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Red Dwarf
   Futera Platinum - 2002

Notes:  Two different ("Blue Midget" and "Red Dwarf" factory in-binder parallel 
sets were announced later, with each containing either an autograph card or a memo-
robilia card exclusive to this distribution. Thanks much to Mark Stoffer and David 
Rosciszewski for updates! Additional information and scans are posted at the 
Futera website. 

Box: 24 packs of 6 foiled cards.  (8 boxes:case; 4500 boxes produced)
Common sets (64): approx. 1.86 per box if collation were perfect.

   No.    Title                                         Series / Type

    01    The Crew                                      Season I
    02    Statis                                        Season I
    03    Feline Groovy                                 Season I
    04    Resurrection                                  Season I
    05    Future Perfect                                Season I
    06    Rimmer2                                       Season I
    07    Admirable Kryten                              Season II
    08    Holly Hop Drive                               Season II
    09    Female Crew                                   Season II
    10    New Crew                                      Season III
    11    Caught with Your Pants Down                   Season III
    12    Love Is...                                    Season IV
    13    We'll Always Have Parrots                     Season IV
    14    Double Polaroid                               Season IV
    15    Blind Justice                                 Season IV
    16    What a Guy!                                   Season IV
    17    Mr Flibble's Very Cross                       Season V
    18    The Real World                                Season V
    19    Suicidal                                      Season V
    20    200 Years Later                               Season VI
    21    Hard Light                                    Season VI
    22    Seconds Out                                   Season VI
    23    Future Tense                                  Season VI
    24    Bad Timing                                    Season VII
    25    Smoke Me a Kipper                             Season VII
    26    Crossbow Climax                               Season VII
    27    No Cottage Cheese                             Season VII
    28    Tackle Tight                                  Season VII
    29    Barely Able                                   Season VII
    30    Mostly Armless                                Season VII
    31    Kicking Bottom                                Season VII
    32    Old Friends                                   Season VIII
    33    Smeghead Successor                            Season VIII
    34    Cunning Captain                               Season VIII
    35    Unusual Suspects                              Season VIII
    36    Caged Canaries                                Season VIII
    37    Viral Attack                                  Season VIII
    38    Mirror Mirror                                 Season VIII
    39    Dead Again                                    Season VIII
    40    Rimmer                                        Arnold Rimmer
    41    Lister                                        Dave Lister
    42    The Cat                                       The Cat
    43    Kryten                                        2X4B 523P
    44    Kochanski                                     Kristine Kochanski
    45    Holly                                         Holly
    46    Crash Landing                                 Behind the Scenes
    47    Candid Camera                                 Behind the Scenes
    48    Midget Moves                                  Behind the Scenes
    49    Wild Things                                   Behind the Scenes
    50    Downtown Dallas                               Behind the Scenes
    51    Future Echoes                                 Season I
    52    Queeg                                         Season II
    53    Polymorph                                     Season III
    54    Dimension Jump                                Season IV
    55    Back to Reality                               Season V
    56    Gunmen of the Apocalypse                      Season VI
    57    Stoke Me a Kipper                             Season VII
    58    Cassandra                                     Season VIII
    59    Original Ending: In search of an antidote ... Only the Good
    60    Original Ending: Rimmer has encountered ...   Only the Good
    61    Original Ending: Rimmer has the viral ...     Only the Good
    62    Original Ending: Rimmer has finally ...       Only the Good
    63    Original Ending: The Dwarfers are back ...    Only the Good
    64    Checklist


Chrome Cards (1:2 packs)

    C1    Red Dwarf                                     Spaceships
    C2    Blue Midget                                   Spaceships
    C3    Starbug                                       Spaceships
    C4    Driving Under the Influence                   Action Scenes
    C5    Slippery When Wet                             Action Scenes
    C6    Lister of Smeg                                Action Scenes
    C7    Duct Surfing                                  Action Scenes
    C8    Cow Curry                                     Action Scenes
    C9    Archie Attacks                                Action Scenes
   C10    Chris Barrie - Rimmer                         More Character Photos
   C11    Craig Charles - Lister                        More Character Photos
   C12    Danny John-Jules - Cat                        More Character Photos
   C13    Robert Llewellyn - Kryten                     More Character Photos
   C14    Chloë Annett - Kochanski                      More Character Photos
   C15    Norman Lovett - Holly                         More Character Photos
   C16    Ace Rimmer                                    Alternative Personalities
   C17    Duane Dibbley                                 Alternative Personalities
   C18    Jake Bullet                                   Alternative Personalities
   C19    Low Lister                                    Alternative Personalities
   C20    High Kryten                                   Alternative Personalities
   C21    Future Crew                                   Alternative Personalities
   C22    Mirror Kochanski                              Alternative Personalities
   C23    Sebastion Doyle                               Alternative Personalities
   C24    Curry Monster [Season IV]                     Monsters
   C25    Kinitawowi & Emohawk [Season VI]              Monsters
   C26    Simulant [Season IV]                          Monsters
   C27    Polymorph [Season III]                        Monsters
   C28    Inquisitor [Season V]                         Monsters
   C29    Legion                                        Monsters
   C30    Caroline Carmen                               Monsters
   C31    Hudzen 10                                     Monsters
   C32    Psiren [Season VI]                            Monsters

Smeg Cards (1:8 packs)

   SG1    Same Old Deep Space
   SG2    Bob and Madge
   SG3    Mr Flibble & Talkie Toaster
   SG4    Exterior Decorating
   SG5    Rat-Arsed
   SG6    Boyz from the Dwarf

Sylvain Despretz Artwork Cards (1:8 packs)

   SD1    (ScareCat)
   SD2    (Four Kochanskis)
   SD3    (Circuit Holly)
   SD4    (Dumpster monoliths)
   SD5    (Kryten schematic)
   SD6    (Lager baby)

Chloë Annett Photoshoot Prismatic Foil Cards (1:8 packs)

   CA1    (Black outfit)
   CA2    (Red and speckles dress)
   CA3    (Cowgirl)
   CA4    (Cloud-blue dress)
   CA5    (Leaning into it)
   CA6    Made on Earth

Autograph Cards (250 each; 1:70 packs)

Auto 01   Danny John-Jules as The Cat
Auto 02   Norman Lovett as Holly
Auto 03   Chloë Annett as Kochanski
Auto 04   Robert Llewellyn as Kryten
Auto 05   Craig Charles as Lister
Auto 06   Chris Barrie as Rimmer
Auto 07   Sylvain Despretz

Platinum Memorabilia Cards (Total: 1:37 packs)

       Group 1 - 1:100 packs

Memo 1    Uniform - Red [200 total, Chris Barrie as Holo Rimmer, Series V]
Memo 2    [Norman Lovett as Holly, 595 made, uniform]
Memo 3    Dibbley Wig [495 made, Series VII]

       Group 2 - 1:300 packs

Memo 4    Ear Mesh / Skin [300 total, Kryten head mask]
Memo 5    Monsters [100 total; Emohawk Feather, Series VI]
Memo 5    Monsters [Psrien Skin, Series VI]
Memo 5    Monsters [Psrien Skin, Series VI]

       Group 3 - 1:250 packs

Memo 6    5c [500 made, Bank note, Jupitor Mining, Series VIII]

       Group 4 - 1:225 packs

Memo 7    JMC Cigarette Packet [135 made, Series VIII]
Memo 8    10c Credits [450 made, Bank note, Jupitor Mining, Series VIII]

       Group 5 - 1:200 packs

Memo 9    Morris Dancer Monthly [135 made, Series VIII]
Memo 10   Lucky Dip [325 made, set plans, Series VI]
Memo 11   Uniform - Gold [225 made, Chris Barrie as Holo Rimmer, Series V]

Case-Topper (numbered to 562)

   CC1    Case Card

Rare XL Centrepiece Card (numbered to 250)

    --    The Crew [8"x7"]

24-kt Gold-Plated Cards (numbered to 100)

    --    (Certificate of Authenticity)
   GR1    Redemption (Redemption Card, numbered, 1:1080 packs)

Dealer Card (numbered to 50)

   DC1    Dealer Card

Card Album

    --    (leather album; produced for Top Draw, numbered to 250)
    --    (9-pocket pages)
    --    (Binder card: cast photo)
   AC1    Doug Naylor Album Card (autographed Memorabilia Card:
             Chris Barrie as Holo Rimmer Uniform [Series V, Holoship])

Blue Midget Album Edition

    --    Blue Midget Edition (leather album, limited to 250)
    --    (63-card parallel set, on 'chrome board')
    --    Blue Midget (exclusive silver-plated card)
   AP1    (exclusive autograph from following list; # to 250)
             Chloë Annett (35 signed)
             Chris Barrie      (32 signed)
             Craig Charles     ( 6 signed)
             Sylvain Despretz  (31 signed)
             Danny John-Jules  (33 signed)
             Robert Llewelyn   (34 signed)
             Norman Lovett     (45 signed)

Red Dwarf Album Edition

    --    Red Dwarf Edition (leather album, limited to 250)
    --    (63-card parallel set, on 'chrome board')
    FS1   Red Dwarf (exclusive silver-plated card)
    AC1   Doug Naylor (exclusive signed memorabilia card)

PREVIEW SET (Sold Separately; limited to 500)

   PC1    Chloe Annette (same as the Promo and CA1, but non-foil)
   PC2    Lister (same as card #41)
   PC3    Dimension Jump IV (same as card #54)
   PC4    Legion (same as card #C29, but non-chrome)
   PC5    Blind Justice Season IV (same as card #15)
   PC6    Starbug (same as card #C3, but non-chrome)


    --    (Same image as CA1; Chloë Annett, prismatic)
   MP1    (Holly's Black Jumper Memorabilia card; # to 250)

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©2002, 2003, 2013, 2014 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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