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(Ripley's) Believe It or Not!
    Fleer - 1970
    Colonial Bread - 1970
    Kilpatrick's Bread - 1970
    Rainbo Bread - 1970

Notes: In 1970, Fleer manufactured four distinct sets based on "Ripley's Believe
It or Not" facts. The first, unnumbered, set was distributed in boxes and packs
(though the Fleer name and logo does not appear on the cards). With the same
images but with card numbers and promotional logos and text added, the 84
cards were issued as bread-package inserts for Rainbo, Colonial, and Kilpatrick
brands. The Kilpatrick's set is the most common of the three bread sets; the
Fleer box-and-pack distribution is noted for a large selection of short-prints and
extra prints. The checklist below is derived from Steve Lillard's Kilpatrick col-
lection, and we assume (but have not confirmed) that the numbering was the
same for the other bread-issue sets.

Steve (many thanks for the list!) states, "No matter how you look at it you
would have to eat a lot of bread to collect the Rainbo, Colonial, and Kilpatrick
bread inserts." I counter with, "Only the upper crust of society had enough
time to loaf around trying to collect the full set." Again, the Fleer version of
the card set did not have numbers printed on the cards.

Box: xx packs of 5 cards.
Common sets: approx. xxxx per box if collation were perfect.

    No.     Fact Topics

  1 of 84   Monument to a Woman's Right to Change Her Mind 
            Half a Shave
            The Walrus

  2 of 84   The Ocotillo
            The Human Haystacks
            The Pineapple

  3 of 84   Young Couples
            The Marsupial Mole

  4 of 84   The Man in the Goldfish Bowl
            The Obelisk of Nuthurt

  5 of 84   C. G. Wilson
            A Cluster of Wayside Shrines

  6 of 84   Emperor Aurelian
            The Cockroach
            The Cave Cathedral

  7 of 84   The Living Arch
            Mzilikaze's Bird
            John Johnstone

  8 of 84   4 Elephants
            The Chair that Collected Taxes

  9 of 84   Thomas Parnell
            A Pearl
            A Regiment of Submarine Soldiers

 10 of 84   An Oyster
            The Anchor Inn
            El Cid

 11 of 84   First Lady Kidnapped by an Orangutan

 12 of 84   Star Point
            A Rake
            The Grizzly Bear

 13 of 84   A Witch Doctor
            Raspberries and Blueberries
            The Guernsey Lily

 14 of 84   2 Headed Turtle
            Vanilla Beans
            A Crocodile

 15 of 84   The Ancient Persians
            Zinc Ore Crystals
            The Sloth

 16 of 84   Sidney Wigfall
            The Spotted Bower Bird

 17 of 84   2 Siamese Cats
            9 Temples
            The Man Who Could Not be Hanged

 18 of 84   Bouquets of Flowers
            Allen Bradley

 19 of 84   The Big One that Didn't Get Away

 20 of 84   The Earwig
            Siward the Strong

 21 of 84   "La Grand'Mere"
            Jack Clapp

 22 of 84   The Human Tigers
            The Lucin Railroad Cutoff
            Southern Ontario

 23 of 84   Big Mouth
            The Cave Church
            Six (O'Clock) Shooter

 24 of 84   The Roman Firebrand
            The World's Biggest Hot Dog

 25 of 84   The Rev. Richie D. Ocheltree Sr.
            The Human Snowball
            The Nighthawk

 26 of 84   The Strangest Coming-Out Parties in the World
            The Oars

 27 of 84   Thomas Schweicker
            A Piece of Blue Glass

 28 of 84   Doctors
            The Landing of Columbus

 29 of 84   The Man Who Was Saved by a Railroad Wreck
            The Rev. J. F. Benson
            The Blind Benthosaurus

 30 of 84   Agesilas an Athenian General
            Tiger Bird
            The Castle of Pragstein

 31 of 84   Vinegar Falls
            A Savage Stallion

 32 of 84   Tibetan Monks
            Ali Sali

 33 of 84   Cow
            The Nun and the Monk
            The Drunkard's Fountain

 34 of 84   Aztec Warriors of Mexico
            An Early Compass
            A Stone Pyramid

 35 of 84   The Structure that Was Designed by a Nightmare
            The Sword-Bill Hummingbird
            Giacomo Meyerbeer

 36 of 84   Bono a French Dwarf
            The Frog Fish
            The Cruelest Husband in All History

 37 of 84   Elm Tree
            The Crown of Horns
            The Executioner of Charlotte Corday

 38 of 84   A Strain of Donkeys
            Tomato Doughnut

 39 of 84   The Fabulous Fakir of Sipi
            The Tartolten

 40 of 84   Knights
            The Petrified Waterfall

 41 of 84   The Prophecy that Killed a King - King Alexander III
            The Largest Loaf of Bread in the World

 42 of 84   Angelo Corsaro
            Women of the Kirdi Tribe
            An Area of 49,000 Square Miles

 43 of 84   The Largest Elephant in the World
            The First Comic Book
            The Wolf Fish

 44 of 84   The Elephant that Defeated an Army
            An Ancient Letter Box

 45 of 84   Rab Hamilton
            The Broken-Hearted Oak

 46 of 84   Vijeya of Singapore
            The Death's-Head Moth

 47 of 84   The Blind Warrior
            The Bamboo and Straw Huts

 48 of 84   The Minimum Rate
            The People Who Laugh Themselves to Death

 49 of 84   The Human Carpet
            Asad Experience Wilson

 50 of 84   The Viking Who Had Legs Like Steel Springs
            Baker Ants

 51 of 84   The Most Bizarre Act of Proof in All History 
            General Atha Mossana

 52 of 84   A Bullfight that Decided a War
            An Apple

 53 of 84   Chief Monguba
            James Crow

 54 of 84   The Dog Soldiers
            H.M.S. Bounty

 55 of 84   The Skeleton that Ruled the Roman Empire

 56 of 84   The Nightmare that Was a Fatal Prophecy
            The Spirobis Worm

 57 of 84   Allspice
            Man Who Burned His Tongue with a Red Hot Iron 95,000 Times
            The Blood of Every Mammal

 58 of 84   Howard Hill
            The Upside-Down Catfish

 59 of 84   The Ski Rescue Staged 762 Years Ago

 60 of 84   The Man Who Killed a Bear with His Bare Hand
            Spot - A Dog

 61 of 84   Most Amazing Archer in All History
            The Hallowed Coffin

 62 of 84   The Blue Laws
            Tomato Head
            The Dellis

 63 of 84   Stombolicchio a Small Island
            The Man Who Really "Said a Mouthful"

 64 of 84   The Strangest Dance in the World
            Natural Easter Egg

 65 of 84   The Waterfall of Grandara
            Doctors of Death

 66 of 84   The Man Who Always Bathed in Full Uniform
            Elephant Feet

 67 of 84   Sultan Ahmad
            The Cathedral of Paderborn
            Here Lies the Body of Daniel Knight

 68 of 84   The Most Powerful Woman in History
            The Mummified Hand

 69 of 84   The Man Who Outwrestled a Tiger
            The Shell of the Beach Crab

 70 of 84   The Amazing High Divers of Cape Dukato
            The Magic Mushroom

 71 of 84   The Man Who Dueled with a Fan
            The Pohutakawa Tree

 72 of 84   The Hobo Fish
            The Duel Fought for a Kingdom

 73 of 84   The Most Sensitive Artist in All History
            John Sayre
            The Camel

 74 of 84   Mark James Curtis
            The Amazing Frogman of El Obeid

 75 of 84   The Cattail
            John McCollam
            Tiberio Fiurelli

 76 of 84   The Most Sensitive Bald Man in History
            The Gilded Keys

 77 of 84   The Suitor Who Had to Fight 17 Rivals
            Tom Turkey
            The Saracen's Tent

 78 of 84   The Most Deadly Duels in History
            The Radar Fish

 79 of 84   Marotte Beaupre
            Trees on a Horse Farm
            Aeoliscus Punctulatus

 80 of 84   Zobeida
            Bucky an 8 Year Old Horse
            The Light of the Sun

 81 of 84   The Man Who Sentenced Himself to Life Imprisonment

 82 of 84   Harry Morse
            The Penitents

 83 of 84   The Knight Who Was Killed by His Own Trap
            The Wall around the Park oOf Walton Hall, England

 84 of 84   The Tower of Harwell Church
            3 Bodies
            The Balancing Boulder

©2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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