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Ricky Martin
Upper Deck - 1999

Notes:  Accompanied by two parallel sets: "Gold Script" cards, numbered to 500,
and "Platinum" cards (Hobby packs only), numbered to 100.

Hobby Box: 24 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.48 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Text


  1   Born on Christmas Eve, 1971, in a San Juan subu
  2   Though he was the only child born to Enrique Ma
  3   Doted upon by his parents and surrounded by a l
  4   It was Ricky's mother who sparked his initial i
  5   Born on December 24, Ricky is a Capricorn. Self
  6   Though at times Ricky felt torn, even smothered
  7   Formed by Edgardo Diaz in 1977, Menudo was the
  8   Menudo, which means "small" and "change" in Spa
  9   Ricky auditioned for Menudo three times. Twice
 10   Although Menudo made him a wealthy and sought-a
 11   Ricky had done television commercials and local
 12   Ricky's parents separated amicably when he was
 13   At the height of his Menudo fame, teenaged Rick
 14   On July 10, 1989, after five years with Menudo,
 15   After leaving Menudo in 1989, Ricky took a self
 16   With Menudo - and high school - behind him, Ric
 17   Having had his fill of post-Menudo relaxation i
 18   In September, 1990, Ricky, then living in Mexic
 19   No longer required to portray Menudo's clean-cu
 20   Ricky's breakthrough acting role came in 1990,
 21   Living in Mexico City in the early 90s, Ricky h
 22   Having established himself south of the border
 23   Once again drawn to the lure of live performing
 24   Ricky's second solo album, the sensual, romanti
 25   In 1993, on the heels of his newfound success a
 26   Not long after returning to the United States i
 27   Ricky's American television debut in 1993 was s
 28   Ricky's "General Hospital" co-star and love int
 29   Ricky was written out of "General Hospital" in
 30   Ricky's success as a multi-faceted entertainer

   The Best of Ricky

 31   Ricky's third solo Spanish album, 1995's "A Med
 32   The summer of 1996 saw Ricky achieve perhaps hi
 33   Amidst a flurry of career transitions in 1996,
 34   In 1997, in addition to voicing the title role
 35   Ricky's first album in three years, "Vuelve (Co
 36   In July 1998, before an estimated global audien
 37   Having been raised in San Juan, Ricky naturally
 38   On February 24, 1999, Ricky won a Grammy Award
 39   Ricky's show-stopping performance at the Grammy
 40   Ricky's first single from "Ricky Martin," his d
 41   On May 11, 1999, Ricky's English-language album
 42   Ricky drew an enormous crowd to Rockefeller Pla
 43   Though he favors Italian designer Giorgio Arman
 44   As a solo artist, Ricky has won numerous awards
 45   Though he now lives in the United States and re
 46   On stage, Ricky radiates blatant sensuality and
 47   At 6-foot-1 and 165 pounds, with luscious full
 48   Ricky's concert tours have taken him around the
 49   America's "People" Magazine loves Ricky! In May
 50   Following the lead of Latin performers like Glo
 51   Who will become the lucky Mrs. Martin? Though a
 52   Twice rejected for Menudo, Ricky has grown into
 53   While his long-lashed mocha eyes and dazzling w
 54   A former smoker, Ricky is proud of the fact tha
 55   Recruited to model for Italian designer Giorgio
 56   Although a former Catholic altar boy who has me
 57   At times evasive about his personal life, Ricky
 58   While Ricky became a superstar in the U.S. with
 59   Big-hearted Ricky quietly uses his fame and for
 60   International teen heartthrob, critically accla


 61   What are the names of Ricky's father and mother
 62   What is Ricky's complete birth date (month, day
 63   How old was Ricky when his parents, Enrique Mar
 64   What is the name of the San Juan, Puerto Rico s
 65   What is the full name given to Ricky at birth?
 66   What was the childhood nickname used for Ricky
 67   What is the name of the pop impresario who crea
 68   Ricky joined and left Menudo on the same date,
 69   Which founding Menudo member was Ricky Martin h
 70   What are the names of Ricky's beloved dogs?
 71   In 1994, Ricky joined the cast of American tele
 72   Who hosted the 41st Annual Grammy Awards show,
 73   In 1996, Ricky fulfilled a lifelong goal and ma
 74   What was the name of the song Ricky sang at the
 75   What does "livin' la vida loca" mean?
 76   Though not a regular biker, Ricky filmed a roma
 77   In the song, "Cuidado con mi corazon," with whi
 78   Ricky loves watching movies--among his favorite
 79   In 1997, Ricky voiced the title role in the Spa
 80   Which former Menudo member has remained one of
 81   In which New York City borough - and in which p
 82   How many solo Spanish-language albums did Ricky
 83   What is the name of the short-lived ABC televis
 84   What is the name of Ricky's restaurant on Ocean
 85   While Ricky considers Puerto Rico his home, whi
 86   Although Ricky was raised a Catholic, which rel
 87   Name the beautiful Mexican model and television
 88   Other than English and Spanish, what other lang
 89   Ricky released two albums with the same exact t

 90   Ricky Martin Checklist


La Vida Loca Rainbow Foil Cards (1:4 packs)


Ricky Super Script Card

 --   (script card)

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