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(Fight the) Red Menace
   Bowman Gum - 1951
   Reprinted and expanded WTW Productions / FTCC - 1985

Notes: The original 48-card release had color artwork on fronts and descriptive text 
on card backs, touting the "Children's Crusade Against Communism." When WTW 
released a reprint set in the 1980s in packs, it included 24 cards that were excluded 
from the Bowman set and an alternate card 23 with original artwork. All cards are 
approximately 2-3/8" x 2-1/2". Bowman cards were found with either white (cream) 
backs or grey backs. American Card Catalog reference is R701-12. Scans are posted 
at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

Bowman packs: 5 cards + gum.
WTW box: 33 packs of 6 cards.

No.   Title

  1   Reds Invade South Korea
  2   MacArthur Heads UN Forces
  3   Slave Labor
  4   "Mustangs" Rout Red Planes
  5   Hill 303
  6   Landing at Inchon
  7   Trouble on the Docks
  8   Bridging a Stream Under Fire
  9   Police State
 10   Lieutenant Russell Brown
 11   Fleeing the Reds
 12   Heroes of Turkey
 13   Putting Out Atomic Fire
 14   Sabres Win Air Battle
 15   Red Battle Wagon
 16   Negro GIs Hold Line
 17   War in Malaya
 18   General Walton H. Walker
 19   Atomic Doom
 20   "Big Mo" In Action
 21   Mined Harbor
 22   Alaska Lookout
 23   Ghost City
 24   General "Ike" in Command
 25   Red Rule in Manchuria
 26   Finns Defend Country
 27   Red Guerrillas in Greece
 28   Berlin Airlift
 29   Red Riot in Bogota
 30   Helicopters in Action
 31   Case of Cardinal Mindzenty
 32   UN Counterattack
 33   Berlin Kidnaping
 34   "Tiny Tim"
 35   Visit by Red Police
 36   Commander in Korea
 37   Concentration Camp
 38   "Lightning Joe" Collins
 39   Soviet Rocket Fighter
 40   Frontier Patrol
 41   To the Mines
 42   Naval Chief
 43   Huk Raiders
 44   One-Man Stand
 45   Ambush in Indo-China
 46   Fighting Marine
 47   War-Maker
 48   "Doughboy's General"

WTW Expansion Cards

 49   A Heroes Reward
 50   A General's Heroism
 51   Away To Siberia
 52   An American Soldier
 53   Every Tenth Man
 54   105-MM Howitzer
 55   Red Square
 56   From Football To War
 57   Man Of Terror
 58   U.N. Weapons Teams
 59   On The Indo-China Front
 60   Airlift General
 61   Jet War
 62   Courageous President
 63   Kremlin Mouthpiece
 64   U.S. Jets Beat MIGs
 65   Red Menace in France
 66   A Leader Returns
 67   Reds In Japan
 68   General Of France
 69   Stalin Tank
 70   Air Chief
 71   "Mr. Big"
 72   Olga And Ivan

 23   When The Bombs Fall (original artwork)

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