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The Rat Patrol
   Topps - 1966

Notes: The one-per-pack insignia rings are very difficult to find today in mint (undetached) 
condition. Many thanks to Joann Girard for the checklist! American Card Catalog reference 
is R710-13. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Text                                           Puzzle

  1   They were The Rat Patrol...                    One (orange)
  2   Troy was the leader of The Rat Patrol.         Three (red)
  3   Pettigrew was a rascal from Kentucky.          Six (dark blue)
  4   Hitchcock was a member of The Rat Patrol by    Seven (yellow)
  5   Moffitt was the only Englishman on The Rat     Eight (light blue)
  6   Dietrich was one of Rommel's trusted aides     Seven (yellow)
  7   The two armored jeeps sped across the hot d    Three (red)
  8   Soon they could see the camp.                  One (orange)
  9   After arriving, the men quickly dash off to    Five (dark pink)
 10   Sgt. Troy turned to Sgt. Moffitt.              Six (dark blue)
 11   The men stood listening.                       Eight (light blue)
 12   The two sergeants sat at the bar.              One (orange)
 13   Troy could see that Pvt. Hitchcock was nerv    Six (dark blue)
 14   Alone in the jeep, Mark had self-doubts.       Four (dark green)
 15   The lives of The Rat Patrol depended upon t    Six (dark blue)
 16   Sam looked at his men.                         Seven (yellow)
 17   Sgt. Troy walked briskly to the awaiting je    Nine (light pink)
 18   Elsewhere in the desert, a group of Nazi ta    Nine (light pink)
 19   "Hey Troy, come here.  I think I've found i    Six (dark blue)
 20   The false alarm was disappointing.             Seven (yellow)
 21   The next day the four men continued the sea    One (orange)
 22   That night Troy and Moffitt spoke to one an    One (orange)
 23   The men of The Rat Patrol traveled 30 miles    Three (red)
 24   The Patrol's work was interrupted by a low     One (orange)
 25   Dietrich scanned the horizon with his binoc    Eight (light blue)
 26   Quickly Dietrich organized his men for batt    Four (dark green)
 27   Troy could hear the Germans approaching!       Two (light green)
 28   Troy leaped onto the waiting jeep.             Eight (light blue)
 29   The jeeps raced across the desert with the     Nine (light pink)
 30   The Rat Patrol had eluded the enemy, but fo    Three (red)
 31   Hauptman Dietrich knew that The Rat Patrol     Six (dark blue)
 32   Sgt. Moffitt had been assigned as lookout.     Six (dark blue)
 33   Pvt. Pettigrew sat quietly in his jeep.        One (orange)
 34   Pvt. Hitchcock was tense as he saw the Nazi    Nine (light pink)
 35   Hitchcock let loose with another barrage of    One (orange)
 36   Dietrich was surprised.                        Nine (light pink)
 37   The Rat Patrol watched the Nazis flee.         One (orange)
 38   Troy answered Mark.                            Two (light green)
 39   Sgt. Troy took out his binoculars.             Six (dark blue)
 40   At that very moment the German sentry was r    Seven (yellow)
 41   The Nazi sentry gazed out over the desert.     Five (dark pink)
 42   A warning was sounded!                         Five (dark pink)
 43   As The Rat Patrol approached the village, t    Two (light green)
 44   The jeeps zoomed towards the village, still    Five (dark pink)
 45   An armored car raced out of the village tow    Seven (yellow)
 46   The fight was gone from the German soldiers    One (orange)
 47   Unknown to The Rat Patrol, Dietrich and fou    Six (dark blue)
 48   There was nothing for Hitchcock and Pettigr    Three (red)
 49   Pettigrew felt uneasy.                         Four (dark green)
 50   The jeep raced across the sands with Pettig    Seven (yellow)
 51   Pettigrew started shooting the moment he sa    Two (light green)
 52   Tully was driving now.                         Seven (yellow)
 53   Mark didn't like sneak attacks and he let t    Five (dark pink)
 54   Troy and Moffitt were busy!                    Eight (light blue)
 55   Troy went over to a small box and withdrew     Four (dark green)
 56   Sgt. Troy attached one end of the wire to t    Three (red)
 57   Two tanks had eluded Tully and Mark and had    Four (dark green)
 58   The tanks had begun to fire!                   Five (dark pink)
 59   There was a momentary lull in the fighting.    Four (dark green)
 60   The first explosion blew a mountain of dust    Seven (yellow)
 61   Once again the Germans opened fire upon the    Eight (light blue)
 62   Both Nazi tanks were caught in the fury of     Nine (light pink)
 63   Hauptman Dietrich squatted on the burning s    Seven (yellow)
 64   Sgt. Troy rushed back to base to get help f    Two (light green)
 65   The members of The Rat Patrol stood before     Six (dark blue)
 66   The two men stood in the darkness.             Two (light green)

      Puzzle Images

      Puzzle  Scene                                                  Source

      one     Pettigrew in jeep.                                     Image from card 3 (reversed)
      two     Troy and Hitchcock.                                    Image from card 13
      three   Hitchcock                                              Image from card 4
      four    Sgt. Moffitt.                                          Image from card 5 (reversed)
      five    11th Armor Recon; Troy, Hitchcock & Pettigrew in jeep  Image from card 1
      six     Troy with gun.                                         Image from card 2 (reversed)
      seven   Hauptman Dietrich                                      Image from card 6
      eight   Troy & Pettigrew in jeep, battle.                      Image from card 24 (closeup)
      nine    Rat Patrol caricature (artist sig:  Bob T. Benton?)    n/a
Insignia Rings (1:pack)  

  1   7th Army
  2   Army Air Forces
  3   HQ European Theater
  4   2nd Division
  5   17th Airborne Division
  6   59th Division
  7   63rd Division
  8   10th Mountain Division
  9   11th Airborne Division
 10   77th Division
 11   187th Airborne Regiment
 12   4th Air Force
 13   Alaska Air Command
 14   Aviation Cadet
 15   3rd Observation
 16   99th Infantry Battalion
 17   442d Regiment Combat Team
 18   101st Division
 19   Armored Force
 20   U.S. Wing Marking
 21   VF-2
 22   31st Bombardment

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