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Rhonda keeps you up all nite!
Imagine - 1993

Notes: Cards feature images of campy television hostess Rhonda Shear, at 
that time hosting the USA network's Up All Night series. Distributed as a 
boxed factory set.

No.   Sobriquet                              Subtheme

  1   Curvacious Cutie
  2   Shimmering Sweetheart
  3   Luminous Lover
  4   Midnight Morsel                        Rhondafavorites
  5   Nocturnal Nibble
  6   Late Night Lambchop
  7   Dazzling Delight
  8   Nucturnal Nuzzle
  9   Sizzle Kiss Siren
 10   B-Movie Beauty
 11   Late Night Date
 12   Hollywood Heartthrob
 13   Bedtime Beauty
 14   Midnight Muffin                        Rhondavision
 15   Delicious Delicacy
 16   Bedtime Buddy
 17   Naughty Naptime Nibble                 Rhondaquotes
 18   Hot-Blooded Harlequin                  Rhondaquotes
 19   Friendly Flirt                         Rhondaquotes
 20   Snuggle Bunny
 21   Fantasy Fun-Gal
 22   Up All Night Gal
 23   Evening Enchantress
 24   Cherubic Cheesecake
 25   Princess of Puns                       Rhondavision
 26   Damsel of the Dark
 27   TV Tease
 28   Posing Pleasure Princess
 29   Ballerina of Beauty
 30   Late Night Lingerie Queen              Rhondafavorites
 31   Sweet Dream Delight                    Rhondafavorites
 32   Teasing Tootsie                        Rhondafavorites
 33   Angel of the Airwaves
 34   Your Moonlight Merrymaker
 35   Golden Goddess of the Airwaves
 36   Divine Dream Girl
 37   Mistress of the Night
 38   Bodacious Bage                         Rhondahobbies
 39   Diva of the Dark
 40   Voluptuous Vixen
 41   Trilight Temtress
 42   Bubbly Blond Bombshell
 43   Tasty Tidbit                           Rhondafavorites
 44   Kaleidescopic Kitten
 45   Queen of the Quips
 46   Provocative Pin-Up
 47   Campy Cupcake                          Rhondafavorites
 48   Goddess of Good Times                  Rhondafavorites
 49   Saucy Sex Kitten                       Publications
 50   Goddess of the Dark
 51   Luscious Lollipop                      Rhondafavorites
 52   Bedtime Bon-Bon                        Rhondaquotes
 53   Cuddly Couch Companion
 54   Goodtime Girly Girl                    Rhondaquotes
 55   Ballerina of Beauty
 56   Nocturnal Nightlight
 57   lady of Perpetual Lingerie
 58   Tantalizing Temptress
 59   Hollywood Honey                        Publications
 60   Tawny Haired Tigress of the Nighttime

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