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Remember? Gals and Gags from
  the Fifties & Sixties
H.F.P. - 199?

Notes:  I don't know where these cards came from originally, and my hint
on assigning a manufacturer is the caption "© H.F.P." that appears
on some of the cards.  But as the pack advertises, these 2-1/2"-square
cards are "Fun! Snazzy! Educational! ... Cool Retro Cards!"

Packs: 6 cards.

No.   Caption                                                Type

 1    A sewn-into gown vs stairs at a 1950's preview.
 2    Elvgrenesqué curves at the easel
 3    (no caption)
 4    Somewhere between the Bump & Grind circuit and Broad
 5    Showgirl Rehearsal, late 50's. (hopefully a bit clos
 6    Burlesque Gothic !?!!
 7    (no caption)
 8    "I changed the combination!"
 9    From a series of early amateur glamour shots of a ra
10    (no caption)
11    Late Forties Runway Glamour.
12    Shot in an apartment circa 1955; A great series of a
13    (no caption)
14    (no caption)
15    Baby Doll!
16    50's Curve-Fest!
17    Art Neuovo's grace & supple line is found Throughout
18    A Meritorious S T R E T C H 60's style creates quite
19    Tie-Died Splendiferousness!
20    Mr. Snaps tries his hand at the French Post Card biz
22    Mid 50's. Somehow she knows this pose will be apprec
23    (no caption)
24    (no caption)
25    60's pro-shoot out take for a commercial?
26    (no caption)
27    Welcome To Paradise
28    (no caption)
29    In the late 60's a couple of models & a photographer
30    (no caption)
31    (no caption)
32    Shooting circa 70's hair in the elements shows dedic
33    Mr. Snaps Fires Away!
34    (no caption)
35    (no caption)
37    Striking a classic "S" Curve
38    "OK, just a little lower ... BUT THAT'S IT!"
39    (no caption)
40    Indelibly locked in these dramatic eyes is the story

--    Remember? Gals and Gags from the Fifties & Sixties!    Pack Cover Card
--    Remember? 40 Fun Retro Cards                           Set Cover Card
--    Industrial Strength Nostalgia!                         Pack Insert
--    Remember? January 1961 - A New Frontier                Text Card
--    ... And that instantly recognizable appearance, jump   Text Card

©2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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