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Robyn Hood vs Red Riding Hood
   5FINITY Productions - 2013

Notes: This release continues after the earlier Grimm Fairy Tales sets, and features 
the modern comic book series. It was initially marketed as a Zenescope exclusive at 
Wizard World Philadelphia 2013. Note that the sketch-reproduction base cards each 
have different scarcities.

Box: 300 packs of 3 base cards (4 if including a parallel base card).

  No.    Scene                                        # to

RHRRH1   (pulling arrow from quiver)                   190
RHRRH2   Greg Horn (straddling branch)                 125
RHRRH3   Billy Tucci (shooting bow to upper left)       90
RHRRH4   (shooting bow to card R)                       30
RHRRH5   (checking dagger)                              15

RRHRH1   (petting kitty)                               190
RRHRH2   (straddling branch)                           125
RRHRH3   (before animal trophies)                       90
RRHRH4   (with cat before city)                         30
RRH4H5   Mike DeBalfo (blood splotches)                 15


Parallel Base Cards

RHRRH1   (pulling arrow from quiver)                    25
RHRRH2   Greg Horn (straddling branch)                  20
RHRRH3   Billy Tucci (shooting bow to upper left)       15
RHRRH4   (shooting bow to card R)                       10
RHRRH5   (checking dagger)                               5

RRHRH1   (petting kitty)                                25
RRHRH2   (straddling branch)                            20
RRHRH3   (before animal trophies)                       15
RRHRH4   (with cat before city)                         10
RRH4H5   Mike DeBalfo (blood splotches)                  5

Artist Sketch Cards (by redemption, 1:5 packs)

         Andy Black
         Bill Maus
         Chris Johnson
         Jackie Santiago
         Jason Pedersen
         Kenneth "Hutch" Hutcheson
         Scott Rorie
         Walter Rice

Show-Signed Cards

         Nei Ruffino
         Pat Shand
         Ralph Tedesco
         Raven Gregory

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