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The Ren and Stimpy Show
Dynamic Marketing - 1995

Notes: Each card shows a Dynamic copyright date of 1995 but also 1994 for 
Nickelodeon, so the series is sometimes confused as a 1994 set even though it 
was released in October 1995. The series was marketed in two versions, one 
within Australia and one for the U.S.A. market; Oz boxes apparently did not   
include the chromium inserts.Thanks much to Andrew Holderness for the 
original list and to Paige Kimball and LMA for updates!

Box: 48 packs of 7 cards. U.S.A. boxes # to 1300, 10 boxes/case.
Common sets (110): approx. 2.91 if collation were perfect.

No.   Title / Text                                          Card-Back Puzzle Piece

Episode Cards

  1   Calling young lovers
  2   I'm so happy, man!!!
  3   You're gonna love it-log!
  4   True grit
  5   Are we clinginging tenaciously?
  6   I do solemnly swear...
  7   Sealing the heights
  8   Leave everything to me
  9   Chop 'til you drop
 10   Mad science
 11   Hair of the cat
 12   Chicken Back Riders
 13   Nursery crimes
 14   Say Aaargh!
 15   Mmm...shiny butt!
 16   Flyin' pliers
 17   Death Roe
 18   Call the police!
 19   I'm gonna get you!!!
 20   Bubble-heads
 21   Fire Dogs!
 22   Back off, man!
 23   Bite size
 24   Finger-flicking good
 25   Bubble 'n' Squeak
 26   Clean bite
 27   Hairway to moron
 28   Starry-eyed cat
 29   Razor-sharp tongue
 30   Pumpy dog
 31   Lissen up, ya lousy bum!
 32   Sucked In
 33   Lend me your ears
 34   Bums Rush
 35   Muscle-Bound Hound
 36   Backdraft
 37   Ukkkukkkphoo!
 38   Our yaks are really large!
 39   Beaver Fever
 40   Quality time
 41   Tinder moments
 42   Hey, hey, we're monkeys!
 43   Funny guys, Huh!
 44   Yes Mr. President!
 45   It's a mud, mud, world
 46   On the road again
 47   Elf scare
 48   Coffin fit
 49   Seals Practice
 50   Back trouble
 51   Fur-lined
 52   Send in the clowns
 53   Primates for life
 54   Checklist

Character Cards

 55   Stimpy
 56   Powdered Toastman
 57   Ren Hoek
 58   Muddy Mudskipper
 59   Mr Horse
 60   Shaven Yak

Dr Stupid Cards

 61   "Boarding School"
 62   "Junk Mail"
 63   "I should be in the movies"
 64   "Dried Sea Monkeys"
 65   "What's foot powder?"
 66   "Tomato paste"

Megascope Cards

      Powdered Toastman Maze puzzle

 67   Monster Magnet Muffins on a Choc-Chip Crime Spree     top left
 68   A Blast of Bettabake Ballistic Bagels                 bottom left
 69   Calling Melba Toastgirl! Bread Alert!                 top centre
 70   This Crust-Dust Force-Field will shield us, Powdy!    bottom centre
 71   The deafening Volley of...Pumper-nickels              top right
 72   A City Saved!                                         bottom right

      Nutelezi Jungle Maze puzzle
 73   Where on Earth are we, man?                           top left
 74   Tie dem! It choke 'n' smoke time!                     bottom left
 75   What we gonna do? Theenk man, Theenk!                 top centre
 76   Must...think...harder!!                               bottom centre
 77   POP!                                                  top right) 
 78   All hail the walnut god                               bottom right

      Spot the Difference puzzle

 79   Billy the Beef Tallow Boy's Deep fried Marine Park    top left
 80   Billy the Beef Tallow Boy's Deep fried Marine Park    bottom left
 81   Billy the Beef Tallow Boy's Deep fried Marine Park    top centre
 82   Billy the Beef Tallow Boy's Deep fried Marine Park    bottom centre
 83   Billy the Beef Tallow Boy's Deep fried Marine Park    top right
 84   Billy the Beef Tallow Boy's Deep fried Marine Park    bottom right

      Spot the Difference puzzle set

 85   Start your day the Ren and Stimpy way                 top left
 86   ...And new Powdered toast lite!...                    bottom left
 87   Put some those pecs                          top centre
 88   Clear the mind                                        bottom centre
 89   Clear the mind                                        top right
 90   ...And...Put a smile on your dial                     bottom right


 91   Bad Hairball day
 92   Dental Asylum
 93   Scum Enchanted Evening
 94   That's entertainment
 95   Innerspace
 96   Sweetbreads
 97   Brain Drain
 98   After dinner mince
 99   Finger-Lickin' good
100   Jurassic Pork
101   Seal of Disapproval
102   Rising Inflation
103   Salad Daze
104   My cousin Ninny
105   Litterbugs

The Just About A - Z of Ren and Stimpy

106   Gone Fishin'
107   Mmm...Head Cheese parfait
108   Mmm...Trouble in Hyperspace
109   Instant Flat-top
110   Udder Disgrace


"Enternational Eediots" Chrome Foild Postcards (1:4 U.S.A. packs)

E-1   Inner Pieces (Tibet)
E-2   Dough Gooder (Italy)
E-3   Roo'd Shock (Australia)
E-4   Hep Cat (France)
E-5   Great Wallpaper (China)
E-6   Beaver Fishin' (Canada) 
E-7   Fool in the Tube (Australia)
E-8   Toerist Atttraction (Croatia)
E-9   Idiot Charmer (India)
E-10  Glittering Prizes (USA)
E-11  Elastic Cheese-Bob (Switzerland)
E-12  Star Fish (France)
E-13  Trans-Congo Giblet Derby (Africa)
E-14  Wild Game Spotting (Africa)
E-15  Changing of the GAAAARG! (England)
E-16  Wish you were here (Earth)
E-17  Sven, The Boat Comes In (Norway)
E-18  Night at the circus (Russia)

Kitty Glitter Set (1:12 packs)

 K1   Mr Horse
 K2   Stimpy
 K3   Powdered Toastman
 K4   Ren Hoëk
 K5   Ren & Stimpy

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (binder)


 --   (oversized, showing 6 card fronts; 17.5cm x 21cm)

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