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Razor: Metal and Flesh Chromium
Krome Productions - 1996

Notes:  Also produced was a holochrome parallel set, easier to obtain if
the box was an all-holochrome "hot box."  Thanks much to Jens Hanke
for the original checklist, and to Günter Reiter, LMA, and Chris 
Verdecchia for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 6 chromium cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.35 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

 01   Soul Search: Despair
 02   Soul Search: Salvation
 03   Soul Search: Intimacy
 04   Shattered Tears
 05   Nightmare Kill
 06   Haunted Past
 07   Queen City Vengeance
 08   Twisted Sisters
 09   A Mesh of Power
 10   Old Lies
 11   Let Us Prey
 12   Razor Toon
 13   Dance of Skulls
 14   Leap of Fury
 15   Circle of Death
 16   Faith
 17   Cold Kiss
 18   Heart without Soul
 19   Kat's Peace
 20   Warriors of Life
 21   Tommi Gunn's Call
 22   Seduction of Razor
 23   Candle Light Vigil
 24   Death's Reflection
 25   Blades and Beach Balls
 26   Essences
 27   Poizon's Failure
 28   Lethal Lace
 29   Call of the Wild
 30   Family Ties
 31   With Thine Sword
 32   Ultimate Assasin
 33   Double Stryke
 34   Lethal Impact
 35   Cold Steel
 36   Stryke Meets Rose and Gunn
 37   Arizona's Slash
 38   Shadow Viper's Bite
 39   Poizon's Welcome Home
 40   Morbid Angel's Fight of Life
 41   Knightcross' Stand
 42   The Comming of Hellborne
 43   Gunns Blazing
 44   Lethal Sister
 45   Blood Bath
 46   Alone
 47   Mistress of Vengeance
 48   Wild Life
 49   Long Walk Home
 50   Eyes of Pain
 51   Turtures Life
 52   Crawling through Darkness
 53   Naked Justice
 54   Sorrow
 55   Kill and Kill Again
 56   Attack
 57   Defeat the Evil
 58   Enter Knyfe
 59   Overtake the Night
 60   Suffering
 61   Dance with Me
 62   Trio of Revenge
 63   Slice and Dice
 64   A Cut Above
 65   Look Out
 66   Von Drake's Return
 67   Alive Again
 68   Smile for the Dead
 69   Bad Girl
 70   Cry No More
 71   Enter at Your Own Risk
 72   Head Hunters
 73   River of Blood
 74   Razor: Raw
 75   Knyfe Saves the Day
 76   Enter Gothchik
 77   Manga Knyfe
 78   Manga Razor
 79   Cyber Razor
 80   Dont Look Back
 81   Embrace Your Dark Side
 82   Lurking in the Shadows
 83   Curtain of Death
 84   Face to Face
 85   Let's Ride
 86   Gun under Moonlight
 87   Impalement
 88   Queen City's Savior
 89   Summer Fun
 90   Checklist


Hot Boxes (1:10 boxes)

 --   (All cards are holochrome)

Holochrome Insert Cards

Chase 1   (The Dead Boys; art by Stephen Sandoval)
Chase 2   (Razor, trench coat & rose; art by Everette Hartsoe)
Chase 3   (Eye; art by Jackhammer)
Chase 4   (Razor, rose at grave; art by Stephen Sandoval)
Chase 5   (Razor, striped background; art by Kyle Hotz)

Photochrome Cards

 #1       Leah Storm (photo of model - lounging)
 #2       Leah Storm (photo of model - standing)


 --       (Comic Book)
 --       (Chromium Comic, 1:5 boxes)
 --       (Holochrome Comic, 1:10 boxes)

London Night "A Pair to die-4" promos
  pack inserts in Razor M&F, promoting Lethal Strike and Poizon:
  Emerald Craft series 

Promo 1   (holochrome; Lethal Strike holding gun, silver border)
Promo 2   (holochrome; Lethal Strike diving with numchucks, black border)
Promo 3   (holochrome; Poizon, moon background)
Promo 4   (holochrome; Poizon with glowing fists, wall background)

Promo 1   (chromium; Lethal Strike holding gun, silver border)
Promo 2   (chromium; Lethal Strike diving with numchucks, black border)
Promo 3   (chromium; Poizon, moon background)
Promo 4   (chromium; Poizon with glowing fists, wall background)

Autographed Cards (holochrome; 500 of each signed, 2500 total)

Signature 1   Everette Hartsoe
Signature 2   Poizon - Stephen Sandoval (black ink)
Signature 3   Razor - Steve Scott (black ink)
Signature 4   Razor - Everette Hartsoe (gold ink)
Signature 5   Razor - Everette Hartsoe (silver ink)

J. O'Barr Runaway Card (pack inserted; number made unknown)

--	  Razor [holochrome]


Promo 1   (holochrome; Tommi Gunn - fire background)
Promo 2   (holochrome; Razor, purple background; Everette Hartsoe and Mike Taylor)
Promo 3   (holochrome; Razor, moon background; Everette Hartsoe, Mike Taylor, Eric Johns)
Promo 4   (holochrome; Razor, wall background; Everette Hartsoe)
 --       (chromium; 2-card panel; Steven Sandoval & Everette Hartsoe; Previews)
 --       James O'Barr "Runaway" promo (oversized, 5-1/4" x 8-1/4")
Promo 5   (holochrome)

©2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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