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The Rocky Horror Picture Show
FTCC - 1980

Note:  Cards identify a 1975 copyright date for the 20th Century Fox images, but were
issued in 1980.

No.   Title

 1    Tim Curry as Frank N Furter
 2    Richard O'Brian as Riff Raff
 3    Susan Sarandon as Janet Weiss
 4    Barry Bostwick as Brad Majors
 5    Peter Hinwood as Rocky
 6    Little Nell as Columbia
 7    Patricia Quinn as Magenta
 8    Jonathan Adams as Dr Everett Scott
 9    Meatloaf as Eddie
10    Transylvanian Groupies
11    Church Caretakers
12    Tim as Minister
13    Ralph and Betty Get Married
14    Nice Going Janet
15    I Love You Too
16    Wedding Car
17    Storytime
18    Walking to the Castle
19    The Frankenstein Place
20    You're Wet
21    Hi, I'm Brad Majors
22    It's Astounding
23    Let's Do the Time Warp
24    It's Just a Jump to the Left
25    Put Your Hands on Your Hips
26    Dance Time's Over
27    Say Something Stupid Brad
28    They're Probably Just Rich Weirdos
29    How Do You Do
30    I'm One Hell of a Lover
31    Columbia Does Her Number
32    Chug It Riff!
33    What Charming Underclothes
34    Unconventional Conventionists
35    Oh Brad, You're So Forceful
36    Unveiling the Creation
37    Making a Man
38    Rocky Revealed
39    Happy Birthday Rocky
40    One from the Vaults
41    Hot Patootie Bless My Soul
42    Rockin' Their Socks Offr
43    Music Critic
44    A Real Mismatch
45    Rocky Escapes
46    Unexpected Visitor
47    Falling in Love
48    Discovery
49    Eddie Didn't Like His Teddy
50    Eddie's Mug Shot
51    Meatloaf Again?
52    The Floor Show
53    Don't Dream It, Be It
54    The Party's Over
55    Take That
56    Your Mission Is a Failure
57    We're Going Home!
58    Blast-Off
59    Lost in Time and Space
60    The Rocky Horror Picture Show Checklist

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