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Robots (The Movie)
   Inkworks - 2005

Notes:  Thanks much to Jose Luis Batres and LMA for updates! Further 
information and scans are posted at the Inkworks website.

Hobby Box: 36 packs of 7 cards. 10 boxes per case.
Common sets (90): approx. 2.69 per Hobby box if collation were perfect.
Retail Box: 24 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approximately 1.78 per Retail box.

     No.    Title

      01    [Title Card]

Character Cards

      02    Rodney Copperbottom
      03    Wonderbot
      04    Cappy
      05    Mr. & Mrs. Copperbottom
      06    Bigweld
      07    Ratchet
      08    Madame Gasket
      09    Fender
      10    Piper Pinwheeler
      11    Crank Casey
      12    Lug
      13    Diesel Springer
      14    Aunt Fan
      15    Jackhammer

Growing Up

      16    Some Assembly Required
      17    Hand-Me-Downs
      18    Looking into the Future

Story Cards

      19    Building a Baby
      20    Bot Meets World
      21    Creation!
      22    It Works! Sort Of...
      23    Failure!
      24    A Life in Gear
      25    Bot in the Big City
      26    Directionally Snubbed
      27    Loose Screw
      28    Teaser Tim
      29    Sez You!
      30    Why Be You?
      31    Don't You Love It?
      32    Love at First Flop
      33    Hello, You Must Be Going
      34    Magnetic Melee
      35    Footjacked!
      36    A Head Behind
      37    Emergency Repairs
      38    We Have No Replacements
      39    I Can Fix You!
      40    Trouble Ahead
      41    Gasket & Son
      42    The Bot Hits the Fan
      43    Fenderbonding
      44    Hot and Greasy
      45    No Outrage Here
      46    Find Bigweld!
      47    Fix Me, Please!
      48    Crashing the Ball
      49    On the Scrap Belt
      50    Tracking Bigweld
      51    Pure Genius
      52    Down the Domino Trail
      53    A Big Shock
      54    Give Up!
      55    Rodney Blows Up
      56    Defeated
      57    Jeepers Sweepers!
      58    Heart Recharge
      59    The Return of Bigweld
      60    Hauling Steel
      61    Outmodes on the March
      62    Cornered!
      63    To Victory!

Robot Powered

      64    Dishrag Dad
      65    A Working Couple
      66    Creative Craftsman
      67    A Real Fixer-Upper
      68    Jack of All Trades
      69    Magnet Truck
      70    I See You!
      71    Just Say No!
      72    Chairbot of the Board

Robots Stand-Ups

      73    Rodney Copperbottom
      74    Wonderbot
      75    Cappy
      76    Fender
      77    Piper
      78    Aunt Fan
      79    Bigweld
      80    Ratchet
      81    Madame Gasket


      82    Cityscape
      83    Happy Houses
      84    Aunt Fan's Boarding House
      85    Jackhammer's Store
      86    Rustie Alley
      87    Street Sweepers
      88    Minion Design
      89    An Evil Castle

      90    Checklist


Rusties to the Rescue Cards (1:11 packs)

    RR-1    Friends to the End
    RR-2    Living on Borrowed Time
    RR-3    Rusties Headquarters
    RR-4    Rusties Unite!
    RR-5    Rekindling the Dream
    RR-6    Hidden Talents
    RR-7    Teens in the Big City
    RR-8    Aunt Fan the Minivan
    RR-9    Surprise!

Fender Bender Cards (1:11 Hobby packs)

    FB-1    Smooth to the Last Drop
    FB-2    Let's Dance
    FB-3    Okay, Time to Panic
    FB-4    Friends in Need
    FB-5    Spazz-O-Matic
    FB-6    Mighty Warrior

Postcards from the Big City Film Cards (1:17 Hobby packs)

    PC-1    Gateway To Invention
    PC-2    Pinnacle of Success
    PC-3    "Can You Shine...?"
    PC-4    Crush Hour Traffic
    PC-5    The Big City Revs!
    PC-6    I Made It, I'm Here!

Sketch Cards (1:36 Hobby packs; numbered)

    SK.1    Dave Dorman (149)
    SK.2    Tone Rodriguez (528)
    SK.3    John Czop (300)
    SK.4    Chris Moreno (524)
    SK.5    Chad Frye (515)
    SK.6    Mark Dos Santos (489)
    SK.7    Jeff Zugale (501)
    SK.8    Joel A. Gomez (511)
    SK.9    Nar (404)
    SK.10   Warren Martineck (300)
    SK.11   Michael Kraiger (355)
    SK.12   Darren Auck (500)

Foil Cards (1:11 Retail Packs)

    RE-1    Rodney Copperbottom
    RE-2    Crank Casey
    RE-3    Fender
    RE-4    Bigweld

Box-Loader Cards (Hobby boxes)

    BL-1    Piper Pinwheeler
    BL-2    Fender
    BL-3    Diesel Springer and Lug

Case-Loader Card (Hobby cases)

    CL-1    Bigweld
     --     Robots The Movie (binder)


R-SD-2004   Robots Premium Trading Cards (2004 San Diego Comic Con)
  H2004     Wishing You the Magic of the Holidays (Holiday 2004)
   P-1      Rodney Copperbottom (general distribution)
   P-2      Ratchet (Non-Sport Update)
   P-3      Bigweld
   P-4      Cappy (Promo Card Encyclopedia)
   P-UK     (Cards Inc., UK)
   P-i      The Rusties ( exclusive)
    --      Coming March 2005! (dealer sell sheet)

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