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Robocop 2
Topps - 1990

Note:  A boxed factory set was produced, including 22 Behind-the-Scenes
cards not included with the regular cards-in-packs.

Box: 36 packs of 9 cards + 1 sticker.
Common sets: approx. 3.68 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker sets: approximately 3.27 per box.

No.   Title

  1   Part Man, Mart Machine, All Cop
  2   Fatal Malfunction
  3   The Price of Progress
  4   A Man Named Murphy
  5   Boddicker's Butchers
  6   Man without a Hand
  7   Murphy--Blown Away!
  8   The Cop of Tomorrow
  9   Partners in Crimefighting
 10   "Freeze!"
 11   Supermarket Assault!
 12   A Lady in Distress
 13   Robocop Blasted!
 14   Reining in the Madness
 15   A Blow against Evil
 16   Memories of Me
 17   Man... or Machine?
 18   Taking the Heat
 19   His Murderers Apprehended
 20   The Hidden Directive
 21   Correcting His Mistakes
 22   ED-209 Missile Assault
 23   Dented But Undaunted
 24   Slammed by ED-209
 25   Robocop, Heal Thyself!
 26   Toxic Nightmare
 27   Showdown
 28   Pummeled from Above
 29   Robocop's Revenge
 30   Say Goodnight, ED
 31   "Or the Old Geezer Gets It!"
 32   Murphy's Comeback
 33   Duo for Danger!
 34   "Peace Officer!"
 35   A Madman Named Cain
 36   The Robotics Museum
 37   "Get Lost, Robocop!"
 38   Lewis vs. Hob
 39   A Bad Cop...
 40   Duffy's Just Deserts
 41   The New Mission
 42   Devastating Blasts
 43   In the Clutches of Cain
 44   Captured!
 45   Destruction of Robocop
 46   In Need of Repair
 47   Living Death
 48   Robocop Screw-Up!
 49   "You Can't Be Serious!"
 50   Only One Way Out...
 51   Electrical Purge
 52   Cop Comradery
 53   Beautiful But Savage
 54   The Rebirth of Cain
 55   What Was Once, Can Never Be Again
 56   Detroit's Action Hero
 57   Crusader Against Crime
 58   Practice Makes Perfect!
 59   Robocop Patrol!
 60   Helmeted Hero
 61   Officer Anne Lewis
 62   No Escape from Robocop!
 63   Spectacular Explosion!
 64   Hob Bites It
 65   Robocop Means Business!
 66   Closing In
 67   Shielded from Harm
 68   Robocop Stunned!
 69   Metallic Monster
 70   Preparing To Pounce
 71   The Robot Warriors
 72   Facing the Enemy
 73   Incredible Struggle!
 74   Clashing Titans
 75   Has Robocop Met His Match?
 76   Only One Will Survive...
 77   Cain's Brain
 78   Robocop... Triumphant!
 79   Bad Day for the Old Man
 80   Metal Justice
 81   Storyboard: The Shoot-Out
 82   Storyboard: Taking the Plunge
 83   Storyboard: Suspended in Mid-Air
 84   Storyboard: Jolted By Electricity
 85   Storyboard: Standing Tall
 86   Storyboard: Blocking the Blast
 87   Storyboard: Sizing Each Other Up
 88   Storyboard: About To Pounce


 1   (puzzle Column1 Row 1)
 2   (puzzle Column1 Row 2)
 3   (puzzle Column1 Row 3)
 4   (puzzle Column1 Row 4)
 5   (puzzle Column1 Row 5)
 6   (puzzle Column 2 Row 1)
 7   (puzzle Column 2 Row 2)
 8   (puzzle Column 2 Row 3)
 9   (puzzle Column 2 Row 4)
10   (Completed puzzle)
11   (puzzle Column 2 Row 5)


Behind-the-Scenes Bonus Cards (Factory Set Only)

 A   How to Handle Your Gun
 B   The Predatory Stance
 C   Death of a Dummy
 D   Lending a Needed Hand
 E   Metal Appendage
 F   Conferring with Kurtwood
 G   Paul Verhoeven Directs
 H   Touching Up the Toxic Terror
 I   Directing ED-209
 J   Display of Blood
 K   Shooting a Night Scene
 L   Readying Robocop for the Cameras
 M   Director Irvin Kershner
 N   Fine Tuning
 O   All Wired Up!
 P   Making the Unreal Real
 Q   Nancy Allen as Lewis
 R   Some Advice for Robocop
 S   The Human Dimension
 T   "All Quiet on the Set!"
 U   Shooting a Shoot-Out!
 V   A Gathering of Evil

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