      Quest
Cannibal Slug                      Ally
Consumption of Gaia                Gift
Corinna                            Pack
Corporate Security                 Ally
Corrupting Presence                Gift
Cultist                            Victim
Curb Stomp                         Combat Action
Dr. Spencer                        Pack
Ear Lober                          Combat Action
Family of Five                     Victim
Family Pet                         Victim
Fangthane Bloodjaw                 Pack
Fomori Dock Worker                 Ally
Hamstringed                        Combat Action
High School Athlete                Victim
Jane Thurber                       Pack
Johnathan Roark                    Pack
Johnson P. Donnovan                Pack
Kitalid the Deceiver               Pack
Little Petey                       Pack
Lotus                              Pack
Mail Man                           Victim
Mass Pollution                     Event
Maxmillian                         Pack
Miles Kent                         Pack
Neighborhood Watch Group           Victim
Newspaper Vendor                   Victim
Old One-Eye                        Pack
Playground Full of Kids            Victim
Punitive Damages                   Board Meeting
Ragnor the Terror                  Pack
Reckless Swing                     Combat Action
Rite of Summoning                  Rite
Savage Fury                        Gift
Septum Crushed                     Combat Action
Serpent's Quest                    Quest
Shoragg                            Pack
Stench of Death                    Gift
Street Bum                         Victim
Survival of the Fittest            Board Meeting
Taste of Pain                      Gift
Technician #7                      Pack
There You Are!!!                   Action
Toga Party                         Event
Typhoon the Unpure                 Pack
Uncle Freddy                       Pack
Uncle Freddy (Sept back)           Pack
Unlucky Lune                       Victim
Urban Renewal                      Event
Voragg the Unbound                 Pack
Wailer                             Pack
Wandering Gaffling                 Victim
Wyrm Hide                          Gift

Uncommon Cards (60)

Air of Authority                   Gift
Airt Mastery                       Gift
Allies Below                       Gift
Balefire                           Gift
Bane Moonbridge                    Gift
Battle Quest                       Quest
Beast-of-War                       Event
Beat Unmerciful                    Combat Action
Business Merger                    Board Meeting
Cellular Phone                     Equipment
Chirox the Unfeeling               Pack
Corporate Acquisition              Board Meeting
Defiler                            Event
Eater-of-Souls                     Event
Enviornmental Action               Event
Every Day is Halloween             Gift
Experimental Fomori                Ally
FBI Agent                          Victim
Fetal Position                     Combat Action
Fooled You!                        Action
Friends in High Places             Event
Gang Beating                       Combat Event
Garou Kinfolk                      Victim
Glade Child                        Victim
Gooshy Gooze                       Equipment
Grudge Match                       Quest
Honest Senator                     Victim
Horns of the Impaler               Gift
Hunts-At-Night                     Pack
Infectious Touch                   Gift
Jack-O-Lantern                     Ally
Kills-the-Weak                     Pack
Latonia the Temptress              Pack
Lion's Pelt                        Equipment
Lorenz Winkler                     Pack
Lost Cub                           Victim
Mad Scientist                      Ally
Meat Puppet                        Ally
Mr. Iguana                         Pack
Oil of Corruption                  Equipment
Priest                             Victim
Red Alert                          Event
Red Hot Baby Powder                Equipment
Renegade Werewolf Hunter           Victim
Rite of the Black Spiral           Rite
Roar of the Wyrm                   Gift
Skin of the Hellbound              Equipment
Snickers                           Pack
Splinter the Weakened Mind         Gift
Subjugation of Gaia                Gift
Suffering Bastard                  Gift
Survival Nut                       Victim
Swat Officer                       Victim
Sybil                              Pack
Tear Gas Cannister                 Equipment
Telemarketing Campaign             Event
Toga of Dionysius                  Equipment
Touch of the Eel                   Gift
Voice of Reason                    Gift
Vigilante                          Victim

Rare Cards (59)

Allonzo Montoya                    Pack
Amelia                             Pack
Angus, the White Howler            Victim
Avenging Wraith                    Victim
Bane Sword                         Equipment
Bob Goldstein, Ace Reporter        Victim
Breath of the Defiled              Gift
Caern of Rytthiku [G=3]            Caern
Caern of the Blood God  [G=5]      Caern
Caern of the Unwashed Child [G=4]  Caern
Chainsaw                           Equipment
Congressional Hearing              Event
Corporate Credit Card              Equipment
Corporate Take-over                Event
Cult Leader                        Victim
Dis-Arm                            Combat Action
Dr. Mordecai's Home Chemistry Set  Equipment
Enticer                            Ally
FBI Investigation                  Event
Fool's Quest                       Quest
G'louogh, "Dance of Corruption"    Event
Gates of Malfeas                   Event
Greenpeace Assault Team            Victim
Happy Tourists                     Victim
Heart Breaker                      Combat Action
Incarna Avatar                     Victim
Kirijama, "The Hidden Foe"         Event
Kiss of the Wyrm                   Gift
Lander's Nylon Stocking            Equipment
Longtooth SoulKiller               Pack
Lord of the Realm                  Gift
Mage of the Celestial Chorus       Victim
Mage's Talisman                    Equipment
Man in Black                       Ally
Martyr's Quest                     Quest
Mockmaw's Battle Axe               Equipment
Morgan                             Pack
Movie Star                         Victim
Pentex Executive and Limousine     Ally
Pipe Bomb                          Equipment
Psychotic Hallucinations           Gift
Psychotic Stalker                  Ally
Reckless Stunt                     Action
Red-headed Stepchild               Ally
Reinvesting Profits                Board Meeting
Rent Asunder                       Combat Action
Rite of the Pentarch               Rite
Ronin Garou                        Victim
Sidhe Knight                       Victim
Spiritual Revelation               Event
Submachine Gun                     Equipment
T. F. MacNeil                      Pack
The Bat                            Event
The General                        Pack
Totem Form                         Gift
Tsannik                            Pack
Vampire Blood                      Equipment
War Knife of Benning Simon         Equipment
Whip of the Wicked                 Equipment

Foil (Very-Rare) Cards (1:24 packs)

Churjuroc's Tusk                   Equipment
Count Vladimir Rustovitch          Pack
Malfeas                            Realm
MockMaw                            Past Life
Trinity Hive Caern [G=3]           Caern
Zhyzhak                            Pack

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