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Fleer Ultra - 1995

Notes: Thanks much to LMA and Adam Chamberlain for updates!
Hobby box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.81 per box if collation were perfect.
Retail box: 100 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approximately 3.70 per box.

         No.    Title                      Type

           1    Dot Matrix                 Key Players
           2    Bob                        Key Players
           3    Enzo                       Key Players
           4    Megabyte                   Key Players
           5    Hexadecimal                Key Players
           6    Frisket                    Key Players
           7    Phong                      Key Players
           8    Cecil                      Key Players
           9    Hack                       Key Players
          10    Slash                      Key Players
          11    Data File: Dot             Data Files
          12    Data File: Bob             Data Files
          13    Data File: Enzo            Data Files
          14    Data File: Megabyte        Data Files
          15    Data File: Hexy            Data Files
          16    Data File: Hack and Slash  Data Files
          17    Data File: Phong           Data Files
          18    Data File: Frisket         Data Files
          19    Bob Wants You              The Guardian
          20    A Job for Glitch           The Guardian
          21    Watchful Eyes              The Guardian
          22    Hard Driver                The Guardian
          23    Software Scare             The Guardian
          24    Surge Protector            The Guardian
          25    Mission Man                The Guardian
          26    Disarmed Guardian          The Guardian
          27    On the Hunt                The Guardian
          28    [Head Case]                Megatrouble
          29    Pumped Up                  Megatrouble
          30    Wicked Window              Megatrouble
          31    The Prize                  Megatrouble
          32    Mega Threat                Megatrouble
          33    Evil Looks On              Megatrouble
          34    Powering Up                Megatrouble
          35    Mega Tear                  Megatrouble
          36    Evil Clutches              Megatrouble
          37    Cover Girl                 Love That Dot
          38    File Manager               Love That Dot
          39    Dot - The Eyes             Love That Dot
          40    Dot's Crew                 Love That Dot
          41    Not Again!                 Love That Dot
          42    Compu-Boss                 Love That Dot
          43    Picnic Pause               Love That Dot
          44    Body Copy                  Love That Dot
          45    Bombshell                  Love That Dot
          46    Delivery Boy               Mischief Maker
          47    Puppy Love                 Mischief Maker
          48    Turbo Yo Yo                Mischief Maker
          49    Thrill Ride                Mischief Maker
          50    Hyper Activity             Mischief Maker
          51    En Guarde!                 Mischief Maker
          52    Enzo Reboots               Mischief Maker
          53    I'm Not Basic!             Mischief Maker
          54    Bad Boy                    Mischief Maker
          55    [Ahhh!]                    Queen of Chaos
          56    Mistress of Mayhem         Queen of Chaos
          57    Lost Angeles Lady          Queen of Chaos
          58    Her Majesty                Queen of Chaos
          59    Crocodile Tears            Queen of Chaos
          60    Struttin' Her Stuff        Queen of Chaos
          61    Terminal Tease             Queen of Chaos
          62    Personality Shift          Queen of Chaos
          63    Fiendish Footprint         Queen of Chaos
          64    Mike                       Bit Parts
          65    Scuzzy                     Bit Parts
          66    Binomes                    Bit Parts
          67    Dino DeHorrendous          Bit Parts
          68    Captain Capacitor          Bit Parts
          69    Mr. Christopher            Bit Parts
          70    Princess Bula              Bit Parts
          71    Software Pirate            Bit Parts
          72    Mouse                      Bit Parts
          73    Lt. Chauncey               Bit Parts
          74    Stripe                     Bit Parts
          75    Rasta Mon                  Bit Parts
          76    Danger Ahead               Reboot Games: Formula 1
          77    Formula 1                  Reboot Games: Formula One
          78    Battle to the Bone         Reboot Games: Castles & Knights
          79    Armor Pile                 Reboot Games: Castles & Knights
          80    Lady Enzo                  Reboot Games: Castles & Knights
          81    Armor Clad Bob             Reboot Games: Castles & Knights
          82    Bone Warrior               Reboot Games: Castles & Knights
          83    Heavy Metal                Reboot Games: Castles & Knights
          84    Dot Patrol                 Reboot Games: Starship Alcatraz
          85    Command Leader             Reboot Games: Starship Alcatraz
          86    Corrupt File               Reboot Games: Starship Alcatraz
          87    Hunting the User           Reboot Games: Starship Alcatraz
          88    System Bug                 Reboot Games: Starship Alcatraz
          89    Quick Draw                 Reboot Games: Starship Alcatraz
          90    Retro Dot                  Reboot Games: Star Fighter
          91    Nice Catch!                Reboot Games: Star Fighter
          92    Dot's Magic                Reboot Games: A Dungeon Deep
          93    Sneak Peek                 Reboot Games: A Dungeon Deep
          94    TV Warrior                 Reboot Games: A Dungeon Deep
          95    Elfin Magic                Reboot Games: A Dungeon Deep
          96    Skullipede                 Reboot Games: A Dungeon Deep
          97    System Spiker              Reboot Games: A Dungeon Deep
          98    Fu Man Chooser             Reboot Games: A Dungeon Deep
          99    Macao Monster              Reboot Games: A Dungeon Deep
         100    Knightmare                 Reboot Games: A Dungeon Deep
         101    Super Freak                Reboot Games: Eliminator
         102    Triple Teamed              Reboot Games: Eliminator
         103    Mega Flop                  Reboot Games: Bombardment
         104    Biker Babe                 Reboot Games: Cycle Racers
         105    Power Band                 Program Blips
         106    Hex Marks the Spot         Program Blips
         107    Prize Possession           Program Blips
         108    Elbow Room                 Program Blips
         109    The Chase Is On            Program Blips
         110    Nose Job                   Program Blips
         111    Sitting Pretty Evil        Program Blips
         112    Back Seat Driver           Program Blips
         113    Sisterly Advice            Program Blips
         114    Reigning Champs            Program Blips
         115    Port of Call               Program Blips
         116    Heavenly Hologram          Program Blips
         117    Motherly Advice            Program Blips
         118    Cyber Romance              Program Blips
         119    Megabyte's Grasp           Program Blips
         120    Glitch Cutter              Program Blips
         121    Dancing Queen              Program Blips
         122    Stun Sabre                 Program Blips
         123    Dog Chow                   Program Blips
         124    Hex's Clutches             Program Blips
         125    Dead End                   Program Blips
         126    Hi Ho Frisket              Program Blips
         127    Friendly Foes              Program Blips
         128    Cliff Hanger               Program Blips
         129    Admiral Matrix             Program Blips
         130    Holo-Dot                   Program Blips
         131    System Bomb                Program Blips
         132    Software Package           Program Blips
         133    Enzo Captured              Program Blips
         134    Fetch Format               Program Blips
         135    Stone Cold Mean            Program Blips
         136    Power Struggle             Program Blips
         137    Terrible Twosome           Program Blips
         138    Serious Interfacing        Program Blips
         139    Best Face Forward          Program Blips
         140    Bogey Man                  Program Blips
         141    Decimal's Point            Program Blips
         142    Playing Catch              Program Blips
         143    Head to Head               Program Blips
         144    Mega Mission               Program Blips
         145    Binome Squad               Program Blips
         146    Late Night with Mike       Program Blips
         147    Face to Face               Program Blips
         148    The Getaway                Program Blips
         149    Checklist 1
         150    Checklist 2


Game Players Chromium Cards (1:6 packs)

     1 of 10    Circuit Racer
     2 of 10    Interstellar Virus
     3 of 10    Cosmic Captain
     4 of 10    Damsel in Distress
     5 of 10    Space Cop
     6 of 10    Floppy Driver
     7 of 10    Track-Baller
     8 of 10    Rocket Attack
     9 of 10    Sir Bob
    10 of 10    Armed Guardian

Suspended Animation Cards (1:6 packs)

    1 of ten    Dot
    2 of ten    Bob
    3 of ten    Enzo
    4 of ten    Megabyte
    5 of ten    Hack
    6 of ten    Hexadecimal
    7 of ten    Frisket
    8 of ten    Phong
    9 of ten    Slash
   10 of ten    Cecil and Mike

HoloBlast Cards (1:9 packs)

one of five     Enzo and Megabyte
two of five     Megabyte and Hexadecimal
three of five   Bob and Hexadecimal
four of five    Bob and Dot
five of five    Dot and Enzo

UltraPrint Cards (Hobby Case-toppers; 6-1/2" x 10")

          --    Bob
          --    Dot's Magic
          --    Evil Clutches
          --    Puppy Love    
          --    Terminal Tease


          --    Dot Patrol (Unnumbered; Wizard)
          --    (9-up panel, perforated edge; Previews)
          --    (9-up panel, non-perforated edge; Non-Sport Update)

©2001, 2003, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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