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Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Trading Cards
Special Anniversary Edition
    Ringling Bros. - 1993

Notes: The card set was sold at performances, within a cello pack. "This 
collection of trading cards contains 18 world famous Ringling Bros. and 
Barnum & Bailey Clowns plus our featured clown star, the incomparable 
David Larible." The fronts contain a picture of the clown in costume; backs 
provide a few lines of information on the clown plus a quote. Thanks to 
Eugene White for the list!


    (Title Card)
    Cynthia Tegtmeyer
    Daniel Frank
    Danny Devaney
    Darren Cooper
    Dave Dedera
    David Frank
    Huel Speight
    James Halliday
    Joshua Schulman
    Karen Bell
    Max Richardson
    Michael Frum
    Michael Simpson
    Raymone LeClair
    Rick Gern
    Susan Orem
    Thadeus Glenn
    Zac Whinnem
    David Larible

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