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(The Comedy Channel presents the)
Rock Bottom Awards
Eclipse Books - 1990

Notes:  This factory, boxed set features the winners of "the best and worst
in bad taste" awards as presented on the Comedy Channel. Text is by Peggy
Gordon; art by Bill Sienkiewicz; and editing by Catherine Yronwode. Cards
are approximately 2-3/4" x 3-3/4".

No.   Front Title / Caption                        Back Title / Caption

  1   Opening Party!                               Rock Bottom Awards
  2   This Is Your Nightmare                       "Depraved Indifference to Privacy and Decent Ratings"
  3   "Best Breach of Confidentiality"             Richard "Whitehouse" Nixon
  4   "Best Potential Scam"                        Weona Helmsley
  5   "Best Host"                                  We Wish You a Merry Xmas
  6   "Most Imaginative Rip-Off of a Classic"      Christmas Carol
  7   "Best Revenge"                               Clayton Williams
  8   Crossover Acts                               "Pandering with Abandon"
  9   "Most Contemptuous Girl Group of the 80's"   The Extremes
 10   "Right Country-Right Time!"                  Double Scoop of Vanilli!
 11   "Dangerous Career Move"                      The Great Dane
 12   "If the Shoe Fits..."                        Stooges
 13   America's Funniest Prison Videos             "High Concept"
 14   "Weeping in Tongues"                         Jim & Tammy!
 15   "Bad Shot"                                   I Feel Good
 16   "Best Plea for Temporary Insanity"           Joey Hazelwood
 17   "Worst Actress/Best Publicity"               A Starlet Is Born
 18   "Best Tap Dance"                             Dancing Fool!
 19   A Catered Affair                             "Bottomless Pit"
 20   "Gimme a Break Today!"                       Be a Clown
 21   "It Sells"                                   Madonna
 22   "Lifetime Lack of Achievement"               The Happy Couple
 23   "Best Burn"                                  Stars & Stripes
 24   "Life Imitating Art Imitating Life"          Twin Beaks
 25   Living Sitcoms                               "Worst Show/Best Ratings"
 26   "The Blunder Years"                          Baby Bush
 27   "Three's (Never Enough) Company"             Delusions of Grandeur
 28   "Fatal Distraction"                          I've Got a Secret!
 29   "The Honkeymooners"                          And Away We Go!
 30   Unbelievably Bad Taste                       "Best Category"
 31   "Whoops"                                     Ted Koppel
 32   "So, What!"                                  John Sununu
 33   "Stick-R-Up"                                 Labels
 34   "Who, Us?"                                   Darkie Toothpaste
 35   "Gosh"                                       Ronald Reagan
 36   "Best Demagogue"                             Jeesse Helms

 --   The Comedy Channel (Box insert sheet)

©2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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