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Republicans Attack!
Kitchen Sink Press - 1992

Notes: Subtitled "A Paranoid Fantasy in 36 Parts," the set was distributed
as a complete boxed factory set.

No.   Title

  1   September Surprise
  2   Secret Slayload
  3   1,000 Points of Fright!
  4   Martial Law
  5   The Plot Sickens
  6   New World Order
  7   America First, Tomorrow the World
  8   Master of Deception
  9   Pleading with the Posse
 10   The Demos Go Underground
 11   Dread Air
 12   Hurry, Sundown
 13   Pinstripe Peril
 14   The New Deal (GOP Style)
 15   Houseguests from Hell
 16   Harassment Holiday
 17   Ghetto Blasters
 18   Bad News for Zulus
 19   Triumph of the Swill
 20   Enemies List
 21   The Ultimate Weapon
 22   The Silence of the Scam
 23   Rush in Limbo
 24   Meanwhile...
 25   Telephone Terrorism
 26   Guerrillas vs. Gorillas
 27   Outlaw Science
 28   Halcyon Daze
 29   The Best and the Brightest
 30   Where's the Most of Me?
 31   We Interrupt this Pogrom...
 32   The Picture of Dorian Bush
 33   Wipe My Lips!
 34   The Jig Is Up
 35   Return to Center
 36   It Can't Happen Here
 37   ? Ross Perot / Wildcard / Checklist

 --   Credits
 --   Kings in Disguise [advertisement]
 --   A Short History of America [advertisement]

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