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Rare & Endangered Species
Collectible Imagery - 1993

Note:  Distributed in a "proof edition" limited to 5000 sets.  Thanks much to Genny
Carr for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Giant Panda
  2   Eastern Cougar
  3   Green Sea Turtle
  4   Whooping Crane
  5   Eastern Grey Kangaroo
  6   Peregrine Falcon
  7   Orangutan
  8   Key Deer
  9   Gavial
 10   Three-Toed Sloth
 11   Colorado Squawfish
 12   Cheetah
 13   Humpback Whale
 14   Komodo Dragon
 15   Grey Wolf
 16   Black-Footed Ferret
 17   Woodland Caribou
 18   West African Ostrich
 19   Proboscis Monkey
 20   Southern Sea Otter
 --   What Are Endangered Species?
 --   Checklist


 P1   (2500 printed)
 P2   (2500 printed)
 --   (Promo set of 4, 5000 of each printed)

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