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   Brockum - 1991

Notes:  The regular set usually includes the sixteen "common" artwork sticker cards.
Two other sticker cards were withdrawn during production, and are quite rare although
they appear at a normal distribution (or more) in some boxes.  Michael Gadbois reports 
that his first box was missing both, yielding 16 of 18 stickers, but his second box had 
"Souls of Black" in every pack!

Another two stickers ("Cross" and"Slayer Eagle") are shown on the printed checklist but 
apparently were never distributed normally. (Thanks to Kevin LePore for the tip!)  Non-
Sport Update lists the Slayer Eagle sticker (at a rather large value), so some of these
 must have made their way into the market in some manner. And thanks to Darlene 
Hewitt for assistance with the holograms!

Variations were printed for cards 124, 127, 141, 198, 225, and 262.  Card fronts are 
identical but the inset photo on the card backs showed either Gary Holt (black t-shirt 
and earring in left ear) or Rob McKillop (white t-shirt and no earring).  Thanks to
Johnny Snead and Jim Wiehe for finding the final half of these!

Some of the promo sets, with a 1990 copyright, were distributed to dealers, and this
set included the later-withdrawn Axl Rose card and had Megadeath on the "object
card."  (Thanks much to Bill Lynch and to Todd Jordan's Promo Card Encyclopedia
& Price Guide for the information!)

Mike Moskowitz (thanks, Mike!) reports that a factory set was produced,packaged in 
a special wooden box and numbered to 200.

And for more notes of trivia when the cardmaker isn't always familiar with band 
members, Dave Bowser notes that the center image on the display box appears to 
be C.C. Deville, but is assigned to Br(et Michaels). I haven't seen this image in 
a "card" but it might have been an infrequent variation. And Rob McKillop is 
pictured on the back of all Gary Holt cards and Holt is on the reverse of the McKillop 

Box: 36 packs of 13 cards + 1 artwork "sticker."
Common sets: approx. 1.63 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Artist                            Group

  1   Kip Winger                        Winger
  2   Vince Neil                        Motley Crue
  3   Mick Mars                         Motley Crue
  4   Fred Coury                        Cinderella
  5   Winger                            Winger
  6   Cliff Williams                    AC/DC
  7   Tom Keifer                        Cinderella
  8   Dan Spitz                         Anthrax
  9   Jeff Labar                        Cinderella
 10   Megadeath                         Megadeath
 11   Chris Slade                       AC/DC
 12   Cinderella                        Cinderella
 13   Angus Young                       AC/DC
 14   Nick Menza                        Megadeath
 15   Alex Skolnick                     Testament
 16   Dave King                         Katmandu
 17   Dan Reed                          Dan Reed Network
 18   Nikki Sixx                        Motley Crue
 19   Tommy Lee                         Motley Crue
 20   Chris Gates                       Junkyard
 21   Cliff Williams                    AC/DC
 22   Charlie Benante                   Anthrax
 23   Malcolm Young                     AC/DC
 24   Angus Young                       AC/DC
 25   Melvin Brannon                    Dan Reed Network
 26   Chuck Billy                       Testament
 27   Alex Skolnick                     Testament
 28   Vince Neil                        Motley Crue
 29   Dan Pred                          Dan Reed Network
 30   Ace Frehley
 31   Paul Taylor                       Winger
 32   Greg Christian                    Testament
 33   Caine Carruthers                  Katmandu
 34   Dave Mustaine                     Megadeath
 35   Chris Slade                       AC/DC
 36   Cliff Williams                    AC/DC
 37   Chris Slade                       AC/DC
 38   Marty Friedman                    Megadeath
 39   Mike Alonso                       Katmandu
 40   Scott Ian                         Anthrax
 41   Eric Peterson                     Testament
 42   Angus Young                       AC/DC
 43   David Ellefson                    Megadeath
 44   Nick Menza                        Megadeath
 45   Mandy Meyer                       Katmandu
 46   Blake Sakamoto                    Dan Reed Network
 47   Louie Clemente                    Testament
 48   Testament                         Testament
 49   Joey Belladonna                   Anthrax
 50   Dan Spitz                         Anthrax
 51   AC/DC                             AC/DC
 52   Reb Beach                         Winger
 53   Frank Bello                       Anthrax
 54   Ace Frehley
 55   Scott Ian                         Anthrax
 56   Malcolm Young                     AC/DC
 57   Frank Bello                       Anthrax
 58   Louie Clemente                    Testament
 59   Charlie Benante                   Anthrax
 60   AC/DC                             AC/DC
 61   Paul Taylor                       Winger
 62   Fred Coury                        Cinderella
 63   Frank Bello                       Anthrax
 64   Kip Winger                        Winger
 65   Reb Beach                         Winger
 66   Tom Keifer                        Cinderella
 67   Eric Brittingham                  Cinderella
 68   Reb Beach                         Winger
 69   Jeff Labar                        Cinderella
 70   Alex Skolnick                     Testament
 71   Cinderella                        Cinderella
 72   Rod Morgenstein                   Winger
 73   Fred Coury                        Cinderella
 74   Greg Christian                    Testament
 75   Malcolm Young                     AC/DC
 76   Tom Keifer                        Cinderella
 77   Eric Brittingham                  Cinderella
 78   Joey Belladonna                   Anthrax
 79   Brian Johnson                     AC/DC
 80   Jeff Labar                        Cinderella
 81   Eric Brittingham                  Cinderella
 82   Megadeath                         Megadeath
 83   Charlie Benante                   Anthrax
 84   Rod Morgenstein                   Winger
 85   Steve Souza                       Exodus
 86   Marty Friedman                    Megadeath
 87   Rachel Bolan                      Skid Row
 88   David Roach                       Junkyard
 89   Bobby Dall                        Poison
 90   Brian Johnson                     AC/DC
 91   Mick Mars                         Motley Crue
 92   Patric Muzingo                    Junkyard
 93   Dave Mustaine                     Megadeath
 94   Greg Christian                    Testament
 95   Dan Reed Network                  Dan Reed Network
 96   Rob Affuso                        Skid Row
 97   Iggy Pop
 98   Brian Baker                       Junkyard
 99   Mick Mars                         Motley Crue
100   Nikky Sixx                        Motley Crue
101   Clay Anthony                      Junkyard
102   Iggy Pop
103   John Ricco                        Warrior Soul
104   Kory Clarke                       Warrior Soul
105   Dave Sabo                         Skid Row
106   Scotti Hill                       Skid Row
107   Skid Row                          Skid Row
108   Eric Peterson                     Testament
109   Brian Baker                       Junkyard
110   Alice Cooper
111   Bret Michaels                     Poison
112   Brian Johnson                     AC/DC
113   David Roach                       Junkyard
114   Pete McClanahan                   Warrior Soul
115   Chuck Billy                       Testament
116   Poison                            Poison
117   David Lee Roth
118   Louie Clemente                    Testament
119   Junkyard                          Junkyard
120   John Tempesta                     Exodus
121   David Coverdale                   Whitesnake
122   Tommy Aldridge                    Whitesnake
123   Adrian Vandenberg                 Whitesnake
124   Rob McKillop                      Exodus
125   Testament                         Testament
126   Clay Anthony                      Junkyard
127*  Gary Holt                         Exodus [card back photo with earring]
127*  Gary Holt                         Exodus [card back photo without earring]
128   Dave Sabo                         Skid Row
129   Vince Neil                        Motley Crue
130   Junkyard                          Junkyard
131   Warrior Soul                      Warrior Soul
132   Rikki Rockett                     Poison
133   Steve Souza                       Exodus
134   Anthrax                           Anthrax
135   Patrick Muzingo                   Junkyard
136   Sebastian Bach                    Skid Row
137   Chuck Billy                       Testament
138   Steve Souza                       Exodus
139   Joey Belladonna                   Anthrax
140   Alice Cooper
141*  Gary Holt                         Exodus [card back photo with earring]
141*  Gary Holt                         Exodus [card back photo without earring]
142   Mark Evans                        Warrior Soul
143   Katmandu                          Katmandu
144   Eric Peterson                     Testament
145   Stevie Ray Vaughan
146   Ritchie Blackmore                 Deep Purple
147   Jon Lord                          Deep Purple
148   Ian Paice                         Deep Purple
149   Joe Lynn Turner                   Deep Purple
150   Tico Torres                       Bon Jovi
151   Andrew Eldritch                   The Sisters of Mercy
152   Kip Winger                        Winger
153   Rick Wakeman                      Yes
154   Richie Sambora                    Bon Jovi
155   Poison / Checklist                Poison
156   Steve Howe                        Yes
157   Roger Glover                      Deep Purple
158   Rick Wright                       Pink Floyd
159   Rachel Bolan                      Skid Row
160   Jimmi Bleacher                    Salty Dog
161   Dana Strum                        Slaughter
162   Scotti Hill                       Skid Row
163   Tim Kelly                         Slaughter
164   Khurt Maier                       Salty Dog
165   Alice Cooper / Checklist
166   Exodus                            Exodus
167   Sebastian Bach                    Skid Row
168   Mark Slaughter                    Slaughter
169   Jerry Dixon                       Warrant
170   Doug Gordon                       Tangier
171   Garry Nutt                        Tangier
172   Bob Bender                        Tangier
173   Jani Lane                         Warrant
174   Michael LeCompte                  Tangier
175   Jon Bon Jovi                      Bon Jovi
176   Richie Sambora                    Bon Jovi
177   Blas Elias                        Slaughter
178   Motley Crue                       Motley Crue
179   Skid Row                          Skid Row
180   Iron Maiden                       Iron Maiden
181   Deep Purple                       Deep Purple
182   Mark Slaughter                    Slaughter
183   Justin Hayward                    The Moody Blues
184   John Lodge                        The Moody Blues
185   Tim Kelly                         Slaughter
186   Graeme Edge                       The Moody Blues
187   Ray Thomas                        The Moody Blues
188   Dana Strum                        Slaughter
189   Bill Bruford                      Yes
190   Bon Jovi                          Bon Jovi
191   Salty Dog / Checklist             Salty Dog
192   Blas Elias                        Slaughter
193   The Sisters of Mercy              The Sisters of Mercy
194   Slaughter                         Slaughter
195   Rick Hunolt                       Exodus
196   Alec John Such                    Bon Jovi
197   Kory Clarke / Checklist           Warrior Soul
198   Rob McKillop                      Exodus
199   Tommy Lee                         Motley Crue
200   Bret Michaels                     Poison
201   Scott Ian                         Anthrax
202   John Tempesta                     Exodus
203   David Bryan                       Bon Jovi
204   Richie Sambora                    Bon Jovi
205   Jon Anderson                      Yes
206   Tony Iommi                        Black Sabbath
207   David Lee Roth
208   Cozy Powell                       Black Sabbath
209   C.C. Deville                      Poison
210   Jon Bon Jovi                      Bon Jovi
211   Tony Iommi                        Black Sabbath
212   Blas Elias                        Slaughter
213   Bobby Dall                        Poison
214   Bon Jovi                          Bon Jovi
215   Nick Mason                        Pink Floyd
216   Motley Crue / Checklist           Motley Crue
217   Jani Lane                         Warrant
218   Rikki Rockett                     Poison
219   Bret Michaels                     Poison
220   David Lee Roth
221   Brion James                       Dan Reed Network
222   Dan Spitz                         Anthrax
223   David Ellefson                    Megadeath
224   C.C. Deville                      Poison
225   Gary Holt                         Exodus
226   Tommy Lee                         Motley Crue
227   Skid Row                          Skid Row
228   Tangier                           Tangier
229   Nikki Sixx                        Motley Crue
230   Dave Sabo                         Skid Row
231   Anthrax                           Anthrax
232   Steven Sweet                      Warrant
233   Joey Allen                        Warrant
234   Jerry Dixon                       Warrant
235   Warrant                           Warrant
236   Erik Turner                       Warrant
237   Jani Lane                         Warrant
238   Iron Maiden                       Iron Maiden
239   Motley Crue                       Motley Crue
240   Tico Torres                       Bon Jovi
241   Jon Bon Jovi                      Bon Jovi
242   Clarke-Rotondo
243   Pete Reveen                       Salty Dog
244   Scotti Hill                       Skid Row
245   Joey Allen                        Warrant
246   Erik Turner                       Warrant
247   Steven Sweet                      Warrant
248   David Lee Roth / Checklist
249   Slaughter                         Slaughter
250   Black Sabbath                     Black Sabbath
251   Cozy Powell                       Black Sabbath
252   Tim Kelly                         Slaughter
253   Warrant                           Warrant
254   John Tempesta                     Exodus
255   Rick Hunolt                       Exodus
256   Rikki Rockett                     Poison
257   Dave Mustaine                     Megadeath
258   David Ellefson                    Megadeath
259   Marty Friedman                    Megadeath
260   Nick Menza                        Megadeath
261   Alec John Such                    Bon Jovi
262*  Rob McKillop                      Exodus [card back photo with earring]
262*  Rob McKillop                      Exodus [card back photo without earring]
263   Rob Affuso                        Skid Row
264   Salty Dog                         Salty Dog
265   David Gilmour                     Pink Floyd
266   Erik Turner                       Warrant
267   Steven Sweet                      Warrant
268   Joey Allen                        Warrant
269   Jerry Dixon                       Warrant
270   David Bryan                       Bon Jovi
271   Dana Strum                        Slaughter
272   Michael Hannon                    Salty Dog
273   Alec John Such                    Bon Jovi
274   Winger                            Winger
275   Poison                            Poison
276   Pink Floyd                        Pink Floyd
277   Rachel Bolan                      Skid Row
278   Mark Slaughter                    Slaughter
279   Paul Taylor                       Winger
280   Rod Morgenstein                   Winger
281   Bobby Dall                        Poison
282   Rick Hunolt                       Exodus
283   David Bryan                       Bon Jovi
284   The Sisters of Mercy              The Sisters of Mercy
285   Sebastian Bach                    Skid Row
286   C.C. Deville                      Poison
287   Exodus                            Exodus
288   Tico Torres                       Bon Jovi

Artwork Stick-On Cards (1 per pack)

      Berlin Wall                       Ed Repka
      Birth of Vic                      Ed Repka
      Clown's Best Friend               R.K. Sloane
      Eddie & the Kid                   Derek Riggs
      Freaks from the Fink Dimension    R.K. Sloane
      General Vic Launch                Ed Repka
      Hangar 18                         Ed Repka
      Holy Smoke                        Derek Riggs
      In the Heart of the Young         Dan Hubp / John Taylor Dismukes
      Oxidation of the Nations          Ed Repka
      Rust in Peace                     Ed Repka
      Sanda Kuwait                      Pushead
      Seasons in the Abyss              Larry Carroll
      Tailgunner                        Derek Riggs
      The Album                         Derek Riggs
      The Wave                          Pushead

---    (Contest Card: Pack Inserts)


Artwork Stick-On Cards (Withdrawn; Scarce)

      Ball and Chain                    Pushead
      Souls of Black                    Bill Benson
      Cross (very very scarce; may not have been distributed "regularly")
      Slayer Eagle (very very scarce; may not have been distributed "regularly")

Grateful Dead Legacy Series (1:6 packs)

  1   Jerry Garcia
  2   Bob Weir
  3   Phil Lesh
  4   Bill Kreutzmann
  5   Mickey Hart
  6   Vince Welnick
  7   Madison Square Garden 1990
  8   Seven-Ten Ashbury 1967
  9   Europe 1990
 10   Grateful Dead

Logo Holograms (1:18 packs)

      Motley Crüe


"Anaheim" Promos

At least 20 regular cards and some stick-ons, and perhaps every regular card, were issued
promotionally after a gold sticker "Anaheim 1991" was affixed to the card front. Some of these
are reported to bear a 1990 copyright date (instead of 1991), and thus may be an early print
run for only a subset of the card series.

Sealed Promo Set

Together in cello pack with silver sticker "Promotional Not for Sale"; cards have
holofoil imprint on backs.

  1    Axl Rose
  2    Jerry Dixon
  3    Jani Lane
  4    Steven Sweet
  5    Erik Turner
  6    Joey Allen
  7    Warrant
  8    Nikki Sixx
  9    Mick Mars
 10    Vince Neil
 11    Tommy Lee
 12    Motley Crue
 13    Steven Tyler
 14    Brad Whitford
 15    Joe Perry
 16    Joey Krammer
 17    Tom Hamilton
 18    Aerosmith
 19    Alice Cooper
 --    Megadeath (black back, no foil stamp)

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