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Robotech: The Macross Saga
   Fantasy Trade Card Company - 1986

Notes: The images on these cards are from the Macross animé, and thus
were not done by U.S. artists. Thanks much to Uschi Lohnes for the original list!

No.   Title             Subtitle / Card Text

  1   Episode 1         Boobytrap: In 1999, Earth has been  ravaged by a
  2   Rick Hunter       Lieutenant, Age 19
  3   Lynn Minmei       Non-Military Status - Age 15 Going On 16
  4   Lisa Hayes        Lt. Commander - Age 24
  5   Khyron            Zentraedi Warlord - Age Not Determined
  6   Claudia Grant     Bridge Officer, Age 28
  7   Captain Gloval    Captain, Age 52
  8   Breetai           Zentraedi Comdr.
  9   Episode 1         Continued: Fear Of Invasion From Technologically
 10   Episode 1         Continued: For The Next Ten Years, The Resources
 11   Episode 1         Continued: When The Sdf-1 Senses The Zentraedi's
 12   Episode 2         Countdown: Rick Hunter Experiments With A (Vf-10
 13   Episode 2         Continued: The Zentraedi Launch An Attack To Lev
 14   Episode 3         Spacefold: Lt. Commander Fokker returns Hunter a
 15   Episode 4         The Long Wait: The spacefold maneuver leaves Ric
 16   Episode 5         Transformation: The citizens of Macross City hav
 17   Episode 6         Blitzkrieg: The SDF-1's new configuration repels
 18   Episode 7         Bye Bye Mars: Orbiting Mars, Breetai sets an amb
 19   Episode 7         Continued: Lisa Hayes' fiancee, Karl Riber, is a
 20   Episode 8         Sweet Sixteen: As Minmei prepares for her sixtee
 21   Episode 8         Continued: Khyron renews his assault on the SDF-
 22   Episode 9         Miss Macross: A beauty pageant is scheduled in h
 23   Episode 10        Blind Game: Khyron fires a warning shot destroyi
 24   Episode 11        First Contact: While carrying out their radar mi
 25   Episode 12        The Big Escape: The Zentraedi commanders are eag
 26   Episode 13        Blue Wind: Back on the SDF-1, Lisa, Rick, Max &
 27   Episode 13        Continued: Capt. Gloval attempts a daring return
 28   Episode 14        Gloval's Report: Capt. Gloval prepares a report
 29   Episode 15        Homecoming: After two years of fighting its way
 30   Episode 15        Continued: Lynn Kyle, Minmei's cousin, is deligh
 31   Episode 16        Battle Cry: The council's refusal to allow the 7
 32   Episode 17        Phantasm: While in the hospital, Rick's body is
 33   Episode 18        Farewell Big Brother: Rick comes out of his deli
 34   Episode 18        Continued: Leading the assault, Miriya searches
 35   Episode 19        Bursting Point: The war has killed 14,000 Macros
 36   Episode 19        Continued: Capt. Gloval decides to test a newly
 37   Episode 20        Paradise Lost: Because of the shield incident, t
 38   Episode 20        Continued: Bron, Rico & Konda return from their
 39   Episode 21        A New Dawn: A lull in the war gives time to the
 40   Episode 22        Battle Hymn: Dolza, Breetai & Exedore plan their
 41   Episode 23        Reckless: It appears that Khyron has scored a to
 42   Episode 24        Showdown: The alien defectors have relit the hop
 43   Episode 25        Wedding Bells: In the park, Max anxiously waits
 44   Episode 25        Continued: This is the first wedding of the two
 45   Episode 25        Continued: Comdr. Dolza orders Breetai to attack
 46   Episode 26        The Messenger: An uneasy truce is called. Exedor
 47   Episode 26        Continued: After their discussion, Exedore warns
 48   Episode 27        Force of Arm: The entire Zentraedi force under D
 49   Episode 28        Reconstruction Blues: Two years after the final
 50   Episode 29        Robotech Masters: On their home planet, the Robo
 51   Episode 30        Vive Miriya: The Robotech Masters, at their home
 52   Episode 31        Khyron's Revenge: In the SDF-1's Conference Cent
 53   Episode 31        Continued: Khyron discovers where the protocultu
 54   Episode 32        Broken Heart: A new battle breaks out between Ea
 55   Episode 33        Rainy Night: Lisa Hayes has just seen all her ho
 56   Episode 34        Private Times: Rick invites Lisa to a picnic, bu
 57   Episode 35        Season's Greetings: Rick hears a disturbing news
 58   Episode 36        To the Stars: Over the last year, Earth's remain
 59   Episode 36        Continued: The SDF-1's dying blast cripples Khyr
 60   Episode 36        Continued: Just before impact Admiral Gloval man


 --   (uncut sheet)

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