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Revenge Season 1
   Cryptozoic Entertainment - 2013

Notes: Further information and scans are posted at the Cryptozoic website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes/case.
Common sets 108): approx. 1.11 per box if collation were perfect.

   No.   Title

    01   Revenge Trading Cards Season 1
    02   Captain Jack Porter
    03   Money Well Spent
    04   A Moment to Reflect
    05   An Affair to Remember
    06   Eye on the Prize
    07   Betrayal
    08   The Game is On
    09   The Secret Keeper
    10   Welcome to the Club
    11   Hook, Line, and Sinker
    12   A Night for Surprises
    13   Wake at the Stowaway
    14   A Brother's Love
    15   Mother Dearest
    16   One for the Books
    17   Meddlesome
    18   Hampton's Exposed
    19   A Bad Influence
    20   No Nonsense
    21   Open Arms
    22   Achilles' Heel
    23   Let This Smile Remind You
    24   Identity Thief
    25   Pushed to the Edge
    26   Joy Ride
    27   Double Date Fiasco
    28   Desperate Measures
    29   A Warm Welcome
    30   Making Amends
    31   Porter Invasion
    32   A Conniving Plan
    33   Scared Straight
    34   A Kept Promise
    35   Silver Anniversary
    36   Fish Out of Water
    37   Emily and Amanda
    38   A Fortunate Recovery
    39   In-Home Care
    40   A Shocking Call
    41   Slip of the Tongue
    42   A New Friend
    43   Kara's Here to Stay
    44   Inside the Viper's Nest
    45   Investor Relations
    46   A Friendly Gesture
    47   Revelation
    48   The Stony Path
    49   Payback
    50   A Helping Hand
    51   Playing Every Angle
    52   Plan of Attack
    53   Suspicion
    54   Celebration
    55   Daniel's Stand
    56   Competition for Attention
    57   Party Crasher
    58   Bundle of Joy
    59   A Bloody Pen
    60   King's Gambit
    61   Change in Plans
    62   A Last Attempt
    63   Caught in the Storm
    64   Royal Summons
    65   Silver Spoon
    66   On Bended Knee
    67   House of Cards
    68   A Reprehensible Lie
    69   Broken and Alone
    70   With the Dust Bunnies
    71   Last Resort
    72   The Reven-genda
    73   Father-Daughter Talk
    74   Second Thought
    75   Dinner Interrupted
    76   A Seed of Doubt
    77   A Tough Day for Emily
    78   Unsure
    79   Dissention in the Ranks
    80   Lost in the Shuffle
    81   Missing in Action
    82   Piercing Scream
    83   Dazed and Confused
    84   Sidebar
    85   Formally Charged
    86   Mother's Intuition
    87   Request Denied
    88   Locked Away
    89   Scapegoat
    90   In a Corner
    91   A Visit to Rikers
    92   Disturbing News
    93   Treadwell Report
    94   An Unimaginable Truth
    95   Double-Edged Sword
    96   CM
    97   Aunt Carole
    98   The White Haired Man
    99   Cold Winter's Day
   100   An Arranged Meeting
   101   The Lion's Den
   102   Saying Goodbye
   103   Face-to-Face
   104   Masquerade
   105   Not the Fairy Tale Ending
   106   Coming Clean
   107   All Alone
  (108)  Checklist


Behind the Scenes Cards (1:12 packs)

BTS-01   Tranquil Moment
BTS-02   Places!
BTS-03   The Great Indoors
BTS-04   Frenemies
BTS-05   Dry Run
BTS-06   Setting the Trap
BTS-07   Mr. Tough Guy
BTS-08   Hands On
BTS-09   High Fashion

Flashback Cards (1:12 packs)

 FB-01   David and Victoria
 FB-02   Amanda and Emily
 FB-03   What Emily Needs Most
 FB-04   Lost Cause
 FB-05   Reconnaissance
 FB-06   Betrayed by Everyone
 FB-07   Last Hope for the Truth
 FB-08   Vow of Revenge
 FB-09   A New Identity

Autograph Cards

  A1     Nick Wechsler as Jack Porter
  A2     Ashley Madekwe as Ashley Davenport
  A3     Christa Allen as Charlotte Grayson
  A4     Ashton Holmes as Tyler Barrol
  A5     Max Martini as Frank Stevens
  A6     James Tupper as David Clarke
  A7     James Morrison as Gordon Murphy
  A8     James McCaffrey as Ryan Huntley
  A9     Margarita Levieva as Amanda Clarke
  A10    Amber Valletta as Lydia Davis
  A11    Ed Corbin as Bull
  A12    Merrin Dungey as Barbara Snow
  A13    Veronica Cartwright as Judge Elizabeth Blackwell
  A14    Roger Bart as Mason Treadwell

Wardrobe Cards (1:24 packs)

  M1     Nolan Ross [yellow shirt]
  M2     Emily Thorne [white flower top]
  M3     Declan Porter
  M4     Ashley Davenport
  M5     Nolan Ross [striped shirt]
  M6     Charlotte Grayson
  M7     Amanda Clarke
  M8     Jack Porter
  M9     Victoria Grayson [black flowered dress]
  M10    Conrad Grayson
  M11    Daniel Grayson [white shirt]
  M12    Emily Thorne [silver dress]
  M13    Victoria Grayson [plum dress]

Artist Sketch Cards (1:864 packs)

  --     Bob Stevlic
  --     Brad Utterstrom
  --     Brian Kong
  --     Fer Galicia
  --     Gabby Untermayerova
  --     Gavin Hunt
  --     Hayden Davis
  --     J.D. Seeber
  --     Lee Lightfoot
  --     Marcia Dye
  --     Mikey Babinski
  --     Patricia Ross
  --     Scott Houseman
  --     Stephanie Swanger

Card Album (sold separately)

  --     (binder)
  M14    Daniel Grayson [blue shirt] (exclusive wardrobe card)


NSP-01   (3 cast; Philly Non-Sport Show May 2013)
  P1     (9 cast; Non-Sport Update)

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