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Ranma 1/2 Series 3
Doro TV Merch. - 1989

Notes:  This set is based in the anime universe of Ranma, a 16-year-old boy 
who (due to a martial-arts training accident), is 'cursed' to transform into a 
16-year-old girl whenever he's doused in cold water. (This can be very con-
fusing for his girlfriends.) The card front text is in Japanese, and although the 
checklist card has transliterated Japanese and a supposed Italian translation, 
only a portion of the "titles" match the sequence of scenes. (And the list is 
numbered 1-43 while the cards are numbered 91-135.) Therefore, the list 
below is keyed to the position of the card backs in five 9-card puzzles.

No.   Puzzle                     Location

 91   Bikini cloud puzzle        top right
 92                              top middle
 93                              top left
 94                              center right
 95                              center
 96                              center left
 97                              bottom right
 98                              bottom middle
 99                              bottom left
100   Framed pondering puzzle    top right
101                              top middle
102                              top left
103                              center right
104                              center
105                              center left
106                              bottom right
107                              bottom middle
108                              bottom left
109   Bicycle puzzle             top right
110                              top middle
111                              top left
112                              center right
113                              center
114                              center left
115                              bottom right
116                              bottom middle
117                              bottom left
118   Brown hair puzzle          top right
119                              top middle
120                              top left
121                              center right
122                              center
123                              center left
124                              bottom right
125                              bottom middle
126                              bottom left
127   Purple hair puzzle         top right
128                              top middle
129                              top left
130                              center right
131                              center
132                              center left
133                              bottom right
134                              bottom middle
135   Checklist                  bottom left

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©2007 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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