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Kitchen Sink - 1994

Note:  Originally distributed as a boxed set.  Format is an unusual "coffin-style" shape,
trapezoidal, 2-3/4" at the top and 1-3/4" at the bottom, 3-3/4" tall.

No.   Title                  Artist

  1   R.I.P. Epitaph         Eric Nesheim
  2   Principal Hangup       Jeff Butler
  3   Human Fireballs        Richard Sala
  4   Bending Bunk           Dan Burr
  5   Walking Dead           Mike Allred
  6   Beast 666              Dan Burr
  7   Dark Worship           Dan Burr
  8   Call Down the Moon     Robert Kellough
  9   Bavarian Inquisition   Robert Kellough
 10   Poltergeist            Mark Nelson
 11   Demons Within          Jeff Butler
 12   Unseen Evil            Robert Kellough
 13   Hell-Spawned Lust      Jeff Butler
 14   Devil's Hands          Mike Allred
 15   Check Under the Bed!   Jeff Butler
 16   Charles Fort           Dan Burr
 17   Out of the Blue        Richard Sala
 18   Time Slips             Ric Estrada
 19   Edgar Cayce            Dan Burr
 20   One Step Beyond        Ric Estrada
 21   Psychic Hotline        Ric Estrada
 22   Helena Blavatsky       Dan Burr
 23   Frequent Flyer         Ric Estrada
 24   Ghostly Warning        Mark Nelson
 25   Dehaunter              Richard Sala
 26   Jeane Dixon            Dan Burr
 27   Secret in the Ceiling  Mark Nelson
 28   Psychic Crimebusters   Richard Sala
 29   Flesh-Hungry Fiends    Mark Nelson
 30   Mark of the Wolf       Mark Nelson
 31   Blood Drinkers         Mark Nelson
 32   Ghouls                 Jeff Butler
 33   Horror Hotel           Jeff Butler
 34   Butcher of Hanover     Robert Kellough
 35   Dusseldorf Vampire     Dan Burr
 36   The Dissolver          Richard Sala
 37   Li'l Goblins           Jeff Butler
 38   Coffin Bedlam          Ric Estrada
 39   Borley Rectory         Ric Estrada
 40   Texas Terror           Ric Estrada
 41   Fire Eyes              Richard Sala
 42   Mad Gasser             Jeff Butler

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