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Road to the White House
National Card Co. - 1993

Notes:  The set was issued in a "CD" case, with a Certificate of Authenticity 
individually numbered out of "only" 50,000 sets. "With cooperation from the 
Clinton/Gore Transition Team, National Card Co. proudly presents America's 
President-Elect in his many roles during the campaign." Many thanks to John 
Oder for the list!

No.   Title

  1   Bill Clinton: The Family Man 
  2   Bill Clinton: The Builder
  3   Bill Clinton: The Motorcyclist
  4   Bill Clinton: The Athlete
  5   Bill Clinton: The Musician
  6   Bill Clinton: The Listener
  7   Bill Clinton: The Jogger
  8   Bill Clinton: The Church-goer
  9   Bill Clinton: The Campaigner
 10   Bill Clinton and Al Gore: The Victors

 --   Press Promo (common; non-foil; pictures Bill and Hillary Clinton)
 --   Strange But True (rare; non-foil; pictures Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy)
 --   Road to the White House (scarce; gold-foil-border; "prototype" on front
        in red; pictures Bill and Hillary Clinton)
 --   Road to the White House (scarce; silver-foil border; "prototype" on front
        in blue; pictures Al Gore)

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