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Robin Hood
   Topps - 1957

Notes: Card fronts have color photos while card backs feature descriptive text. 
American Card Catalog reference is R714-18. Scans are posted at the Vintage 
Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title

  1   Strange Welcom
  2   "Pay or Else"
  3   Sheriff's Justice
  4   "Call the Guards"
  5   "I Demand Justice"
  6   Sinister Plot
  7   Ready for Battle
  8   Clashing Steel
  9   "Fight for Justice"
 10   Flashing Swords
 11   The Holdup
 12   Joining the Outlaws
 13   Robin Hood, Outlaw
 14   Evil Prince John
 15   Superhuman Strength
 16   Little John's Task
 17   Forest Combat
 18   Robin Makes a Friend
 19   A Fearful Sight
 20   The Message
 21   The Raid
 22   "Surround the Camp!"
 23   Aiming at Robin
 24   Ready and Waiting
 25   A Soldier Falls
 26   Suspecting Trouble
 27   Friar Hears the Plan
 28   Call to Action
 29   "I'm a Minstrel"
 30   Robin's Disguise
 31   Taking the Treasure
 32   Striking by Surprise
 33   "Duel, Villain!"
 34   Robin's Victory
 35   Robin Is Wounded
 36   To the Rescue
 37   Setting the Trap
 38   The Friar's Decision
 39   Overhearing the News
 40   "I'm Not Afraid"
 41   Strange Champion
 42   Choosing Weapons
 43   Ready for Combat
 44   Watching the Battle
 45   Fight to the Death
 46   Robin in Armor
 47   Deadly Duel
 48   "Surrender or Die!"
 49   The Sheriff Dares Robin
 50   "The Greatest Archer"
 51   John Is Worried
 52   Robin Takes Aim
 53   "I Can't Believe It!"
 54   Curious Visit
 55   "Hail King Richard"
 56   Blocked Passage
 57   Surprise Visit
 58   "Fight, Traitor!"
 59   Blocking the Blow
 60   Justice Triumphs

--    Lucky You! (pack insert; also found in other series)

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