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Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves (88-card Set)
Topps - 1991

Note:  This is the "test" set of 88 basic cards, which was distributed before the
licensor decided that the set was too large, and Topps truncated it to a 55-card
set.  53 of the production-set cards and 2 of the production-set stickers were
part of the test set.  The sets can be distinguished by the "collect all 88 cards"
(or all 55 cards) on the card backs.  Stickers for the test set are mostly yellow
on the back and form a movie poster scene, while stickers for the 55-card set
show an archer above the outline of a distant castle.  Pack and box designs appear
to have been the same for the two versions.  Stickers were slightly more common
than regular cards and are usually included with the basic set.

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards + 1 sticker.
Common sets: approx. 3.27 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker sets: approx. 4.00 per box.

No.   Title

  1   Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves [Title Card]
  2   Robin Hood
  3   Azeem
  4   Will Scarlett
  5   Maid Marian
  6   Arrows of Justice!
  7   The Journey Begins
  8   Mysterious Stranger
  9   England, At Long Last!
 10   Journey to Locksley Castle
 11   The Evil Guy of Gisborne
 12   "Taxes" from the Poor
 13   Get the Point, Gisborne?
 14   Danger in the Distance!
 15   Ride Like the Wind!
 16   Betrayed!
 17   Danger 'Round the Bend!
 18   Maiden with a Secret
 19   Love at First Sight?
 20   Enter Mysterious Sherwood Forest!
 21   Battling Little John!
 22   Robin Gets the Worst of It!
 23   A Great Friendship Is Born
 24   Comrades in Combat
 25   Tempers Flare!
 26   A Fierce Argument!
 27   A Matter of Trust!
 28   Brothers in Arms
 29   A Challenge Is Issued!
 30   Robin's Aim Is True!
 31   A Sworn Enemy Is Made!
 32   Woodsmen Share a Laugh
 33   Azeem Prays By Night
 34   A Midnight Council of War!
 35   Sure Shot with the Crossbow!
 36   Leader of the Woodsmen
 37   Romance in Sherwood
 38   A Plan Is Hatched
 39   Treetop Hideout
 40   Awaiting Battle
 41   Weapons of Glory!
 42   The Ambush Begins!
 43   Surprise Attack!
 44   Showdown in Sherwood!
 45   Attack from Above!
 46   Robin Joins the Fray!
 47   Expecting the Enemy!
 48   Stealing the Sheriff's Horse!
 49   Robin Defends His Love!
 50   Rob the Rich, Feed the Poor!
 51   The Spoils of War!
 52   A Secret Revealed!
 53   The Sheriff's Plot!
 54   Gisborne's Revenge!
 55   The Face of Terror!
 56   Battling in Vain!
 57   Out of Control!
 58   Sherwood Ablaze!
 59   Run for Your Lives!
 60   Robin, Trapped?
 61   Escape from Death's Grasp!
 62   Safe At Last!
 63   Bad News!
 64   Friend or Traitor?
 65   The Sheriff and His Bride?
 66   Preparations for a Royal Wedding
 67   Poised for Killing!
 68   Barrels of Doom!
 69   Killers for Hire!
 70   Captured!
 71   Condemned to Hang!
 72   Sentenced to Death!
 73   Robin In Disguise!
 74   Robin Hood, Hero of the Ages!
 75   Make Way for the Beggar!
 76   Explosions of Freedom!
 77   The Enemy Strikes!
 78   The Death of Duncan
 79   Fists of Fury!
 80   Battle for Nottingham!
 81   Demon of Death!
 82   Striking Back!
 83   A Hero's Death
 84   Victorious!
 85   A Trio of Woodsemen
 86   Mercenary Monsters!
 87   Robin and Marian Unite
 88   Happily Ever After!


  1   (image from card 2)
  2   (image from card 3)
  3   (image from card 5)
  4   (image from card 4)
  5   (image from card 28)
  6   (image from card 85)
  7   (image from card 37)
  8   (image from card 8)
  9   (image from card 77)

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