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Regalia Collector Series of the Third Reich
D.E. Marcus Collection - 1994 (First Edition)

Notes:  This set offers beautifully photographed examples of military
medals, badges, and ribbons that were used during the Nazi years in
Germany.  It was usually distributed as a full boxed set.

No.   Title

 --   Regalia Collector Series of the Third Reich  [title card]

  1   Knight's Cross
  2   German Cross in Gold
  3   German Cross in Silver
  4   Iron Cross - First Class
  5   Iron Cross - Second Class
  6   Iron Cross - First Class 1939 Bar
  7   Iron Cross - Second Class 1939 Bar
  8   War Merit Cross First Class (Silver)
  9   War Merit Cross First Class With Swords (Silver)
 10   War Merit Cross Second Class with Swords
 11   Golden Party Badge
 12   S.A. Military Sports Badge (Marine S.A.) (Bronze)
 13   SA Military Sports Badge (Silver)
 14   S.A. Military Sports Badge for War Wounded
 15   Spanish Cross with Swords (Silver)
 16   Spanish Cross with Swords (Gold)
 17   Tank Badge of the Condor Legion
 18   Silver Wound Badge
 19   Gold Wound Badge
 20   Pilot's Badge
 21   Combined Pilot's and Observer's Badge
 22   Paratrooper's Badge of the Air Force
 23   Army Paratrooper's Badge
 24   Ground Combat Badge of the Air Force
 25   Air Force Flak War Badge
 26   Flier's Commemorative Badge
 27   Infantry Assault Badge (Bronze)
 28   General Assault Badge
 29   General Assault Badge (50 Assaults)
 30   General Assault Badge (75 Assaults)
 31   Tank Battle Badge (Silver)
 32   Tank Battle Badge (25 Engagements)
 33   Anti-Partisan War Badge (Bronze)
 34   Anti-Partisan War Badge (Silver)
 35   U-Boat War Badge
 36   High Seas Fleet War Badge
 37   Auxiliary Cruisers War Badge
 38   Minesweepers, Sub-Chasers and Escort Vessels War Badge
 39   Coastal Artillery War Badge
 40   Destroyers War Badge
 41   E-Boat War Badge - First Type
 42   E-Boat War Badge - Second Type
 43   Police Expert Skier Badge
 44   Civil Defense Decoration (2nd Class)
 45   Cross of Honor of the German Mother (Gold) 1st Class
 46   Faithful Service Decoration (25 Years) (Silver)
 47   Faithful Service Decoration (40 Years) (Gold)
 48   German Horseman's Badge (Silver) 2nd Class
 49   German (Horse) Driver's Badge (Gold) 1st Class
 50   Fire Brigade Decoration (2nd Class)

 --   (Checklist)

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